Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Wishes

I wish you Health...
So you may enjoy each day in comfort.

I wish you the Love of friends and family...
And Peace within your heart.

I wish you the Beauty of nature...
That you may enjoy the work of God.

I wish you the Wisdom to choose priorities...
For those things that really matter in life.

I wish you Generosity so you may share...
All good things that come to you.

I wish you Happiness and Joy...
And Blessings for the New Year.

I wish you the best of everything...
That you so well deserve.


~ Author Unknown

And an update to let you know my Noo Year's wish commed true...
The V-E-T emailed my mom about the blood wot she had stolened yesterday.  This do be the test results:
  • Quant C6 = <10
  • If the C6 level drops > or = 50%, treatment was successful. If not, retreatment recommended.
  • In general, anything less than 30 is considered clinically insignificant.
So in udder werds, my Lyme cooties woz 70 when we founded out I had it back in June.  I taked the auntie bionics and now 6 months later my Lyme cooties be less than 10 when we woz shooting fur unner 30!  WOO WOO WOO WOO!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The V-E-T

I woz supposed to go to the V-E-T on last Monday but I woz saved by the big snow blizzards.  But it only postponed the inevitabull - mom rescheduled fur today.  Boo.
But I did live to tell you about my eggsperience...
Skritches.... Ahhhhhh.....
Hey! Wot you doing back there?
Is my "puttin' the bitey on" ekwipment in werking order?
Then, just as I woz hasing a good time, out commed the NEEDLES!  Yup.  Mom could not take pikshures coz she woz bizzy HOLDING ME IN A DEATH GRIP HEADLOCK so I did not runned away while the V-E-T stoled blood from my leg and then gibbed me the rabies needle in the booty - OWIE!  Mom sayed it do be necessary coz my old rabies do be eggspiring next week and we do need that fur hiking and so I can get my license renewed and be all legal and stuffs.  And the bloods wot the V-E-T stoled has to be tested fur the Lyme cooties wot I had gotted earlier this year so we dussn't know about that yet.  I just has to has blood stolened efurry 6 months now to keep checking how many cooties there be.  Udder than that, the V-E-T did say efurrything looks good and she loves how I do keep my gurlish figure at my age.  At least this do be the last time I has to go to the V-E-T this year!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Blizzard

I has not heared the offishull werd on how much snow we gotted yet and my measurements mite mot be accurate coz it be furry windy and snow be blowing all ofur the place.  I did see that in Elizabeth, NJ wot not be far from us at all they gotted 31 inches.  Yikes!

You knows, it woz kinda fun last nite while it woz snowing.  Mom shubbulled the deck twice so we could go out in the yard.  Dixie and I had a kewl game of bitey face in the snow.  But then this morning - Oh. My. Dog.  Wot happened to my bafroom???

Wot happened to Dixie's bafroom?

Sydney did not even try to make it to her bafroom - she just frozed on the deck and would not move.

Comin' thru...

 Let us in now while you shubbull, mom!

This be a little better.  At least we can stand on our deck and look at our bafrooms.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Hike

So today fur Chrissmuss we went hiking.  Mom has no fambly here (and wot is left is not much and scattered all around the werld) and the boy duss his own thing so it be the pawfect hiking day fur us and we can has the whole park to ourselves.  We left in the dark, prolly shortly after Santa woz pulling out...
And gotted to see the sun come up...
We woz going to Harriman State Park in Noo York wot be a rilly big park where there be no hunting nefur efur so I did not has to wear my no-huntin-me-vest.  That be furry impawtant coz the orange would has clashed with my surprise wot I buyed at Petsmart the udder day.  I shall keep you in suspenshun no longer.  TA DA!
I commed to spread howliday cheer in the woods fur the wildlifes.  As I hiked you could hear me jingle, jingle, jingle...  The wildlifes LOVED it!  Where the skwerrels and deers usually run from me as fast as they can, today they stopped, looked at me and sayed "Thank you Shawnee fur bringing us some howliday cheer!"  Then they runned away.  Hawks even circled ofurhead.  It woz furry cool.  There be some udder festive happenings in the woods, too.
It do be a white Chrissmuss in the woods.
I did some ice skating.
I maded festive icy sickulls to hang from my belleh.
How did I make icy sickulls to hang from my belleh, you ask?  Well, we had to carefully cross ofur this water wot woz running unner frozened ice:

And the ice broked and I falled in, BOL!  I did not get all wet, just my legs and my belleh, hence the icy sickulls.  But a festive tutch, no?

Then I tolded mom to hurry up and come atop Panther Mountain and come see this seenik way up here...
New York City Skyline on Christmas Day
I bet it taked Santa a long time to get through Noo York City last nite!

