Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Tunnels of Jonas

Two posts in two days, OMD!  But I has to tell you about how we was BAMblasted by Blizzard Jonas ofur the weekend!  I has to share my horror war stories about that.  (But I is sure there be some Woos in Kansas what be green with jellyness.)
About noonish on Saturday, January 23 - 16 inches

This video do be of me going out to potty about noonish on Saturday when Jonas was not even half way through with us.

About 4 hours later in the afternoons...
Oh where, oh where do my potty patch be?
I falled and went unner the cold snot snow.
Put that camera down and LEMME IN!!!!!
When all be said and done, we gotted sumpin like 27-28 inches.  Let me put this in pawspective fur you.
The snow be deeper than ME!
In the dark night times, mom did go out and dig me a proper potty patch in the area of MY chewsing.
Now if you can just looks away a minute.  I has been holding my poo fur like furefur.
Thank you.
So now a couple days later, my sidekick Al be here fur the week and we has a whole infrastructure of tunnels.  Me and Al, we takes you on a tour.
Whew, Al made it back safely.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Taste Testing

So yous all knows about the Merrick noms in the cans what is so nomilicious, right?  (If'n not, then repawt your pawrents to PETA right now!)
Well, we gets a package the udder day from Chewy and it reeked suspiciously of that Cowboy Cookout.
But it be too flat fur a can of noms.
Gibs it to me and my buddy Bailey so we can rips it open with our teefs.

You know, a dog could starve to death around here.  SO slow, she is.
Hot diggity dog!  Our snooters so knowed there be Cowboy Cookout in there but it be in TREAT form, wowser!  Chewy sended us some to try out and udder than sending me the bag of treats fur free, we did not gets any payment and we be gibbing our honest opinions.
My pal Bailey be assisting in the nom testing.

As you can sees, this be a big winner.  Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom.  (or CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH)  Not only tasty and crunchy but good fur you, too!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I and Love and You 30-Day Chewy.com Challenge - Report #3

We is a little late on our final 30-day challenge repawt but fur good reason.  I has been conflicted.
I has been testing this pawsome foodable "I and Love and You" fur Chewy.com.  I did receive this product in exchange fur my honest review and no compensation other than the product was given. What more compensation do a dog be needing, I ask you?
OK so I has been conflicted.  Furry, furry conflicted.  Should I stay with "I and Love and You" or should I goes back to my old kibble?  And I has to decide fast because my autoship from Chewy.com do be on it's way next week and I cannot put it off coz I be needing more kibble one way or the udder.  Or I will goes hungry.  Shudder.

My pal Bailey be here at the B&B this week so I did ask him to help me make a decision.

As you can clearly see, that Bailey be of no help whatsoefur. He did snarf down both bowls equally and sucked it all up like he be pawsessed by Vacula.  (It do not be coz he be starving - he just be a skinny little Vizsla no matter how much he noms.)

So lets me gibs it a try.

As you can see, I went for the I and Love and You furstly, then when that be gone I snarfed down my old kibble.

What to do, what to do? We did a side-by-side ingredient comparison. In Excel. This be a serious scientific study.
Yellow be exact same things, orange be almost same things.
So in the end I has decided to stick with my old foodable fur now.  With all things being almost equal, my kibble costs $15 less green papers than I and Love and You and with all it be costing to hold me togedder with the chiropractor and Ack! You Puncture, we is going to go with the cost savings.  Howefur, we did find that my coat be softer and shiner and if'n it gets dry and stiff again, we be going right back to I and Love and You no matter the cost.  And that be our final answer.  Whew.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hikes of 2015

So furrends, it do be that time again, the end of anudder year, when I puts togedder my video of one picture from efurry hike this year.  Ummm, I has noticed I is not in all of the pictures.  This do leads to be beleef that mom did sneak out without me when I had surgeries and stuffs.  And she do be thinking she be so crafty and that I not knows about it.  Grrrrr.  (The exception do be the picture of the three coyote puppins coz I do agree they trump a picture of ME.)  So here you has it, my (mostly my) hikes of 2015.

