Tuesday, February 18, 2014

45 Miles of Hiking

Oh. Hai.  I comes slinking into Blogville with my ears back and my tail between my legs coz I has been a bad, bad, bad Blogville resident.  I has not falled off a cliff or nuttin.  We just gets so bizzy around here and when it comes time to do my bloggie, we is just too tuckered out.  And now I see I was last here in the beginning of December.  Last year!  O. M. D.

So you all has prolly heard we is buried in snow ofur here in the Northeast and it be true, we is.  Snow and ice.  Snow with ice.  Snow what is now ice.  Fur the first time efur in my life mom had to chisel me at path and a potty patch coz I could not gets through the frozened snow what is now my yard.  Mom tried to make me a spot closer to the house but I sayed no, I want MY potty spot out in the BACK of my yard so start digging or I be holding it furefur.  And she did.
My potty patch and path.  Skooze me now,  I has to use it.
So, we has actually been able to find places to hike in between snow storms.  When the snow be deeper down south, we go north.  When the snow be deeper up north, we go south.  We always managed to get our hike in the day before a big snow storm and you all knows, we has had many of those snow storms.  I put togedder a video with some pictures of the hikes I did since I was last here.  Can you beleef I has hiked over 45 miles since then?  Yup, Arthur Itis and all, I can still do it.  And I be turning 13 any day now but we isn't sure which day.  So here it do be, 45 miles of hiking.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Checking In

I has gotten bizzy again with the B&B and has been neglecting my Blogville furrends.  Case in point - I has been going CRACKER CRAZY trying to figger out which guest be leaving pee-mail in MY bedroom at the bottom of my mom's bed!  I has to walk right by it to get to my hidey spot.  Pee mail do not belong in my bedroom.  But I was not able to catch the perp.  I hads to set up surveillance cameras.  But I got him and I has sekurity video to prove my case.  Note the craftiness and how he WAITS fur me to leave my hidey spot.  GRRRRRR.

Then on a lighter note - I also has surveillance video of mom fixing us our breakfast in her jammies, BOL!
Pawdon the spots on the lens - Callie put her snooter on it, BOL.  When mom be messing with Nemo, the boxer's head, it be coz he be getting drops in his eyeball.  And no worries, my sis Sydney was there.  She just dussn't come into the kitchen when mom be fixing noms.  She prefers to wait by her assigned dining spot in the office so nobuddy else takes her seat.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Best Foliage Yet

I knows how much you all likes the fall foliage here in my corner of the werld so while you was all bizzy reading about my Furginia trip, I went and snootered out some more foliage fur ya earlier in the week!  That be Daisy, staying at our B&B, on the hike with me.  She do be a good little hiker because her mom hikes with her all the time.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Virginia Hiking Trip Day 6 - The Long Road Home

It was our last day in Furginia and even though we did has a hike planned, mom thought I had enuff fur the week and we was going to cancel it except mom thought we might walk down to the river from our cabin and pay homage to Yoda the Dog's Brown Cabin.  Howefur...
It rained.  We hads sunbeams all week long so we is grateful fur that.
We loaded up the hikemobile and headed north.  I nefur has been one fur napping in the car but now that I is a senior citizen ...
We there yet?
There do be Noo Joisey ofur there behind those mountains.  Wowser, those mountains look so teeny tiny after the big mountains in Furginia!
HOME!  Lemme in, lemme in!  I has to .....
Some privacy pawlese, I has to use the facilities.
Sis Sydney was surprised to see mom walk in the door.  The boy had been coming to let her out and when she did not see the boy come in, she was like ....
"Hey sis."  "Hey back at ya sis."  So much fur happy reunions.
I headed straight fur my bed to take looooooong naps and dream about all of my Furginia adventures!
Of course, I had the most pawsomest time again because you know why?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Virginia Hiking Trip Day 5 - Howloween Edition!

You know me and mom, we always do a special haunted Howloween hike because well, we is just crazy like that.  So deep down in the hollow of the Blue Ridge Mountains there do be a haunted cabin and forest.  Long, long ago when peeps lived in Shenandoah National Park (they was booted out to make it a park) a fambly lived in this cabin and the lady was hasing her 3rd human puppy when she died!  So they say it be her ghost doing the haunting.  Mom and I went to check it out!  (If'n you wants to hear something furry interesting, this do be an interview with the husband of the ghost lady.  He talks about how life was back in the olden days and how he builded the cabin and stuffs.)
So furstly we woked up to another bootiful sunrise outside my cabin.
We stopped by Culler's Ofurlook to see the mountains waking up.
Then we drived to Shenandoah National Park and through the Tunnel of Doom.
Leading mom across Skyline Drive with my ghost busting bandanner on.
I ain't skeered of no ghosts.
Do the ghost be in this hollow?  Wrong kind of hollow.
I laff at the ghosts and goblins, whahahahaha.
This be the right hollow, Nicholson Hollow.
We bravely descend down into the haunted hollow.
But I hads to stop fur a drink ...
... and a brief rest furst.
Oh. My. Dog.  Check this out.  Mom's drink be FROZENED and it did not be cold out.  Mom even had her skeery white legs showing to ward off evil spirits.  How did her drink get frozened?  Creepy.
Forging onward.
Almost there.  Corbin Cabin, that be the haunted cabin.
Yikes, the haunted cabin.
Not seeing any ghosts or spirits here.  But a ways up the trail ...
Now this cabin do look way more haunted to me.
Most definitely haunted.
Gibs me a chicken jerky mom so I can show those ghosts my teefs so they knows who they be messing with.
Mom read her book.
I napped.  (That be Corbin Cabin ofur yonder.)
Then we found the fambly cemetery.  Spooky.
The graves is marked with field stones like this but they is mostly missing.
Come on mom, let's go.
We started to climb up out of the hollow but hads to stop fur a break.
A spooky spidey crawled across mom's stuff and that drink, it still be frozened.

Mom, read me some of your skeery story.
"Once upon a time..."  OK, enuff, let's go.
OMD!  We gets back to the hikemobile and look who be waiting fur us!
Back at my cabin, we taked another drink out of the fridge fur comparison purposes.  The one of the left be the one that went through the whole hike with us, still frozened.  The one on the right, fresh out of the fridge, not frozened at all.  Mom's drink do be pawsessed.  I is staying far, far away.
A furry tired ghost buster.  Off dooty.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Virginia Hiking Trip Day 4

So today was "Stay in the State Park Day."
Mom felt the need to so some light housekeeping.  I do not trust that thing, silent but deadly, I tell you.  I so know it be related to that Vacula.
And I know nothing about those furs it be picking up.  I is being framed, fur sure.
After having survived that, we got in the hikemobile but we did not go far, just to the other side of the park and we made a movie fur you about this hike.  Grab youself a bowl of water and a chicken jerky or catnip snack and enjoy!