Sunday, May 30, 2010

Black River County Park (Chester, NJ)

So wif it being a howliday weekend for memorials day, we woz looking for a hike wot did not involve driving on the Garden State Pawkway (that be the way to most of our hikes) coz we would just be sitting there the rest of the howliday weekend in traffiks. So we headed out west to the Black River County Park on I-78 wot had no traffiks and hiked 12 miles. It woz kwite loverly and we woz pleasantly surprised. We did not think the hike would be as nice as it woz. I show you.

Furst we started by the Cooper gristmill where they grinded up wheat, corn and udder grains in the 19th century.

Going down those steps rite there bringed us to the trails wot goes along the Black River:

OMD! Wot is a baftub doing in the middle of the woods?

Mom seened an old foundashun of an old howse up the hill so it must has belonged in that howse a long time ago. The baftub woz only big enuff for half a peeples. Woz peeples tiny back then? I is surprised that baftub has not been snatched up coz I think it do be an anteek wot could be werf some kibble all cleaned up.

So I is telling you, it woz HAWT out today! We did not even knows how hawt until we had to hike just a little way thru full sunbeams.

I sayed to mom to hurry up and get back unner the trees where there be air condishunning:

See, it like a jungle in here...

And the trees is not letting the hawt sunbeams thru... (This would be purrfect for your mom, Lucy!)

We wented thru a tunnel. I woz not skeered.

Then we sat down by the river in the cool breezes and had our snacks. No worries, I woz not nomming on mom's Clif bar. It has apricawts in it, BLECH! I woz hasing my Zuke's treats from my furrend Boris.

Mom nabbed me to show the litters wot we founded afore I could make it to my bed. So I had to snooze by the litters.

Mom, you call this litters? Somebody dropped they nikoteen gums by axident and there be a ribbon and part of a candy wrapper. This not be werth my time so how about I rolls over on it and you gibs me a belleh rub?

And now for the Shawnee Cam!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Sis Dixie

Dixie done gibbed us kwite a skare but now that we know she be OK, I will tells you about it. We is starting to think Dixie is part kitteh and has nine lives coz she has cheated death four whole times now!

(1) Back in April of 2000, afore I woz around, mom woz at the city pound wif her car door open in the pawking lot. Some peeples had taken Dixie out of the pound to see her, Dixie yanked the leash out of they hands and ranned away, right into mom's car. The mean animal control officer commed over and sayed if'n those peeples did not take Dixie, he woz making her ded! Mom told Dixie not to worry, she woz coming home wif her and mom would foster her and find her a furever home.

(2) So mom taked Dixie to the V-E-T rite away. The V-E-T put his lissening thingie on Dixie's chest and sayed mom should take her strate to a cardiologist that there be a big problem wif Dixie's heart. Dixie had Patent Ductus Arteriosus and had to has an operashun or she would be ded in one month.

(3) Dixie had the operashun but the V-E-T sayed it only fixed the problem part of the way, not all of the way, and Dixie would live half a lifetime. So mom keeped Dixie coz nobody wanted to adopt her when mom tolded them she would not has a whole live. Well, now it be 10 years later and Dixie is turning 11 years old, we think in June. She has alreddy lived more than half a life.

(4) So a cuppul of weeks ago, mom thought Dixie had a icky tickie on hers face but when she did further examinashuns, she seened it was a HUGE tumor! It woz unner the furs atween where mom's fingers is and it popped up all of a suddens. Mom alreddy knowed it woz cancers.

So mom called a V-E-T wot she knows at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital to ask wot to do. See, the problem is Dixie's heart. We did not knows if'n she could even has anesthesias to do surgeries coz of hers heart prawblem. The V-E-T sayed she would look at Dixie and make all the arrangements to does consultashuns with the specialists at the same time coz they all be rite there at that hospital. It is a rilly big place with something like sebenty V-E-T-S - skeery!

