Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fame But No Fortune :(

I was famous not just once, but dubble times today! Both times I was tweeted by @PEOPLEPets and that must be a big deal coz they has over 402,000 followers! Yikes!

First I was quoted by People Pets in their artikal about the #pawpawty: (click on the pic of the tweet to go to the artikal)

Then they was asking for cute pics so I submitted the pic of my foster piggie sisfurs and they wonned for the day! I don't thinks they wonned nuffin, just the glory of having wonned. (Click on the pic below to see the pic of them that I submitted.)

And it was featured on their web site along with the pic of our pal @BorisKitty coz he wonned too!
People Pets This Week's Cutest Twitter Pics

Mom entered a contest over at @DunkinDonuts to win a $25 gift card and her dinnot wins. Mebbe if I dranked coffees I would has wonned it seein' as I was on a roll today.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Piggie Movie

Movie makin' is not my thing. That is what we has the boy for. But he is away this weekend so mom and I hads to make doo. Since we dunnot noes how to werk his Mac and noes nothing 'bout splicing and stuffs, pwetend the first fwames is part of the movie, 'k? And kind of hums a toon to yourselfs since we has no musiks with the movie. OK, so grabs yourselfs some treats to nom on and enjoy the premiere of "G-Force, Nomming on the Veggies" starring Thelma and Louise.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sussex Branch Trail/Allamuchy Mountain State Park

Today's hike was the Sussex Branch Trail through the Allamuchy Mountain State Park and the Iron Mine Trail, the yellow parts on the map. We hiked almost 13 miles today!

We got started early. Mom was akshually out of bed by 6:30 am and we was on the trail before 8 am. That meant we got this really cool pic of Jefferson Lake with fogs hanging over the waters. Creepy!

Another good thing bout being early is no other peeples has been there yet and we sees the deer! We got this one just as he seen us and figured he had better gets a moves on it:

We saw a mommy deer with two little baby deers (it was so cute I could not stands it!) but mom could not get the camera fast enough to get their pic.

The we got to Cranberry Lake:

I dunno why they calls it Cranberry Lake coz we dinnot sees no cwanberries, we saw wild wazzberries. Should has been Wazzberry Lake, no?

Then we had to go through an old railroad tunnel that the trains used to go choo choo through long times ago. On top of the tunnel it say "1911." Inside the tunnel was kinda creepy too.

Then we did the Iron Mine trail which was very hard, well for mom it was, not me. There was big uphills and I always had to wait on mom. Thank goodness I did not needs to call 911 for halp. I dunnot noes CPR.

And of course, we founds lots of places for me to get my furs wet:

Friday, July 24, 2009

Shopping at the Animal Shelter

I gots to go to the animal shelter today to helps mom pick out new fosters. Mom likes to get my opinion coz if I gives the paw up, the doggie will get along with my sisfurs. If I don't gives the paw up, forget about it!

But first things first. There was this kitteh at the shelter that they named Ace. A laydee had founded him in the Home Depot parking lot and broughted him to the shelter. Another rescue group tooked him but because he is a black kitteh and was not adopted fast enough, they broughted him back to the shelter. Can you believes that? What kind of rescue group is that? Ace is the sweetest boy so mom asked one of our volunteers if she would foster him and she said yes. And if'n he never gets adopted, the volunteer will keep him herself. But she prefers he gets adopted so she can save another kitteh.

Ace in the shelter all sad coz he had been in a foster home for 2 months before he was returned to the tiny cage:

Then Ace comed out of hims cage like he cannot believes he is getting out for real:

And into his carrier where I had to sit next to him to see how he feels about doggies. (My mom makes me werk so hard...)

Ace was not skeered of me at all and sayed "Hey, Shawnee! Thanks for getting me out of the shelter!"

@buckypg will be happy to know that Ace's foster mom reports Ace is sitting on the bar in her basement waiting for Happy Hour to begin. Could be distant kin...

Then mom broughted out the doggie what the shelter wanted us to look at. He had been picked up running loose on the street and nobody ever camed looking for him at the shelter.

I checked hims out and gived him the paws up:

We taked him home and gived him a bath to get the shelter cooties off of him (sorry little dood, but it a non-negoshable rekwirement)

Mom says he has a bad ear infections that has been untreated for a very very long time coz his skin has thickened and it is so owie he say "No touchin my owie ears" to mom.

