Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Night The Sky Fell In

We had big thunder boomers storms, wild winds, rains and hales last night and neighbor's tree came crashing down on our howse from up in the skies. It was skeery. But we is all OK, nobody was hurted and there was only minor damages to the rufe, gutter and fence. Lets me tells you the whole story.

My sisfur, Sydney, does not has enough sense to come in out of the rains. When there is thunder boomers, Sydney hides herself under the deck and we dunno her is there. We were all watching the rains out the back door but then the rains started coming inside so mom closed the door. A few minutes later there stood Sydney on the deck wanting inside, soaking wet. What was her thinking? Well, not more than two minutes after mom got Sydney in and dried her off, we heard CRASH! CRUNCH! BOOM! SMASH! WHAM! It was crazee loud like the howse was falling in on our heads. Where to run, where to hide? Big tree branches camed down right outside the window where we was and landed on the deck, right were Sydney was just a few minutes before. Her could has been sqwished. Mom opened the door and this is what we saw.

Oh noes! We was trapped!!!! Mom and the boy hacked at the branches and cut us a way out. Thank dog. What would has happened had we needed to potty? Then we went out in the back yard to investigate...

Oh noes! What a mess!

Please make note of the lower rite korner of the above pikture, enlarged for your konvenience below...

That would be Sydney's feet back under the deck again. Sydney mite not be our britest sisfur but we luvs her anyways.

Today we started werking on kleening up to make the deck safer since sum of the debris was not stable. Did we not do a grate job?

Tomorrow some mens is coming to kleen the rest of it up and cuts up the really big parts of the tree.

Of course, foster dog Jack did his parts in the kleen-up effort but Jack, buddy, why you takin the tree inside the howse to put in your bed?

Friday, June 26, 2009

It's Take Your Dog To Work Day!

Aktually, every day is "Take Your Dog To Work Day" for me 'cause mom werks from her home office. Many peeples think that the rescue group is mom's job but no, we would has no monies for kibble if that was the case. That is all volunteer. Mom has a real job, thank dogness. (So we can has treats and stuffs.)

Anywho, as you can see, mom is not in the office today 'cause her took a vakashun day. So I just pose real quick to show yous all how our office is. Boring mom office stuff on the top part - kalkulator, phone, puter, printer... But fun stuffs in the bottom dog part where me, my sisfurs and the foster dogs hang out - beds, toy box, and mom at our disposal whenever we needs somefing.

So even tho I not participating in "Take Your Dog To Work Day" today, I wishes all of you doggies who are a happy werk day!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

TOP SEKRET - For Anipal Eyes Only: My Hidey Spot

I offers you a rare invitation to tour my hidey spot. I cannot disklose the exakt lokashun because, well, then it would not be a sekret hidey spot. The only ones allowed in is my mom (cause it's her howse) and my sisfur Dixie (cause her has seniority and is the boss of me - most times). Nobody else. Ever.

Every foster dog tries to come to my hidey spot one time but never a second time cause I say GRRRRRR like I is going to put the bitey on them. It skares the tar out of them cause that is so out of karakter for me but they thinks I mean bizzness. Well, I do. For real.

It is my self-proklaimed dooty to keep my mom's shoes safe in my hidey spot. She recklessly leaves her shoes on the floor and you know it's a matter of time before those rascally foster dogs chews them up. I gently picks her shoes up in my mouf and carries them to safety in my hidey spot. I has to do this almost every single day. As you can see, my favorite toys is also in my hidey spot for safekeeping and personal entertainment. And this is where I sleeps at night.

I hopes you enjoyed the tour of my hidey spot. Does you has a hidey spot? Take my poll and tells me about your hidey spot in the komments. I keeps it sekret, k?

Friday, June 19, 2009

International Box Day

Out of deepest respekt for my kitteh fwends, I would like to participate in International Box Day. I only do this for you, my kittehs. Do not tell the doggies, please.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Got Mail! (#pawpawty June 13 - 14, 2009)

It be the second times I got mails this week! The mailman did not rings the doorbell this time. Think mebbe I scarded him with my excited barkings the last time?

We all checkded out the beeootiful package. It had doggie paw prints on it. Could it be the #pawpawty prize I won from @laineyspawtique????

All of a suddens, Jack, the foster dog, grabded my package in his mouf...

...and tooked it to his bed where he said GRRRRR at mom and showed his toofers. Oh, no, BAD, BAD, JACK! Hims had to go to doggie jail.

Look what hims did to my package.

No wonder Jack tried to steals my package. It was full of nommy COOKIES!

Hurry mom, opens them up and we can has a pawty!!!!!

Some for me...

Some for sisfur Sydney...

Some for sisfur Dixie...

Some for foster sisfur Pumpkin...

Some for Bad, Bad Jack in The Big Howse...

As you can see, we had wild, crazee pawty with nommy Lainey's Pawtique cookies that were a HUGE hit with everyone (speshully Jack). Thank you @Laineyspawtique!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I Got Mail! (#weekendroadtrip May 23-24, 2009)

Holy leaping dogs! This is my first mails EVER! And the mailman even ringded the doorbell so I could barks very loudly for mom to let me out to get it!

I cannot wait to opens it. What is in there?