So mom taked Dixie in rite away. The V-E-T putted a needle in the tumor and pulled out fluids. (Dixie did not even feels it - amazing!) The V-E-T showed it to the oncologist V-E-T and he sayed yup, that be cancers but wifout taking the tumor off and doing biopsies, we would not knows wot kind of cancers. Could be good, curable cancers, could be bad cancers wot makes you ded. The V-E-T woz worried that it mite be hard to take the tumor off coz it woz so close to Dixie's ear so she taked Dixie over to the surgeon V-E-T who sayed no prawblem, he could do it. Mom woz happy coz she knows this surgeon V-E-T and he be very good. In fact, he did my butt lift. (I had a hooded vulva wot kept gibbing me infekshuns so I had to has a nip and tuck on my bootie and the surgeon did a mahvelous job! Plus he had donned some miracle surgeries on foster dogs for mom over the years.) So then they x-rayed Dixie's chest to be sure there woz no cancers in her lungs and that looked all clear. So on to the cardiologist to see if'n Dixie could even has surgery. They did this echocardiogram and it woz a miracle! They sayed even tho Dixie's heart be way bigger than it supposed to be, it be in better shape than it woz 5 years ago wif her last echo coz she had hiked for a few years and that maded hers heart stronger! She woz good to go for surgery. So last week, Dixie wented unner the knife.

The surgeon V-E-T taked the tumor off

and the V-E-T wot is a dentist cleaned Dixie's teefs. Check out these pearly whites wot she has now!

Dixie had to has some surgeries on hers gums coz the tartar woz unner hers gums so her mouf be good as new now. And she did not has to has any teefs pulled, they woz all in good shape.

Dixie also had this wart thingie on her eye wot has been there a long time (I has one too) wot the surgeon taked off while she woz knocked out for surgeries. This is before:

This is after:

The surgeon did a wonnerful job!

Dixie camed home for recooperashuns on mom's bed.

Dixie healed up rilly nicely and is back to hers old self. The surgeon called today wif the good news. The biopsy commed back and the cancer woz the good kind of basal cell cancers, it be all removed and Dixie be cured! She be good as new now and we hopes she will be wif us for a long, long time more.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Harriman State Park, NY/Kakiak County Park, NY

We hiked 13.5 miles at Harriman State Park in Noo York today but we parked in Kakiat County Park and walked through that park furst over their kewl little bridge.

Of course we had the usual seenik overlooks

This overlook be icky tho coz there is lots of elektrisity stuff in it:

And I had to engage the doggy four paw drive to get up some of these rawks:

The bugs woz kwite annoying and I woz hasing to thwock at them wif my paws:

Mom catched me nomming on something and I had to spit it out coz she tolded me to DROP IT. We dussn't know wot it is. Mebbe a snake skin. Shore woz nommy tho. But mom made me leave it there. Meanie.

And did you notice I does not has my backpack on? Mom warshed it and forgotted to put it back in the car. My nifty pop-up bowl for waters is in the pawket so I did not has that either and had to drink out of a plastic bag. I could has suffocated in there!

Then we ranned into this man wot is called a trail maintainer. He volunteers to build and maintain the trails so that we can hike on them. Trails don't be happening all by themselves - peeples volunteer to adopt a sekshun to keep it clear for hiking. And this volunteer man gibbed the best butt skritches:

So we rilly appreshiate that these peeples werk on the trails to we can hike on them. We does our share by being memmers of the NY/NJ Trail Conference and paying memmership doos to support them and by picking up the litters when we hike. If'n we don't pick up the litters then the trail maintainers has to and it be that much less they has to do coz they alreddy does lots. So here is the litters we nabbed today: (I put Sydney and Dixie on litter dooty when I gotted home - I think it only fair so I can go nap.)

We has been seeing lots of pritty flowahs on the trails now. The furst one is mountain laurel. I dunno wot the udders is called but if'n you knows, let me know so I know when I see them again.

And now, wot you has all been waiting for.... Ta da ta da ta da.... The Shawnee Cam! Keep in mind it woz hawt and I woz hazing to drink out of that plastic bag so you will get a "never before seen" unnerside view on my tung, complete wif foamy slobbers at times.

Here bees a good slimy foamy one:

Now for this seenik overlook, tilt you hed to the rite. A little more. A little more. 'K, now the pikshur should be strate:

Here is an akshun shot of mom's legs:

And here is the whole mom rilly teeny tiny:

And some pikshurs of the trails and trees and stuffs: