Monday, November 10, 2014

I Had a Dream

I hads a dream that I was hiking...
... at a place with bootiful seeniks ...
... and pawsome fall foliage.
You don't think mom has been sneaking out and hiking without me, do you?  You is my furrends and you would tells me, wouldn't you?

So I has been getting antsy wanting out then in, out then in, out then in - and mom do has to go out with me each time to snoopervise so it be driving her nuts, BOL.
This morning I commed into the kitchun and I has not been doing that.  (That be my guest Barkley ofur by me.)
That be breakfast my snooter be detecting.  Eggs!
I is now nomming out of my bowl again instead of in my bed with mom hasing to hold my bowl so you would think she would appreciate that.
Mom, scratch my butt.  (I do this like 87 times each day, BOL, and mom say I do be highly annoying, BOL BOL.)
Then Sydney gets all full of jellyness and wants butt skritches too.
So what happens when the mom finds the dog highly annoying?  Ummm, what is with these steps?  You know I is skeered of them!
Hey, wait a minit.... we is not going to the V-E-T is we?
Holy Chickun Jerky!  I is going on a HIKE!  A dream come true!!!!
Is I the luckiest dog efur?

So many pawsome sniffs!  I has to check lots of pee mail and catch up on what has been going on in the werld.
Mebbe it only be a 10 minit hike on the hiking trail by my house but it be enuff fur me to take a nap and leave mom alone fur a minit.  Or two.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Progress Repawt

Things is going furry well here udder than Sydney hurled on the new office rug, oh yes she did.  I has had no more poop eggs-ploshuns so Sydney had to be the furst to christen the new rug.  Sisters!

It was a bootiful day yesterday so mom put a baby gate on the deck steps (fur my safety so I does not go flying down on my head) and put a bed on the deck so I could get some fresh airs in comforts.
Sydney! MOVE!
I is coming through.
So nice outside.
I ordered me some chikun jerky.
I share with my sis even though she swipes my bed.
Sydney order her fave Buddy Biscuits and she did share with me.
All aired out and feeling pritty good!
So I has a video from last week when I was rilly wonky but I did not want to show it to yous coz it be pritty upsetting to see.  Howefur, now that I has made so much progress, I shows you today's video of me walking up the block and back before the wonky video so you can see how far I has come in one week.

Here be today's walkie to the end of the block and back:

Here be the video from last Fursday, two days after I went all wonky and six days ago.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Weekend Sickies Update

Here I is repawting from my sickie bed with sis Sydney.
Well furrends, my big road trip has been CANCELLED.   Mom say I has not improved as much as she had hoped so we will try to go in the springtime to visit gramma and by then I should be back to hiking (we hopes!).   I is getting better, just furry slowly.  Mom has now removed the wee wee pads that be pawtecting the new rug because we has put a stopper in the poop shooter gone wild, as Frankie Furter and Ernie so eloquently puts it.  This do be sumpin you should always has on paw coz it do werk miracles and calms that poop shooter right down.
Diarsanyl - Fur Poop Shooters Gone Wild
It do has good fur you stuff in it (you puts it in your mouf, not your poop shooter) and you do not needs the V-E-T to gets it.  Mom always do has this in the house and it fixes me up fast!
I is nomming just fine now and my meals is all back to normal.
Two times today we had a visitor at the front door and both times I commed wobbling from the back of the house to see who be there.  Mom was so shocked.  Not so much because I made it without assistance, but because I could HEAR that visitors be in the house.  I could not hear that before so mebbe this vestibular thing be actually improving my hearing, BOL.
I do get up sometimes but if Sydney trips and stumbles into me with her Arthur Itis, we both fall down togedder and mom is like, OMG, which one do I pick up first?!?!?!?  We is driving her nuts like that, BOL.
I would likes to go outside fur some sun beams.
Ahhh, nice.
OK, enuff of that, back to my sickie bed with my most favorite stuffies.
Chickun jerky?  OMD!!!!!
So nommilicious!
I is all tuckered out now and it be time fur a nap.  Later furrends!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Howloween!

It be Torture The Dog With A Hat Howloween today!
Furstly the BIG NEWS, not that it do me any good now that I is out of hiking commission...
That fugitive in MY hiking grounds - CAPTURED LAST NIGHT!!! WOO WOO!!
The skeery dood, not so skeery no mores.
Again, thank you all fur the healing vibes and purrs and I tells you I feel them ALL and they put such a big SMILE on my mom's face!

So this morning, mom do not be awake at the usual 5:30 so by 6 I could holds it no mores and I had a poop eggs-plo-shun all ofur the office rug.  I has nefur efur done that before even when I was a pupster.  Mom sayed it be OK coz we be needing a new rug in the office anyway so after she gets to the Home Depot today fur a cheap replacement (just in case...), you will be seeing a brand spanking new rug in my office!  Fur now we just has the stinky spots cofured with upside down wee wee pads.  Pew.
I nommed my breakfast without assistance this morning.
So tasty!
GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!  Oh yes, I did snarly face and GRRRRR at my sis!
"MOM!  She did snarly face and GRRRRR at me!"
Look at what I scored from my Auntie Joann and her dogs!  It be like trick or treat delivery!
Today was the day I was supposed to be leaving for my gramma's house in St. Louie but as you can see, I is still in Noo Joisey.  If'n I continue to gets better, we might go in a couple of days but mom says I cannot be hasing poo eggs-plo-shuns at gramma's house. I be werking on that, k?  Since I cannot hike on my trip I will has lots of time to catch up on your bloggies while at gramma's house.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Hi efurrybuddy!  I is slowly coming back. I has felt your healing vibes and they is werking!  Thank you all fur your nice comments and well wishes - you all is so pawsome!
I was getting up on my own last night but as you can sees, my head still be spinning.  Yes, that be Sydney cheering me on in the background.
I could stand still fur a minit and not fall ofur without mom holding my harness handle.
I nommed foods from mom's hand instead of her squirting it in my mouf with the syringe.
I wedged my behind between mom's legs to hold me up fur my fave butt skritches.  Sydney helped hold me up.
Hey, what is you doing in MY bed?
Here I is this morning right after I was up drinking water out of my bowl while mom was still in bed.  She woke up to the sound me me drinking my water out of my bowl and was so happy.
Then I nommed breakfast all by myself right out of the bowl.
The V-E-T called last night and I heard mom telling on me how I peed and stuffs.  Seriously? Do that be all it takes to make the peeps happy?  But I is still holding out on the poop.  I has been known to hold it fur 5 days when conditions was not just right, BOL.

So we was supposed to be leaving on our big trip tomorrow.  I can still ride in the car but I cannot hike so that means I can still go visit gramma.  The V-E-T sayed that would be good coz I would be unner constant snoopervision and safely confined in the car where I would not be wobbling around and stuffs.  But right now it still be hard fur mom to get me in and out of the car so we will prolly wait a few days.  So fur now I is going to go back to napping and getting better. 

(P.S. - Susan (Lexi da Shih Tzu) - Thank you for that link!  Very comforting to read a firsthand account versus the tons of medical stuff I have been reading!  Daniela)