Sunday, August 29, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #3: MY FAVORITE TOY

It do be that time of week again fur Cokie's Anipal Photo Hunt!  Yay! I look forward to pawticipating efurry Sunday coz it do be so much funs.

This week's theme to be our fave toy.  Although I is not rilly picky about my toys, I do prefer the ones wot rilly talks like wot they is.  They is called Multipet Look Who's Talking toys and they rawk!  They is not just the same old squeakie squeakie toys but they make fur real animal sounds.  So out of all of them (and I has just about all of them) I think my most fave be the monkey.  I make him make monkey sounds over and over again until it drives mom crazy, BOL!
I do be napping wif my paws rapped around my monkey toy.
To fully appreshiate the wonnerful sounds my monkey makes, I gibs you a brief demonstrashun.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bash Bish Falls State Park, MA and Taconic State Park, NY

We hiked in TWO parks in TWO states today fur 9.8 miles.  The parks is next to each udder so we hiked back and forth atween them.  Furst, since I woz in Massachoosits, I gibbed a big shoutout to my furrend Pandora wot lives there!  

We hiked to Bash Bish Falls and even tho we has had a drowt and the creeks be dried up, they saved us some waterfalls.  This place gits rilly bizzy coz it is close to the pawking lot so we wanted to see the water falls afore udder peeples gotted there.

And as we hiked on over to Noo York, we gotted close enuff to Bash Bish Brook that I could go in and get my furs wet.

We had some nice seenik overlooks of the valley with farms and the Catskill mountains far away.

I think where the arrow be pointing do be where we hiked atop Slide Mountain in the Catskills afore.

We commed across this marker wot sayed we woz on the Massachoosits state line again.  The marker woz maded in 1898 it sayed on there.

Then, darnit, mom catched me nomming on something and yelled DROP IT rilly lowd.  I had founded cold cuts and can you believe I had to spit them out and mom would not let me has them?  Dussn't they look delish?

So at the end of the hike when we camed back to the Bash Bish Falls where our car woz pawked, OMD, look at all the peeples wot is there now!  The park pawlice woz hasing to direct traffics.
And this woz just the peeples down at the falls.  There woz lots more on the trail to the falls and on the viewing platform.  And there woz noggty peeples and dogs there.  Some dogs woz woofing and wanted to put the bitey on me.  Their peeples did nuttin about it so I just snubbed those dogs and pretended like they not be there.  Then a noggty childrun runned at me waving a stick like he woz going to hit me in the hed.  Hims mom gotted him rite afore my mom woz going to tackle him.  My mom woz not amoosed and gibbed his mom a durty look.  I would not has hurted the childrun but peeples wonner why us dogs put the bitey on them when they duss that?  I say leave bratty dogs and bratty childruns at home!

So on the way home mom stopped by this farm market and buyed organic froots and veggies.
You see that sign wot my pink arrow be pointing at?  You cannot see it coz the udder sign is in front of it but that sign do say
Organic fruit, vegetables and chicken for Shawnee.
Rilly, it did.  Do you think mom buyed me any organic chickun?  No.  Just this icky stuff:

Sydney, of course did the big mooch face and gotted some carrot.  Blech.
And to think I woz so close to hasing those cold cuts.  I must work on stealth nomming so mom duss not sees my mouf move.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Carnivore, Herbivore or Omnivore?

When I think bout wot I like to nom, the following comes to mind...
Chickun, Beefs, Zuke's Berry Cookies...
You say wot, Zuke's Berry Cookies?  Trust me, there be no berries in there, it is just to make the hoomans think they be good fur you coz those cookies do be my faves.  I would never eat froots. Anyways, I fancy myself a carnivore as duss Dixie and we say BLECH to froots and veggies.  Mom can has them seeing as she be a herbivore and say BLECH to meats.  I dussn't get it but I say to each hims own.

