Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014

Finally, a REAL Hike!

So after the last two werking-back-up-to-hiking hikes, I did anudder one fur 6.1 miles.  Then we had icky rainy days then yesterday big time sunbeams!  When mom asked if'n I felt up to hiking in the mountains with seeniks, heck yes, I is so there!  I was whimpering with excitements when I seened mom put on hiking clothes.
So when we started out I hads my winter coat on coz the weather peeps sayed it be in the 20's with wind chillin' in the teens.  So not!  It do be 35 with no winds and I was panting, panting, panting...
So mom taked my snazzy, sporty winter coat off ...
... and my paws sizzled when I got in the icy cold creek.  Ahhh, that felt so good!
We climbed up to the top.  No coat = no panting.
There was more climbing on rawks like straight up and I sayed, no way!
See me ofur there on the left?  I was finding me an alternate route and mom followed coz my way be the easier better way.
See, I found the trail again where there was a pawt where I could climb up easier.
This kind of climbing be fine coz it do not be straight up.
Me and mom hiking.
Me and mom hiking again.
I found some snow.
I see some seeniks coming up.
We has to go through rawks ...
... and tunnels ...
... and by a Surprise Lake ...
... and up more rawks...
... to get to more seeniks!
Chickun jerky break time at the seenik!
The seenik.
Heading back.
Some more paw cooling oppawtoonities.
I do not unnerstand why mom will not get her feets wet.  Mebbe becoz the last time we did this hike many years ago, mom falled in on her behind and got ALL wet in the icy cold winter water, BOL!
Such a bootiful hiking day.
We hads done a harder-fur-me-on-a-good-day hike fur 6.7 miles!  So at night mom was feeling rilly bad coz I could not gets out of bed without her helping me and I was all stiff and wonky.  Mom was, too.  It do be like the blind leading the blind with both of us all gimpy.  I tell you furrends, it do not be a pritty sight, us two old geezers.  I hads to eat dinner in bed.  Mom gibbed me some meddysins, I sleeped all nite and today I bees good as new.  Well, as good as new as I can bees at my age.  Mom, she still be gimpy today, BOL.  She should has some of my meddysins I think.  But we hads fun times yesterday and I is glad we went.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Two Hikes in Two Days

Yes, you did read that right - TWO HIKES!!!  Mom took me on some not-so-exciting close-to-home places but at least they was real hikes.  Yesterday, on Funday, coincidentally, I hiked 1.9 miles.
I is at a HIKING TRAIL!!!!!!!
.... much .....
.... pee .....
... mail ...
... so much to catch up on!
Happy Dog
Then today it was 61 degrees here in Noo Joisey on December 1, can you beleef it?  So of course, since I did so pawsome on yesterday's hike, I hads to go again and today I hiked 3.75 miles!  I is back on my game big time!

Off to the trails of hike #2.
So much pee-mail again!
Wah hoo, MUD!!!!
And more pee-mail.  The werld has been bizzy while I was away dizzy.
All of a sudden I sayed "MOM!  COME LOOK WHAT I FOUNDED!"  Fur real, I did and mom commed back to look.  I founded a hurt mouse but I did not hurted him because I do not hurt my anipals.  I think a fox had him and we spooked him coming up the trail and he dropped the mouse but the mouse was hurted bad and we hads to leave him there coz mom say he was too hurt to be fixed up like new.  Mom and I was furry sad fur the mouse.
Bye poor mouse.
Back to being a happy dog on the trail.
So tomorrow I goes to my chiropractor fur front and and back end alignments coz mom say I still be wobbly sometimes and sometimes I walk all stiff-legged in the back fur a few steps, kind of like Frankiestein (no relashun to Frankie Furter).   So if'n the chiropractor can fix that, then I be back 100%.

Monday, November 10, 2014

I Had a Dream

I hads a dream that I was hiking...
... at a place with bootiful seeniks ...
... and pawsome fall foliage.
You don't think mom has been sneaking out and hiking without me, do you?  You is my furrends and you would tells me, wouldn't you?

So I has been getting antsy wanting out then in, out then in, out then in - and mom do has to go out with me each time to snoopervise so it be driving her nuts, BOL.
This morning I commed into the kitchun and I has not been doing that.  (That be my guest Barkley ofur by me.)
That be breakfast my snooter be detecting.  Eggs!
I is now nomming out of my bowl again instead of in my bed with mom hasing to hold my bowl so you would think she would appreciate that.
Mom, scratch my butt.  (I do this like 87 times each day, BOL, and mom say I do be highly annoying, BOL BOL.)
Then Sydney gets all full of jellyness and wants butt skritches too.
So what happens when the mom finds the dog highly annoying?  Ummm, what is with these steps?  You know I is skeered of them!
Hey, wait a minit.... we is not going to the V-E-T is we?
Holy Chickun Jerky!  I is going on a HIKE!  A dream come true!!!!
Is I the luckiest dog efur?

So many pawsome sniffs!  I has to check lots of pee mail and catch up on what has been going on in the werld.
Mebbe it only be a 10 minit hike on the hiking trail by my house but it be enuff fur me to take a nap and leave mom alone fur a minit.  Or two.