Friday, October 24, 2014

Two Hikes in Three Days

I is a little behind and needs to tells you about hiking almost 7 miles TWICE in THREE days!  The old gurl still gots it!  I had been bizzy bizzy bizzy planning my upcoming ROAD TRIP and I gibs you a teaser - I has been in cahoots with that Frankie Furter and Ernie.  Watch out werld!  OK, now on with my hikes.

So we went to that Hairy Man (Harriman) State Park in Noo York last Furiday fur some leaf peeping and fur wetting.
From where we parked the hikemobile we hads to walk by some horses and they all wanted to meet ME.  But I acted all cool and stuffs coz that's how I roll.
Heading to the woods.
Check out that fall foliage!  Pawsome!
Here we is at a seenik and that rawk be called The Egg coz it do look like an egg from far away.  You can see the seeniks better from atop The Egg but I cannot climb that steep so we did not go up.
But this flat rawk at the lake, I was so there!
Chickun jerky break, of course.
Bootiful day in the woods.
Fur wetting waters!
And at the end, a lookalike cuzzin!  Could we pass fur twins or what?
So then on Sunday, yes, two days later, anudder hike!
We went on the Military Road in the Deli-Wear Water Gap - this road be 250 years old, older than mom!
We found little bits of color but in these pawts, most of the leaves already commed down coz of rain and wind and stuffs.
We went down to the Deli-Wear River and I got through this fallened tree just fine but mom not so much.  She had to put her boot covers on because she did not want to gets her feets wet and there be no udder way to get around this than through the waters.  Fur me, wetting my paws do be a good thing.  Mom should try it sometime.
This be ruins from an old fort from the 1700's.
Chicken jerky time!
We hads to be furry careful along here.  Some peeps coming from the oppawsite direction told us their dog had chased a small bear up a tree up ahead.  So not cool, dood!  We did not want momma bear to think I did this (I would NEFUR do such a thing) so mom got out her air horn if'n a momma bear be luring nearby to skeer her away but we nefur seened any bears.  Just bear poo.
So we is planning one more hike this weekend before the big ROAD TRIP.  Stay tooned!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Annual Fall Catskill Hike - Hike #2

OK, sorry to keep you in suspenders.  Here be the second hike of my Catkill hiking extravaganza.
So we gets to hike #2 and OMD, it do be starting at a seenik!
Those do be the Catskill High Peaks ofur there.
It do be where we hiked last year but I had a little bit of a hard time with that Arthur Itis tagging along so this year we went to the western Catskills where the trails do not be so crazy hard.
Did any of yous lose you booty shop appointment card?
So we is off on this hike.  This all used to be an old timey farm so there is old fences and fields and stuffs.
Somebuddy builded this old timey fence out of rawks.
It do go on furefur and efur.
There be old wire fences too and sometimes the wire goes right through a tree becoz the tree growed with the wire inside the trunk!
Stopping for a break.
And a nap.
And a selfie - all matchy in our no-huntin-me oranges!
Then I layed here and watched coz I could see where we parked the hikemobile way ofur yonder ...
... and spied on other peeps up at that seenik.  I watched so they not be messing with my hikemobile.
Now I shows you some pritty fall colors.
So we is off again.
And that, furrends, be my fall foliage hikes in the Catskills.
I hads me a snack in the hikemobile, then...
Now, I is going to put you all in suspenders again coz I has a big road trip coming up, oh yes I do!  Me and mom, we be going to St. Louie, MeZooRi to visit my gramma and we be doing a haunted Howloween hike by Pittiesburg, hiking in MeZooRi and Illynoy with my gramma (yuppers, my gramma still be hiking) then I be hiking in IndyAnna and OhHiOh on the way home.  So lots of adventures in store.

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Annual Fall Catskill Hike - Hike #1

Here it be furrends, coz I knows yous has been waiting with bacon breath fur it - my ANNUAL FALL CATSKILL HIKE!  WOOWOOWOOWOOWOO!  But it gets even better - you gets two, yes two seenik hikes fur the price of one!  I did TWO hikes yesterday fur a total of 9 miles and I is bopping around here like a youngster today while Mom is all like "Oooo, owie, ouch, yow..." efurry time she gets up out of her chair.  Pawthetic, I tells you.  So grab a snack and a bowl of water and gets comfy coz here we go...
From where we parked the hikemobile we hads to walk up the road a bit to the trail head up ahead.
This little guy wanted to race me, BOL.
Here I is at the trail head.
We has to sign in at the register up ahead in case we gets lost or sumpin so they knows where to look fur us.
Now up, up, up we goes.
I cannot bear to see mom a huffin' and a puffin' up the mountain.  She say it be coz she put on too many layers.
I waits patiently while mom does the hiker striptease.  In the middle of the trail.  Embarrassing.
OK, now that mom has her unnerbritches and stuffs off, we can move upward once more.
We commed out on this mountain meadow with some stuffs.  It be some gizmos that the weather talkers use so they know what to talk about the weather.  I say it be furry sunny, dry and pritty up here and I did not need any gizmos fur that.
A little more away and you can see the mountains better.
Here we comes to Snake Pond on the mountain.
I do not sniff any snakes here.
But wowser, look at the seenik I found and the words!  That be the reservoir down below where we parked the hikemobile.
I say Happy Break Time Fur Me.
Then we went on higher up the mountain were there was big rawks and stuffs.
The trees be all nekkid up here already.
Heading back down by the big rawks.
I wanted to stop by that Snake Pond again on the way back down.
Fur anudder break.
And a seenik nap.
Imagine finding a CATerpillar in the CATskills!
One last look at the seenik before finishing Hike #1.
We signed back out at the trail register (see how mom writed "+1 dog?" That be me!).
Back at the hikemobile, mom got our lunch out of the cooler.  I got chickun baby food on my kibble!  DROOL!
We had lunch down by the reservoir.
Now on to Hike #2.  Stay tooned.