Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cattus Island Park (Toms River, NJ)

Yay! We founded another hiking to do today. Mom checked the snow depfth maps and it sayed there only be 1 inches of snow along the Noo Jersey shore. We had hiked at Cattus Island Park afore and knowed it woz on the shore, not on the oshun, but on the bay. So we decided to gib it a shot and shore enuff, only 1 inches of snow at the shore! We hiked all the trails for a total of 8.5 miles.

They had lots of boardwalks and trails raised wif wood chips wot woz rilly soft unner my paws and keeped them dry and clean.

Eggsept for when we gotted to this boardwalk wot had sunked in the swamp waters. Oops.

Well, mom just had to walk thru it and get her feets wet coz even tho she has waterproof hiking shoes, the water woz deeper than her shoes! But it woz werth it coz the seenik views wos grate. Mom sayed when you has wool sawks on, hasing wet feet in the cold is not so bad.

There woz several times where the trail commed out at the bay waters.

And we wented thru pine forests too.

And marshes and swamps.

OMD wot is this? It is NOT mine coz I only poo in my own yard.

It makes us want to put the bitey on peeples when they not be cleaning up doody from their dogs coz then the park peeples say NO DOGS ALLOWED and we is not wanting that to happen. This poop woz rite by the park office where the park pawlice could easily find it. So mom picked up the udder dog's poo and putted it in the garbage can wot woz only 20 steps away, rite by the dog doody bag dispenser. Lazy, lazy peeples should be ashamed of theyselves!

Back at the park office we seened this rilly nifty thing:

The sign above it sayed:
In 1772 an acorn sprouted that grew into an Indian Oak. It died in 1996 at the age of 224 years.
Wow. That be an old tree. Older than mom even.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Schooley's Mountain County Park/Columbia Trail (Morris County, NJ)

Mom did lots of contemplashuns over where to hike this weekend rite after the big snow storm and all. She did want to try out hers new snowshoos. So she figgered if'n we wented to Schooley's Mountain County Park rite by where the Columbia Trail is, wot is a flat rail trail where trains used to be, she would has opshuns just in case they woz needed. And they woz needed. The snows woz atween 10 and 15 inches deep.

As you can sees, I woz not laying down in the snows, I woz standing up! The snow comed up to my belleh! So we started out on the Columbia trail where the snow woz more like 10 inches and mom could get used to hers snowshoos.

OMD! Wot is this rite in the middle of the Columbia Trail? I shall gib it a good sniff...

Mebbe if'n I sniff a little higher...

Oh. Hai. (Pawsitive identificashun made: It's a snowman.)

So then mom woz getting very annoyed wif the snowshoos. She sayed she feeled like Bigfoot dragging around a ball and chain on each leg. It woz not funs. Plus coz she had to walk wif hers feets farther apart than normal, every time she would take a step wif her left foot, pain would shoot her in the back! So we wented back and ditched the snowshoos in the car. Mom does not knows if'n she should see if she can return them or if she should try again some udder time. But as it stands rite now, she is not terribully impressed wif them at all. Mebbe coz of hers back pwoblems she should not be doing the snowshoos. So we decided to walkie across the street from the pawking lot to Schooley's Mountain County Park and see if'n we could hike in the deep snows wifout mom hasing snowshoos on. She sayed it woz much better but it woz still hard and it woz very hard for me too so we only hiked 2.5 miles. But mom's back woz not owie at all wifout the snowshoos. Go figger.

We had to do wot is called "breaking the trail." I is not allowed to make anything brokened but I think breaking the trail woz OK coz I did not get in trubbuls. Mom sayed breaking the train means we woz the first ones to walk on it. See how the trail is not brokened afore me but it is ahind me coz I broked it?

Eggcept for where the bunny had brokened it afore me:

Isn't those some cute wittle bunny feets?

We climbed up the mountain and I had to wait for mom again.

There woz a seenik overlook at the top of the mountain:

So when we comed back down the mountain, we metted back up wif our pawprints from where we had started!

So mebbe since we had such a short hike today, mom mite take me down south where they has not had as much snows this time. Here is a nifty web site if'n you ever want to check to see how much snows is somplace: Recent Snowfall and Snow Depth Maps

Bai for now.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Snowpocalypse Part 3? Part 4? (I lose count)

Well, here it be, anudder snowpocalypse. At 8 am this morning we had 9 inches. It is supposed to snow through tomorrow. We halped mom shubbul the deck so we would stop bringing all of the snows inside on our paws. But we could not shubbul it all coz it woz all ice unnerneath.

See, this is wot our yard looked like yesterday afore the snow so that is all ice now.

Then mom wented out front to shubbul the walk in case the postal man makes it here with mails. I wanted to go halp and I knocked on the door for mom to let me out.

Pawleeze mom, pawleeze let me out!!!!

Hehehehe. Mom letted me out but not the udders coz I not leaves the porch unless she tells me to.

We has to go in the back and halp the boy shubbul now, kbai.