It is from @flicka47! It is the pwize I won at #weekendroadtrip on May 23 - 24, 2009!

Ohhhhh! A nice squeaky toy and some chewies to nom on.

I has my very special pwizes in my hidey spot so nobody else can gets it. Thanks you @flicka47!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cockaponset State Forest, CT

We left early in the mornings today to drive 125 miles to Connecticut to meet up with my BFF Haley for hikings. Haley is a very cute 4 1/2-year-old border collie mix who I met at doggie summer camp three years ago.

On the way to our meeting place it starting the rainings really hard. I said, "Mom, please do not turn arounds and go back home. I wants to see Haley and do hikings."

We finally gotted to the rest stop meeting place and the rainings stopped. "Haaaaaaaley, Oh Haaaaaaley, where aaaaarrrrre youuuuuuuuu?"

Oh, here her is! Isn't Haley beeootifuls?

So we gots into Haley's car and headed for the Cockaponset State Forest.

We did fun hikings. There was discrepancies on the distance because of pedometer malfunkshun but we hiked for 6 hours and think it was probably 10 miles cause we did stops some for swimmings and to nom on chicken strips. It was rugged and there was lots of hill climbings.

Does we looks tired after our hikings or what? Having some troubles holding my ears up.

Before heading back home, we stopped for dinner at Lenny & Joe's Fish Tale where doggies are allowed to dine al fresca. You kittehs should check out the seafood noms on their menu. Haley and I highly rekommend the frozen yogurts.

Friday, June 12, 2009

One Paw Helps Another Paw

Some of you might know my fwend @TruckingDogKarma and the incredible story of her rescue from stray truck terminal dog to amazing cross country trucker dog! Well, if you doesn't knows her story, here it is on her mom's blog.

So anyways, from living the life of a stray, Karma had lots of pwoblems, one of them being icky heartwormies. Ack, ack, ack. They be very dangerous and could has killed Karma cause nobodies gived her the heartworm prevenshun treat when hers was a stray and hers got bited by infekted skeeters. (Has you taken your heartworm prevenshun this month?) So Karma was in the hospital for treatments to gets rid of the wormies. Her mama got some donashuns from nice peeples to help pay for some of it cause it was expensive. And there was to be more expenses to come.

So then I said to my mom "Mom, how can we helps out Karma? We has a rescue group. Is there not somefing we can do?" Peeples always call us cause they wants us to take the strays they find for us to fix them up and finds them homes. But not Karma's momma. Her was fixing Karma up by herself AND giving her a good furever life. The least we could do was to halp her out some.

So mom checked the books and sure enough, the rescue group, @CCritters, hads some grant monies lefted over from @Petco that was to be used for spaying and nootering. Karma already has lots of homeless puppehs running around from when she was a stray and she no need no more puppehs. Plus her needs to be spayed to has better health. Mom called Karma's vet hospital all the way over in Texas on the phone and told them we pays for Karma's spay. It now be a done deal and it be one less expense Karma and her momma has to worries about.

Many more miles of happy trucking adventures to you, my fwend, Karma!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Duckie Club

Mai fwend on Twitter, @Manxington, has this club for kittehs called "The Duckie Club". It looked like the kewlest club where kittehs submit piktures with their beloved duckies to become members. The club gets companies to donate duckies to poor kittehs in shelters that has no duckies. Well, imagine my excitements when I found out the club was being opened up to doggies! Of course this was an adventure I wanted to be a parts of. I got my duckie, posted my pikture, named my duckie "Dick Van Duck" (you has to give your duckie a name) and this was the official acceptance I gots from Manxington:

TA Dah! You in the duckie club!

I was overwhelmed by excitements. This is such an honor. So check out Manxington's blog about getting your very own duckie to be in The Duckie Club while helping make shelter anipal lives a little brighter. And be sures to watch the pawsome movie with very snazzy musiks on Manxington's blog starring all the members (I is in it too!).

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park, NJ (Princeton - Kingston)

We did da hikes today. Da plan was to walks 6 miles on da Delaware & Raritan Canal tow path starting in Princeton, NJ. But it was such a beeootiful days dat we ended up going 11 miles! Yes, we did. I is perfectly fine, however, my mom can no longer stands up straight.

Da said beeootiful sunshines today after all da rains last week but dey lied. Der was no sunshines only clowds. But dat was OK cause it kept da temperatures comfy yet warms enough dat I could take a dips and gets my furs wet.

Oh, look how littles I is way out der on da waterfalls...

Then, of course, I met another turtle fwend. Hims was teeny tiny, only about 2 inches long and hims was in perils in da middle of da path. Somebodies could has stepped on him and squooshed him so I said, "Mom, please moves mai fwend da turtle off to da sides where he be safe." So her did. And her moved him in da same direction hims was heading in as is da proper turtle protocol.

We spotted another wildlifes but I could not pose with hims for da pics cause mebbe he bites. We dunno.

So we hads lovely times and obeyed da park rules.
  • We dinnot has motorized vehicles - we did walkies.
  • We dinnot litters or dumps - I dinnot do pees or poos.
  • We dinnot has alkoholic beverages - I drank water outta da puddles.
  • We dinnot do huntings - we halped da wildlifes.
Is der a rule I missed? I don't see more rules, does you?