We has the meds and cleaning stuff here but it is way too owie so we want the V-E-T (sorry little dood) to look at it next week before we does anything. His ears has been like that for a very long time so a few more days won't matter.

He is all clean now and we has named him Calvin. So meet my new foster bro Calvin, who had better not try do the humpty dumpty with me or my sisses again or we is gonna has to tune him up. We is not that kinda gurls. Emergency nooter already scheduled for Aug 3 :0)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Got ROYAL Mail! (#pawpawty July 11 - 12, 2009)

Yes, not only did I gots mail, I gots ROYAL mails from way across the werld over big waters in the UK - my firstest Royal Mails ever!

OMD! Look what is in the package! Nommies and a squeaky toy!

It's from @LaddietheMutt!

And he writed:

Mom, please help me out with the noms so we can all shows off our silly nomming faces!

Silly sis Dixie...

Silly sis Sydney:

And silly moi:

I gonna puts the new squeaky toy in my hidey spot 'coz that is where all my new toys goes till they is not new any mores. At least, that was the plan...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Piggie Cage Cleaning and First Skritches!

Today was piggie cage cleaning day. They has a big space to live in so mom spot cleans every day but once a week she is going to has to clean the whole thing out. How to do that when the piggies is skeered of mom? Mom comed up with a plan. She putted their fave lettuces in a kitteh carrier to lure them in:

Mom taked out the castle and tiki hut and putted the carrier in. Thelma sayed "I don't think so."

Louise agreed:

Plan failed. However, when mom tried to gently push them in (which did not werk) the girls letted her pet them for the first time! (Guess that was better than going in a carrier and I think you kittehs would agree.)

And Louise even liked when mom gived her skritches. But the girls still not want mom to picks them up. That's OK. Pettings and skritches are a very good start. Picking up will comes later.

OK, so nuff playin' around. Back to werk. Mom just had to leave Thelma and Louise there and clean around them. She scooped everything out with a dustpan, sucked the rest up with the Dyson hose (the piggies did not freak over that - brave piggies) and wiped it out clean:

Then put in new floofy stuffs:

And put all their other stuffs and noms back:

And because they was so good about their cage cleanings, they gotted strawberries for treats!

And just another cute nomming pic from the other day when they was introduced to waspberries.

The Columbia Trail (Morris County Line to Long Branch, NJ)

Lesson of the day: Always has a Plan B. We was going to do hikings on the Columbia Trail today starting in High Bridge, NJ. Mom had taken a vakashun day from werks coz her was too bizzy to take me hiking over the weekend. So we drived an hour out to High Bridge and started the hikings.

We heared some noises in the woods and when we looked, we saw lots of tents for campers (see the blue tents in the woods?). We thinks mebbe the boy scouts was having a summer camp. What funs!

Then, after just 1 mile of hikings...

♫ DUM DA ♪ DUM DUM ♫...

What to do? A man tolded us the trail had washed out in heavy rains and was brokened. We cannot hikes on it until it gets fixed. Luckily, mom had printed out other stuff about the Columbia trail and when we gotted back to the car, she found directions to parking farther up the other end of the trail. Yay! We hads a Plan B! So off we drove. (See me in the car waving?)

So we gots to the other parkings which was right on the Hunterdon County and Morris County line. We decided to head into Morris County and do that part.

We crossed a bridge over waters.

When we looked down in the waters from up high on the bridge, we saw fishies! I circled them for you so you can sees them better!

Then we saw evidences of horsies having hiked there. Why does peeples has to pick up after doggies but not after horsies? Guess they would needs to carry large Hefty garbage bags. Anywho, mom was very relieved to know that I did not consider horsie poo to be perfoom-worthy.

We went through a tree farm where they was growing Christmas trees and trees for peeples houses. So that is where they comes from!

Then we saw a graveyard for old cars - RIP. What they was doing out there is anyone's guess but mom said sum of those cars is older than she is. Wow! That must be really old!

We found a spot where I could cool off a bit.

And then we headed back to the car. With the 2 miles from Plan A and the 8 miles from Plan B, we got our 10 miles done!