Pee Ess: Mom played in the yard wif her snowshoos:

I think she be needing some flotashun attachments coz there still be big pudduls from the udder day unner the snows:

The snows is now down to seben inches, that is how fast it is melting and the sunbeams do be shining upon us. I dunno wot has happened to the rest of the snows we woz supposed to git.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bunny Love

I had tolded you the udder day that our foster bunny Penelope had gotted hers furever home. This woz the pikshur of her getting-to-know-you wif her new brudder, Joey, on her furst day in her new home.

We woz hoping they would like each udder. Their mom and dad letted them visit through the bars then letted them visit togedder under strict supervishuns. They did not try to put the bitey on each udder so all woz going grate.

Then last nite we gotted more pikshurs. The new fambly growed some oat grass for the bunnies and they started nomming it togedder. See how nice they share?

We always felted sorry for Penelope coz she woz all alone all the time and we hoped she would enjoy libbing with anudder bunny. And we knowed that if'n they did not get along Penelope woz going to has to come back here. Well, after two weeks, everyone's wishes has come true. See for yourselfs! (Penelope would only put her back legs out like that when she woz very relaxed.)

Mom gets all leaky-eyed over this pikshur coz she is so happy for Penelope and they is just the cutest all snuggled up. So many peeples wanted to adopt Penelope but they woz not the rite homes. Most of them did not knows how to take proper care of a bunny and that is very impawtant so mom would not let them has her. And a lot of peeple wanted to adopt Penelope for their little chilluns. Bunnies is not toys for chilluns coz they can get hurt and be ded very easy. It taked seben months for the rite home to come along and it was werth waiting for.

If'n you hear of somebody saying they want to has a bunny, be shore to has them take this Interactive Bun test furst to be shore they is reddy to has a bunny. Bunnies suffer so much coz peeples does not take care of them rite. And that is not rite.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Michael Huber Prairie Warbler Preserve (Woodland Township, NJ)

Today we hiked 9.5 miles at the Michael Huber Prairie Warbler Preserve. This park is in south Noo Jersey where it is flat and there is no mountains. Mom had buyed snowshoos and wanted to try them out here but a lot of the snow had melted alreddy and wot woz left woz rawk hard from hasing frozened overnite, so mom did not get to use her snowshoos.

They had a nice kiosk there and if'n you open the top of that box, it is full of maps inside. That is wot mom did even tho she had printed a map from their web site. Sometimes the "real" map is different so mom always takes one to be shore she has the most up-to-datest.

This park woz nice for a change coz we needed to see some green instead of nekkid ded trees. There woz lots of green pine trees here and they woz very pritty. So we hiked in the pine forest.

That last one woz mom playing around wif the camera but better than taking my pikshur all the time.

We camed to a place where the trail woz flooded out. It woz not a pwoblem for me at all. Mom eventually figgered out how to get across wifout getting hers feets wet.

The we saw this ladder thing going up a tree...

And this creepy looking howse in the woods...

OMD! That is where hunters hide waiting for deers to come by. That is so not fairs. They should play fair if'n they is going to hunt. But as you can see, I did not has my no-huntin-me orange vest on today. That is coz not only is it Sunday which in most places in NJ is a no-huntin-me day, (even tho I weared it on Sundays afore) deer hunting season is over now, we is pritty shore. And it woz 48 degrees today so mom sayed I did not has to wear it. We knows there woz no hunters there coz there woz no feetprints in the snows. Mom and I woz the only ones wot had been on that trail.

Then we camed to this bridge.

You would think you could just walk across the logs in front of me to get on the bridge, rite? Oh noes, I stepped in, everything collapsed, and I went in the deep waters. Mom had to grab my collar so my hed did not go unner. I woz in a panic and almost slipped out of my collar. Mom was alreddy on the bridge so she had to hold me still so I would calm down and quit wiggling then she pulled me up out of the waters and onto the bridge. Whew. That woz skeery. Mom had a rilly hard time getting off the bridge on the udder side. When she gotted over it woz my turn but I knowed if'n I stepped off I would go under the waters again so I did my biggest jump and maded it over to the land.

The park peeples rilly needs to do somefing about that or close that part of the trail. Had mom known it woz going to be that bad, we would has turned around and wented a differnt way. I woz just starting to get so brave crossing bridges and now that mite all be messed up coz I had a bad experience. We will has to see wot happens the next time we come to a bridge.

Then the next part of the trail afore we gotted back to the car woz all swamps...

So I woz good and muddy again...

Mom taked handfuls of snows and cleaned me off the best she could then used a towel when we gotted back to the car. She did not want to gib me anudder baf since I had one not too long ago and it's not good for dogs to has too many bafs. (That is my story and I is sticking to it.)

So when we gotted home mom sprayed me wif this doggie cleansing spritz..

And buffed me up wif a towel and I woz all clean again. Not to menshun I gotted belleh rubs!

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 22: The nice park peeples gotted my mom's email bout the brokened bridge, tolded her they woz getting rite on it and asked if'n I woz OK. How nice of them to ask about me!