Monday, December 21, 2015

I and Love and You 30-Day Chewy.com Challenge - Report #2

OK, so if'n you remember I started transitioning to a new foodables beginning of December.  I is repawting back with repawt #2.
As you can see, I has fully transitioned ofur and I has nommed lots of it.  OK, there do be some in my container in the kitchen but I has nommed lots of it.
In fact, a little snack seeing as the bag be right there would be nice.  Thanks, mom.
I was nomming a furry good foodable before this one so we hasn't noticed lots of changes except fur one.  Before starting this foodable, mom was thinking how dull and lifeless my furs be looking and I think she be hasing thoughts of gibbing me a *shudder* BAF and *shudder* slathering me with stinky conditioners.  She was putting fishy oil capsules in my foodables but I would bitey into them, spit them out on the hardwood floor and make big fishy oil stains, BOL.  But the "I and Love and You" foodable has fishy oils INSIDE of it so I cannot make a big old mess out of it and mom swears my furs be all shiny looking now.  She no longer be thinking a need a baf.  Whew.
When I hiked yesterday I tried to get mom to take pictures of my shiny furs but they did not want to show up fur the camera.  I tried my left side.
I tried my right side.
I tried reflecting off of my mom.
I tried my behind.
I tried in front of falling waters.
I tried in sunbeams.
I tried while nomming chickun jerky.
Well, we nefur be seeing any shiny furs with mom gibbing me hugs like that.
Well, you will just has to beleef me that my furs be all nice and shiny now.  (And I scored me a hiking patch fur hiking 5 trails yesterday.)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I and Love and You 30-Day Chewy.com Challenge - Report #1

So that Chewy.com did contact me to ask if'n I would do a 30-day challenge of a foodable that they would send me.  Of course mom hads to research it furstly.  DogFoodAdvisor.com did gibs it the 5 star rating.

With mom's thumb up, I did picks me the Poultry Palooza.
And today it did come by special delivery of the Urgent Package fur Shawnee (UPS) brown truck.
My sidekick Al be checking it out with me.
Hurry, mom, open it up before I use my teefs!
I did gets me so excited when mom taked the packing paper out that I tried to nom the packing paper, BOL!

So this foodable do look like it has all the stuffs in it a dog needs.  We be giving it a taste test now.
Sorry, Mom, I did not means to nom your hand but it was a furry gentle bitey.  Well, you dids not hear her scream, did you?  And did you gets a load of that Al?  He will not eat hims kibble if'n it not be slathered with canned foodables but he nommed this right down.
So we is going to start transitioning me ofur fur my 30-day trial.
How could I not like these noms?  Look how much chickun and turkey be in it!
When mom put my old foodables (big canister) next to the new foodables (little canister) to dish out my dinner, look what I did!  I started chowing down on the "I and Love and You" before mom measured it out in my bowl! 
We cannot switch Al ofur coz he do not be our dog, but he can has a few of the ♥ kibbles coz he do be liking them lots.
So far, on day 1, I be ♥ing the "I and Love and You" kibbles!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


OK furriends, here it be, my Ack! You Puncture dogumentary.
Here I is fur my second Ack! You Puncture! treatment waiting fur the V-E-T.
Let's get this show on the road and get it ofur with! Come turns me into a Poke-You-Pine.
Be careful what you wish fur.  Mom telled the V-E-T how much better I be feeling and how good I hiked ofur the weekend so the V-E-T sayed she be doing Electroacupuncture this time since I cans handle it.
Yes, furriends, I be electified.
Wassup with this needle between my eyeballs?
Needles biggified.
Soooooo relaxing.  I is hasing a zen moment.
Ahhh, the needles be out of me and now I needs a nap.
So mom tolds the V-E-T what happened to Anna's brudder Panzer and that he be getting Ack! You Puncture! too and the V-E-T sayed "GOOD!!!!!"  So there you has it Anna, a second pawpinion.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Last of the Fall Foliage

I has not gotted around to posting last week's hike pictures so better late than nefur.  And, if you be missing your fall foliage or did not has any, this will gibs you a final fall foliage fix.
We went hiking in the Palisades with seeniks of Noo York City and the Hudson River.
The be the George Washington Bridge ofur there but we be getting much closer soonly.
Did you efur feel like somebuddy be watching you?
This be a fence tunnel what takes you ofur the bizzy road into the Fort Lee of Chris Christie Shame.
Oh noes, no can do on the paws.  Steps be bad enuff but this be too owie so we hads to turn back.
We went down steep old rawk steps instead but mom hads to hold my handle coz I wanted to go too fast and be falling on my snooter.
Getting closer to the Hudson River.
Through a tunnel of doom.
Chickun jerky break time!
Here I is at the George Washington Bridge what takes cars into Noo York City.
That Geico Gecko be efurrywhere.
Then we hads to climb back up to the top to gets back to the hikemobile.
My legs has been kinds stiff and mom say I be doing a Frankenstein walk so we decided to do some Ack!-You-Puncture!  I went fur my furst treatment the udder day.  I was a little weirded out by the V-E-T making me look like a Poke-You-Pine but then I got comfy and went to sleep.  The hads to wake me up to take the needles out.  The V-E-T sayed I might be sore for a few days then I might feel better but I was nefur sore.  I feeled better the furry next day.  The V-E-T thinks this might help me coz when she feeled my bones and joints and muscles and stuff she say I be all stiff and crunchy.  I goes again next week and mebbe I can gets you some pictures!