Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day!

It be a furry Happy Labor Day fur me coz my bizzy, bizzy summer be coming to an end.  I is a working dog, you know, and my B&B has been packed all summer long.  I has had guests here fur the past 77 days with no break!  There be 21 different guests, 6 of them coming back twice.  Plus, mom be away working in an office cofuring fur somebuddy who be having a bald human puppy so you can see how I has had my paws full with running the B&B and has not had time fur my bloggie.  I hope you has not furgotted me :(

So my only break be hiking and yes, I has still been hiking efurry single weekend!  Mom has been on this jag where we go to WMA's (that be wildlife management areas) where there be no marked trails and we has to find out way with the GeePeeEss.  Well, and my snooter, if'n you want to know the truth.
Here I is at the Paulinkskill WMA.  You see that Great Egret in the tree ofur my head? I was hoping he would not poop on me.
Here he be watching me.  He did not fly away until mom got under the tree where I was then he was like YIKES! and flied away.
I got to wet my furs on this hike, too.
Then we was at the Berkshire Valley WMA where we had to use the GPS my snooter to summit Mount Arlington. 
There be a red smiley face on a tree.  Kinda creepy.
Then we was at Weldon Brook WMA where mom snagged this shot of the moon.
There do be one blazed trail in this WMA and it be marked with beer bottle tops.  Somebuddy drinked a lot of beer making this trail.
Me, I just be having water, thank you.
Check it out!  Mom finally blinged out my Zoobaroo.
We went back to that same area but different trails the next weekend and watched the sun coming up ofur the lake.  Bootiful.
These hikes hasn't had lots of seeniks but here be a little bit of one in the powah cut.
So then this weekend we hiked at this place that Noo Joisey buyed from a bunch of priests a few years ago.  It was their retreat and they had made hiking trails.  So you start hiking from where you park on the road going in but there be a gate so cars cannot get in.  About 1/3 of a mile in, mom discofurred that she FURGOT THE MAPS in the car!?!?!?!?  OK, my snooter do not be that good.  So mom got this bright idea of tying me to her backpack at the top of the big hill where she could still see me and running back to the car so I would not has to hike the extra mileage.  I was like, DON'T LEAVE ME HERE!!!!  You know, at my age, old dogs get abandoned all the time just coz they be old.  Mom would not do this to me, would she?  Whew, she commed running back (hugging and puffing) with the maps.  I could have dragged her backpack and followed but she did tell me to STAY so against my better judgement, I lissened.
This place has a swanky deck on a lake!
I bagged anudder peak - Mount Paul!
And of course I had lots of chickun jerky breaks.
So that be it fur my summer.  Now I has to go running back to see what all of you did all summer.  I had better get started...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Three Hikes

OK, so since I last updated my bloggie I has done three, count them on one paw, THREE hikes I needs to update you about.  That do be ofur THREE weeks so one hike efurry week.

Furstly, we hiked where there be no map and no marked trails.  Crazee, I tell you!  But mom's furrend did this hike with his iBone app a while back so mom put his track on her GEE PEE ESS and she followed that.  Me, ha!  I knows the way, she could has just followed ME!
Just follow me, mom.
Hey mom, we is not BUSH WHACKING, is we?  COME BACK!  I HATE bush whacking and if'n you dussn't know what that means, it be where you go off the trail into the wild and bushes whack you in the eyeballs.  OK fine, I is coming.
At least there be compensation fur my trubbulls.
So then the next weekend we went back to the same place to a different pawt where a map did show some trails.  I was prepared to BUSH WHACK again coz there was trail missing on the map to make a connection but whoa, hold on to your leashes and look what I found...
... I found us a trail where the map sayed wasn't any and we nefur had to BUSH WHACK!
I found a lake fur getting my furs wet, too.
Then I prepared myself fur the BUSH WHACKING coz mom climbed up on this big RAWK and I could not get up coz of that stoopid Arthur Itis and I got all kinds of upset trying to find a way up to mom.  But she told me to STAY coz she be climbing right back down.  She was just trying to get seenical pictures.
But would you all not prefer a seenikal with ME in it?
Selfie with my mommy!
OK, then yesterday we went hiking at a different place.
This hike had old timey stuffs.
Fur wetting oppawtoonities.
Chickun Jerkey!
Tramadol fur me and ...
... Advil fur mom.  Neither of us be getting any younger, BOL.
Those horses be checking me out!
OK, so those be the highlights of my last three weeks.

PEE ESS:  This is what that old timey building in the woods do be from back in the 1800's:
The Knickerbocher Ice Company of Pennsylvania bought a small piece of lakefront property on the south shore of White Pond. They erected a formidable ice warehouse, 265 feet long, 100 feet wide, and 32 feet high. It was, by far, the largest and most outstanding structure in the area. In season, the warehouse would hold, at one time, 20,000 tons of ice. But ice production was a seasonal project, and the owners of the ice mill also processed marl, the white mineral product in the form of shells, located many feet deep, on the bottom of the lake. The shells were originally used as fertilizer, and also in big-city cesspools. And it soon became a vital additive to a new but wonderful product just coming into use, named "cement". And so the ice warehouse in winter and spring became a marl warehouse the rest of the year.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Don't Keep Me In Stitches

We hads a bizzy, bizzy day today!
I was off to the V-E-T to get my stitches OUT!  WOO HOO!  Sydney, she come along coz we both has appointments with the chiropractor after.
I used to do this in the old Mazda hikemobile but in the 1 1/2 years we has had my Zoobaru, I had nefur co-piloted like this but today I did and I whimpered fur mom to DRIVE FASTER.  I want these stitches OUT!
It also made mom happy I did this coz she sayed it be like old time but KNOCK OFF THE WHIMPERING.  Boo.
Common V-E-T.  Hurry!
More waiting ...
We hads an hour to kill afore our chiropractor appointments so went to this place.

Furst a drink of cool water mom bringed fur us.
See, in the olden days the peeps what lived here had collies and the collies, they is all buried here.  Lots and lots of collies  This be Lad's grave.
It do say LAD ~ THOROUGHBRED IN BODY AND SOUL ~ 1902 - 1918.  OMD, he be an old geezer!
That be the peeps and their collies ofur there in the olden days.
We gots to walk around the grounds.  They like dogs to come here to visit and it be a small place so that be good fur Sydney coz she cannot do walkies furry much now.
Here do be anudder grave.
Lots of graves!  All of those long rawks be markers fur collie graves.
See that frog statue?  That be fur a frog what lived in a pond here for 20 years!
Hey mom, so not funny!  Let us out of the kennel!
We went to the gazebo at the lake and had some more cool water.
Then we rested in the cool breezes.
I watched some cormorants ofur in the lake.
Look how close that bird got to me!  I is the bird whisperer, BOL.
Sydney hasing a good time.
OMD, a Great Blue Heron by our car!
Then we be off to Mike's Feed Farm fur our chiropractor appointments.
My stitches is all gone, my V-E-T sayed all looks good, watch out werld, I is baaaaaaack and be hitting the trails again soon!