Friday, May 6, 2016

Official Business Mail

Yes, furrends, today the Go Postal Man bringed us Official Business Mail from the National Park Service!  I is just ablur with excitements.
Mom sent in our application and for the Pawticipant put her name, then "along with Shawnee, the 15-year-old German Shepherd"  You just knows I has to be included.
An extra sticker fur Shawnee?  Me?
OH MY DOG!  This be going right up in the hikemobile window on MY side where I can see it on the way to hiking! (When it stops raining.)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Dr. Tim's Dry Dog Food 30-Day Challenge #3

OK furrends, so I has completed my 30-day Dr. Tim's Dry Dog Food Challenge fur and it be time fur some number crunching.
So after munching and crunching, I draws the following conclusions...
$59.99 divided by 30 pounds = $2.00 per pound

$55.01 divided by 25.3 pounds = $2.17 per pound or $2.07 fur autoship
So with all things being almost equal with my udder foodable (Instinct) and Dr. Tims, they even cost about the same with Dr. Tim's being a little less.  I has not noticed anything different - poops the same, furs the same, energies the same.  So I say Dr. Tims be a keeper and it be a furry good alternative to my former noms.  They say us dogs should change up the foodables efurry so often since they is not all created equal so this works fur me! 

Hey, I could holds my own with cuzzin Sebastian (7 years old) and sidekick Al (8 years old) on our hike last weekend.  We was all pooped out at the end but I (15 years old) was not more pooped than those young punks so mebbe Dr. Tim's helped seeing that it be a performance dog food!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dr. Tim's Dry Dog Food 30-Day Challenge #2

Hi furriends.  I is back checking in with yous all on pawt 2 of my Dr. Tim's Dry Dog Food 30-Day Challenge.
So I has now been fully transitioned ofur to Dr. Tims's and my chef mom do be fixing me some up fur dinner.
I think we should lets my sidekick Al try some.  After all, no way be he touching hims kibble straight up.  That Al has to has canned foods mixed in or he be going on hunger strike.
Go ahead Al, has a taste.  You has my pawmission to nom out of my bowl.
Geez, he not be wasting any time, that Al.
OK, enuff, Al, that be MY dinner.
Nommy stuffs.
Al do be agreeing.
So my chef mom has to adds in my sweet tater mash with my Arthritis supplementations and then...
Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom...

So if'n yous rememmers from Pawt 1, I be testing a PERFORMANCE dog foodable fur all life stages and that do mean even fur 15-year-old old geezers like me.  As you can see, I cans still make it to the seeniks nomming Dr. Tim's while showing my cuzzin Sebastian how to hike.  This be from last weekend when we went on a trip to the Finger Lakes in Noo York where I did be hiking almost 9 miles!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dr. Tim's Dry Dog Food 30-Day Challenge #1

Hey furrends! asked me to try a new foodable fur a 30-day challenge and you knows me, I is always up fur that! do not be gibbing me any payments for my honest opinion, just the free bag of Dr. Tim's Dry Dog Food.
The UPS (Urgent Package fur Shawnee) truck did comes to my house with the new foodables from
Most definitely, this is nommable.
Common, mom, open it up!
Or I will use my teefs.
OK, well furst mom did has to approve the ingredients and stuffs.
It do say this foodable be appropriate fur old geezer dogs like me (except I be a matriarch, no?).  And do you see where it say it be developed from an athletic dog food and you all know I is still a hiking athlete at 15 years old so I say this be the foodable fur me.  And it be made in the USA!
Mom do always be consulting with that and they be gibbing it a 5 star rating.
The furst ingredient be CHICKUN meal, that be CHICKUN without water so that be a LOT of CHICKUN, DROOL!
OK, now that it be meeting mom's approvals, I can taste it.
Sorry, mom, did not mean to bitey your hand, BOL, but it do be quite tasty.  Mom did has to cut me off coz I wanted to nom more and more and more...
So fur the 10 days or so I has been transitioning ofur to the Dr. Tim's in the container on the right with my old foodable on the left in MY pawt of the pantry  (I gets two whole shelves just fur MY stuffs).
I is now getting 3/4 Dr. Tim's and ...
... 1/4 old foodable so I is almost transitioned ofur.
So stay tooned fur my next repawt.  I has to go eat breakfast now.  Bye.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

BREAKing News

OK so I tolds you all I hads some BREAKing news.  It be OLD news now but I tells you about it now.

So one day I is minding my own bizziness, taking a nap in my mom's bedroom, when she comes running in saying "STOP DIGGING!"  Say WAH?!?!?!  I did NOT be digging in my bed (that time) I be snoozing.  But then I heard the digging, too, and my hearing do not be what it used to be.  We went to make investigations.
OMD, we has had a BREAK-in of the skwerrel kind.  She did nom right into my house and set up housekeeping in my attic.
Mom called the Skwerrel Buster peeps and they taked our house apawt, took out the skwerrel nest she be setting up (there be no babies or nuttin in it yet) and put in a skwerrel trap.
The next day - skwerrel trap: FAIL
The skwerrel was like, cool, nice insulations fur my nest!
Meanwhile, Al be practicing hims skwerrel bitey skills with a stuffie skwerrel.
So the sqwerrel buster peeps did come back and the squirrel be out shopping fur more nesting materials so they closed efurrything up and put new house pawts up.
Then we heared the skwerrel screaming werds not fit fur puppy ears.
She not be liking that the sqwerrel buster peeps locked her OUT of MY house.
A furry unhappy skwerrel cursing ME out from my chimney.
I be showing that skwerrel what I think of THAT.
Be skeered skwerrel, be furry skeered.
Oh noes.
The skwerrel be calling me out but mom went and had a stern talking to with her.  That skwerrel did not even run away until...
... me and Al took matters into our own paws.
You show that skwerrel you mean bizziness, Al!
Well, the skwerrel did try to break in again but the skwerrel buster peeps put wire mesh that the skwerrel could not bitey through.
My new vent.  It do smell like skwerrel.
Skwerrel teefs did this but they cannot bitey through the wire so the skwerrel finally did move to anudder place.
My job (and Al's) be done here. And that be my BREAKing news.