Tuesday, May 1, 2018

On the Road Chewy Review! #chewyinfluencer

I am late, late, late with my April Chewy review because I wanted to take this along on my road trip at the end of April so I could thoroughly review this product in different places across the country, sent to me free of charge by Chewy.com in exchange for my honest opinion.  Would it taste the same in every state?  Let's see...
I got to try True Chews Premium Jerky Cuts in the steak flavor!
As you can see it has all of the good stuff in it that the moms and dads like and they are made in the USA!  And the package has a picture of a dog in a car on the road just like me doing my taste testing.  So let's hit the road!
The mom did have to dole them out slowly or I would have eaten them all in the first 5 minutes, BOL.  And I had to have a few for each hike for snacks.
It tasted very good at Rocky Gap State Park in Maryland.
It tasted absolutely pawsome in Morgan Monroe State Forest in Indiana.
Still tasty in Don Robinson State Park in Missouri.
In Hawn State Park in Missouri, DROOL!
Heading back home and savoring a jerky at Lake Shelbyville in Illinois.
And I finished them off at our last hike at Wayne National Forest in Ohio.
So folks, the final verdict - I made sure not to leave a single crumb behind in any state because these were soooooo delish.  They lasted through 6 hikes in 5 states for 58.5 miles of hiking.  Highly recommended for your travels or at home.  Now I need more for at home, BOL.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I Am the King of Kongs #chewyinfluencer

Hey everyone!  I haven't been to Blogville in a while because I have been busy working on this Chewy.com review and it took a looooong time.  Blame the mom, of course.  She has this multi-step Kong breaking in procedure that I MUST follow.  Sigh.

So Chewy.com sent me three, yes, count them on one paw, THREE Kong Extremes at no charge in exchange for my honest opinion.  I must have the extreme Kongs because I make mincemeat out of the regular Kongs.  I pride myself on being a strong chewer.
We could not believe our noses!  (Pee Ess, you will notice many different guest dogs over the course of this review because THAT is how long this took!)
I have to get me the XXL Kongs (even though I am a M size dog) because I get half of my breakfast in my Kong.
Now it does say here for snoopervised use only but for me the whole point is to keep me busy in my crate so the separation anxieties don't get the best of me.
So to start off with, a comparison of my old Kong on the left to a new Kong on the right.
I have been using my 2 Kongs for 7 months and I must say they have held up very well except for me writing my name around the opening with my teeth.
So now we must start the procedures, per the mom.  You might want to get yourselves a bowl of water and some kibble because this is going to take a while.
First mom scrubs them up with the dedicated dog scrubbing sponge.  But phew, do they stink!  I mean you walk in the room and all you smell is stinky rubber no matter how hard mom scrubs.
Mom did some Googling and came up with a stinky Kong solution, with a vanilla solution, BOL.
You soak the Kongs in a solution of water and 1+ teaspoon vanilla per Kong.
Mom puts it in a bucket in case there is leaking because now it has to sit and fester like this for days and days and days.  Actually, mom let it sit for a week.
Then when she took the Kongs out, OMD, the stink was so much better.
Yes, I smell a little bit of rubber and a lot of bit of vanilla.
Um, you need me to do the pre-wash cycle of those other dishes?
Now we wait some more for the Kongwasher to do it's thing.
A dog could fall asleep waiting for this.
At long last they are done and I do the sniff test.  Much, much better, just a slight rubber stink but mom says she can live with it.  Me, I am not that picky.
So we let them cool off ...
Then out come the stuffins.  In my case it is my regular kibble with wet food to hold it all together.
If mom did not put half of my meals in the Kongs I would lose my nice figure.
Now we stuff them full.
All stuffed...
... and in the freezer.
Now it is a work day and mom gives me half my breakfast in my bowl.  Then when she leaves me all alone in my crate (NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!) she taunts me with promises of my Kong.

