Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Gotcha Day Hike

Check it out furrends, today, yes TODAY be my 14th Gotcha Day!  Yup, back when I was a pupster in the shelter I was all skeered and stuffs but now I hike!  Who would has thunk?

You sees the red squiggly line up top?  That be where my paws hiked.  The red arrow - LAKE SHAWNEE and WEST SHAWNEE TRAIL and EAST SHAWNEE TRAIL!  But they is not hiking kind of trails, they is where peeps live in houses and they named their streets like that.  So we just hiked as close as we could to MY lake and MY trails.
Not Lake Shawnee but close enuff.
Just think, 14 years ago at this furry moment I was curled into a little ball in the corner of the shelter run shaking like a leaf completely unawares that my to-be-mom was on her ways to rescue me.
OK, time fur a celebratory chickun jerky.
And a little rest coz it be getting hawt out.  I has to stay in the shade coz I be taking doxycycline and it do not like sunbeams.  Did I tell yous about the huge FAIL with the Seresto collah?  It be on me fur 2 weeks and mom pulled 40 ticks off of me!  Because we buyed it from they gibbed us our green papers back but mom complained to Bayer coz they be the peeps what makes the piece of junk collah.  So anyways, mom and my V-E-T decided they should gibs me doxycycline in case I got any ickies from those tickies so that be why I be taking it.  I already has Lyme but there be udder ickies what tickies can gibs you and doxycycline puts the bitey on all of that.
Check out this rawk.  It be 87 times bigger than me.
I is furry glad I got gotted :)

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Yes, furrends, not only do I has the B&B to run, has asked if'n I would test fur them again.  You see, I used to but when I changed Innerweb Surfing Pawviders and gots a new paw-mail address, I lost touch with fur reviewing but mom still ordered my noms and stuffs from them coz we likes them lots.
So bored with no B&B guests booked this week until ....
Say what? would like fur me to review fur them again?
Bring it on!
So happy to be back at work.
I ♥ my job
On with the testing.
Day 2:  Needs to try them again to be sure my review be on target.  I takes my duties furry seriously.
Let's go test this.
Furst you needs to hold it in your paws thusly...
... then nom, nom, nom.
Day 3:  Testing again just to be sure.
It be a nice day out so I gots to nom the Natural Balance Dental Chew from the comforts of my bed with the helpie-selfie-no-bugs-allowed screen in the door and the nice breezes blowing in on my furs.  Now this be how you brush you teefs!

I would gibs it more paws but I only has 4.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Catching Up

Oh Doggie, I cannot beleef I has been away from Blogville so long again.  Mom gotted a new job so I has had to run the B&B all my myself and we finally has a break with no B&B guests so I can hop back ofur to Blogville fur a bit to let you all know I is still HERE!

So we has still be hiking coz at my age if'n you do not use it, you lose it.
So weekend afore last we is hiking along and mom turned around to take this picture of me with the stinky flowahs and when she turned back around, this is what we seened...
Coyote puplet triplets!  Me and mom was all SQUEEEEE then we decided we hads better turn around and get the heck outta there afore momma coyote finded us squeeeing ofur her puplets,
I gots attacked by biting flies but mom had some stuffs she has been want to try and furriends, I has to tell you this stuff rilly werks!
Mom spritzed my head, the biting flies be all gone and I reeks of lemon meringue pie.
So this past weekend, since we did not has any B&B guests, me and mom went on a mini road trip to Master-Chew-Sits!  Fun times I tells you.  We did TWO hikes in one day and I hiked 9 miles.  Not bad fur a 14 1/4 year old dog, eh?
First we hiked at a ski place where there be no snows in the summertime but lots of seeniks.
Then we drived to the next hike and had lunch furst.
Mom feeded me with a spoon.  I got all reenergized.
Then we hiked some more.
We taked a break then when we started hiking again, something big and brown flied right ofur our heads.  We thought it be a hawk but no it was not, it was ...
"Hoo Hoo Goes There?"
We hads a pawsome time and I has been sleeping efur since we gots back home.  Resting up fur next weekend.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Norwood Tribute Hike

Those of yous who know my furrend Norwood prolly knows he left fur the bridge a few months ago.  Even tho we nefur met in the furs, we had lots in common.  We both is hiking dogs, we both love ponds and furst and furmostly, we ♥♥♥ LOVE♥♥♥ FROGS!!!!  So Norwood's mom made some Norstars fur his furrends to hang on their fave hiking trail.  I gots mine in the mail a couple of weeks ago.
It be mail.  Fur me!
That be Norwood, RIP.  He be partly like my sis Sydney, RIP, both with cow dog spots.
Here be what I should do with my Norstar but not any old place will do.  Mom put it in her backpack and it would be with us fur when we founded the pawfect place.
I even put the bitey on it to be sure it be authentic.  It do be.
So today when we was hiking, the Norstar do be tucked away in mom's backpack safe and sound in the pawket where she do keep my chickun jerky.
So we gets to a seenik and I is hasing me a drink of cold water when....
Hey!  How did the Norstar get out of mom's backpack pawket?!?!?  Seriously furrends, fur real, we had not opened that zipper pawket yet and somehow the Norstar got OUT and was hanging there and the zipper still be closed, fur real!  It be a sign.  This be the hike.
Mom secured the Norstar so it would not fall out while we was hiking but we left it hanging because the Norstar wanted to see the seeniks with me.
Taking a break with the Norstar.
Picture with mom and the Norstar still ofur there on mom's backpack.
Then we commed to a bootiful pond and I knowed this be the pawfect place to hang the Norstar.  You know why?
Coz there be a frog right there in the pond!  He waited fur us to hang the Norstar.
The frog be where that arrow be pointing.
Yes, this be it, the pawfect place to hang the Norstar.  I think Norwood would approve.  RIP pal, hope you can see the Norstar from way up there.