So we hiked 9.25 miles today.  Some of yous woz asking last time how far we usually hike since I had writed we only hiked 8.5 miles the last time.  We try to hike 10-12 miles each time coz it do be a long drive to get to hikes from our howse.  But it do be hard to hike that far in the winter coz we cannot stop long fur breaks.  We would be frozened to the ground, I think.
Good thing we got our hike in today coz tomorrow would has been too late.  A blizzard is a comin'! 
Hope you all had a wonnerful Chrissmas and spreaded lots of howliday cheer!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shopping and Stuff

You has to unnerstand that my mom duss not go to stores fur shopping (udder than fur peeple noms) afore Chrissmuss.  She hates the traffic and crowds and stuffs.  But I had an idea and I begged mom to pawlese take me to Petsmart fur shopping on her lunch hour today and she did. Yay!
Look at all the cars and how far away we had to pawk!  Yikes!  But mom woz a good sport about it.  If'n you rememmer, we did a theme hike fur Thanksgiving at Turkey Hill Lake and Cranberry Hill but we could not come up with a theme hike fur Chrissmus.  No Lake Santa.  No Rudolph Mountain.  Going to the North Pole to hike is not happening altho it feels like the North Pole here.  So anyways, this be where my idea commed in but I is not disclosing it until Chrissmuss so you has to wate in suspenshun.

Anyways, while we woz there I told mom our Wellness noms woz on sale fur $5 off and she had a coupon for $5 off so even tho we did not needs any, she should get it anyways in case we get snowed in or something.  I say you can neffur has too many noms on hand.
There woz also a $2 off coupon fur treats and mom had a $10 off coupon fur Greenies (fur the Greenies coupon click on "Pet Care" on the left then scroll down fur the coupon).  I did save mom lots of green papers. 
The rest of mom's green papers we gibbed to the Petsmart laydee at the checkout:
 And the nice Petsmart laydee did gib me a cookie.  Nommy!
I has to go email her as soon as I get done here coz she do want to see my bloggie.

So then on the way home, mom decided that the hikemobile should has a baf since we woz passing rite by the car baf place and there woz no line coz efurrybuddy be at the Petsmart.  It woz way skeery.  Mom woz not tutching the gas pedal or nuttin and the hikemobile moved all by itself into the dark tunnel of doom...

Whew. We woz finally ejekshunned out of that skeery tunnel. There do be some mans wiping the winders on our car but they did leave my nose artwerk alone coz it do be on the inside by me.
So then we gotted home and I did show Dixie and Sydney my loot.  Mom snucked that toofpaste in there without my knowledges.
Dixie commed up on the bed by my loot and I did gib her a little snarly face unner my bref:
Mom heared it and gibbed me major snarly face back and a stern talking to and this be me after my attitood adjustment:
See Santa, I woz just kidding, BOL!  So we all shared the big giant cookie wot I had picked out pawsonally while we woz in line at the checkout.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Norvin Green State Forest, NJ

We only hiked 8.5 miles today.  I woz hasing some tummy ishoos (wouldn't eat breakfast, puked a few times, spit out my powah bones and did not want to drink water...) but that woz not enuff to keep me from hiking.  I woz acting fine udderwise and had my energies.  It woz also furry cold out and mom had gone to a howliday pawty last night.  I did not sniff any wine or whiskies on her (mebbe a little rum cake) but I did sniff Diet Coke and Mojo.  This be Mojo wot lives in the howse where the pawty woz:
As you can see, he be quite the pawty anipal! I had sented Mojo some howliday greetings on mom's pants and he sented some back fur me.  We duss has the most reliable message system, dussn't we?  So mom woz kinda tired from being up late at the pawty and we decided best to cut our hike a little short this time. 

But OMD, you is not going to beleef wot we seened on the way there!
I think the udder half woz in the woods and Santa must has called them back coz all of a sudden they all flew back the way they camed.

So on the hike we seened Lake Sonoma but it woz too cold to go swimming in it.

And there be some seeniks:

This next pikshure be kinda ugly coz it do show powah lines on top of the mountain but we had to go there fur mom to bag a peak - this do be the summit of Long Hill so mom can say we summited anudder Noo Joisey mountain ofur 1,000 feet high for the NJ1K club.  We has now bagged 17 peaks (summited 17 NJ mountains ofur 1K) since mom started keeping track in the club.

We seened some icy sickles:

And waterfalls wot woz starting to freeze:

There woz some places with snow in the mountains:

And I even crashed thru the ice into puddulls a few times:

 I think this poor little Chrismuss tree do be suffering from pee mail overload:

I did finally find some green.  Udder than this tree efurrything woz ded and nekkid.

And then at one of the seeniks there woz some more uglies - a quarry down below:
Pawmit me to biggify that fur you:

So that be about it.  Shame it woz such a cold, dreary day.  But we had naps and I is happy to repawt I chowed down my dinner, drank waters and there has been no more puking so my tummy do be all better again.