I fall for it every time.  In my crate I go.  (Don't feel bad for me that I don't get a lot of bedding.  I tear everything up when I am done with my Kong because it does not last me for 5 hours, only about 1 hour.)
So finally, after all of that waiting, I GET MY KONG!!!!!
Settling down with my Kong. 
When mom comes home from work I have cleaned out the frozen Kong.
And at the end of the week we stuff and freeze all over again.
So as you can see, I love my Kongs and the mom says having 5 Kongs to stuff to last a whole week is way easier than having to stuff 2 Kongs over and over again so we say if you are a King of Kongs like me, get one for every day of the week!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Nylabone DuraChew Dental Chew Dinosaur Dog Toy #chewyinfluencer

I did not pick this for my review, Chewy.com asked if I would review this Nylabone DuraChew Dinosaur and being the power chewer that I am, I said YES!  So Chewy.com sent me this product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.
Check it out:  POWER CHEW!!! CHICKEN FLAVOR!!!  EXTREME CHEWING STYLE!!!  Does this have my name (Brodie) written all over it or what?
So let's get to work on this.  In the other room.

Showing my power chewing technique.

I do not have to share this with Al, do I?  Luckily Al was not the least bit interested.
Well, I made a dent in it on day 1, BOL.
Mom is  kind of worried about the little pieces coming off.
She picked this up off the rug.
On day 2 of chewing (and I did leave it lay for a long time) even more little pieces came off.  Yikes.
Then mom saw my bloods on the dinosaur and my gums never bleed with I chew.
Mom felt it with her fingers and there were very sharp parts sticking up.
So unfortunately my Nylabone Dinosaur went the way of the real dinosaurs and he is not more.  Looks like this product is not for us because it really did not hold up to my extreme power chewing. 

Monday, January 29, 2018

Wellness CORE Simply Shreds - Can It Help With Separation Anxiety? #chewyinfluencer

So friends, the mom picked Wellness CORE Simply Shreds for us to review together and Chewy.com sent it to us free of charge for our honest opinion.  We, (well, the mom) chose this because you see, I have separation anxiety and we are always looking for things to help with that.  Let me explain.
I take lots of anxiety pills (plus an antibiotic because I had a pain in my butt, yes an infected anal glad) so I need something extra yummy to get all of those meds in me.
I get car sick so on hiking days mom cannot feed me breakfast with my pills before we leave because I will hurl it up in th car.  We need something portable to take along so I can eat it with my medicines when we get to the hike.  It has to be something VERY tasty or I will spit the pill right out.
So we are packing this up with the hiking gear.
Here we are in the parking lot at the hike and OMD, what is this scrumptious aroma?
Give me my bowl!
Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom
Uh oh.  One pill left and there was no getting it in me so mom says this food was a FAIL for taking pills on the road.  A thicker pate type of food works better for the pills.  So she says.
So we will try something else.  This is me home alone in my crate on 3 different medicines that well, apparently don't help much at all.  I have to be in my crate because I FREAK OUT if I am loose and mom pulls out of the driveway in her car.  She drove around the block once and came back and caught me starting mass destruction in the kitchen.  Yikes.  My crate is in the basement because I make such a mess in it with my bedding but it's dark down there and mom leaves a radio on for me.  And apparently a spy cam.  I mostly do this in the crate for 4 hours straight while mom is at work.  She works from home in the afternoons so I don't have to have crate time all day.

So, the mom's next bright idea was to use the Wellness CORE Simply Shreds to stuff my Kong with because well, I LOVE the taste and I always get something extra special frozen in my Kong for home alone crate time. (Note from mom:  On work days, half his food with pills for breakfast, the other half in a frozen Kong.)
Mixing it with kibble after mom squirted the juices everywhere opening the pouch.  Hey, I am not complaining.  I got to lick it up off the floor.
Stuffing it in the Kong and mom was saying words not fit for a dog's delicate ears because juices kept dripping out the other end.
OK, putting it with the already frozen Kong ...
... in the freezer.
Fast forward to the next day when mom left me in my crate with the Kong stuffed with frozen Kibble and Wellness CORE Simply Shreds...
Look at me calmly working that Kong, BOL.  Now it doesn't last for 4 hours but sometimes it gives me an hour of not freaking out.

So the bottom line is, mom is not fond of it at all.  She thinks there is way too much watery juice, it squirts out when opening the pouch even if  you cut it open with scissors, it's impossible to get all of the chicken shreds out of the bottom of the pouch and it comes in a pouch that is not recyclable.  Well, that is just her opinion and what does she know?  I pawsonally think it tastes super good.  So deal with mom, OK?