Then we has my sis Sydney wot be an omnivore - she goes bof ways.  The udder nite mom told Sydney to come inside.  Sydney furst ducked down and picked up somefing in her mouf.  Mom had to bring her inside to see better in the light afore applying confiskashun tactics.  (Sydney can has a case of the lockjaw when she brings contraband inside.) Sydney commed inside and this do be wot woz in her mouf:
"Is there a prawblem?"
"It do be all mine.  No tutching my pear."
Over the years Sydney has nommed up apples wot ends up in the yard.  She will say GRRRRR if'n me or Dixie get too close while she is nomming apples so we stay far, far away from her.  (Like we be wanting her stinkin' apple?)  Sydney only threatens to put the bitey on us over froots, not udder noms - furry strange. We has no apple tree and the neybors has no apple trees so we think the skwerrels drop them in our yard while they is sitting on the fence nomming them.  But this is the furst time we seened a pear.  Wonner where that commed from?

So mom letted Sydney has her pear coz she knows how much she lubs froots and seeing it woz not a rodent, no harm done.  A few minits later Sydney commed into the udder room to watch televishun wif us.  Mom thought Sydney had sekond thoughts about the pear and went to get it afore it was forgotten about and gotted rotten in the howse. This do be wot mom founded.

Then Sydney did has to pose wif wot woz lefted of her pear.  She do be a silly gurl.
"I eated it all and it woz NOMMY!"
"Got fruit?" Ad Campaign

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Appalachian Trail to Crater Lake, Delaware Water Gap, NJ

So today we hiked on the Appalachian Trail to Crater Lake for 12 miles.  There wassn't so many seenik views this time coz the trees woz blocking them.  I think in the winter times when the trees is nekkid we could has seened more.

And most of the views that there woz, woz made icky by the powah towahs.

They duss, howeffur, come in furry handy fur reading p-mail.
Rememmer that forest fire we seened the last time we hiked on the Appalachian Trail a cuppull of weeks ago?  The fire is all out but now they has signs all over in the woods about not making fires.  And about bears, but we did not see any bears, just bear poo.

And I wuss able to spy on some boy scouts at they camp down below.  This be me spying:

And this be wot I seened:

We seened a beeber howse in a pond:
This do be wot a beeber howse looks like on the insides.  I think they has a furry kewl hidey spot:
And then we seened a trail log on the Applachian Trail.  It do be a book fur hikers to write in:
I did gib it a kwik read afore mom putted it back in the plastic bag in the box:
Two Appalachian Trail thru-hikers wot started in Jordja signed it!
Finally we gotted to Crater Lake. I woz hawt and needed to kewl off my paws.

We then finded a break spot and satted down fur a snack:
As I was eating cookies, I looked down into the waters and seened a fishie gibbing me the most pawthetic fishie mooch face I has eber seened.
So I spitted out my cookie and, errr, I mean the cookie sorta fallened out of my mouf and into the waters.  Oops.
The next thing you knows, OMD, the fishies is hasing a fambly reunion.  There woz a gabillion childrens, grammas and grampas, in-laws, cuzzins...
And afore you knows it, that cookie woz all gone.  Ummmm, I mean, wot cookie?

So then we headed back.  All of a sudden mom felted eyeballs staring at her.  She turned her hed and seened about a dozen gabillion burds in the grasses.  Most had runned away afore mom gotted the camera turned on so only 3 woz left.
I biggified and googled and finded they do be wild turkey hens.
Mom did not get a pikshur of this coz it happened too fast but I axidentally skeered a big black snake and he taked off ahind me towards mom along side the trail.  Mom heared something in the grasses, looked over and seened something black moving rilly fast just as it turned back on the trail to cross over RIGHT AHIND MOM'S FEETS!!!!!  Mom seened it woz a big black snake and yelled "WHOA!" and did a jump in the air.  I woz BOLing!  But I has to tell you, that snake sure did run fast with no paws.

And lookie wot I seened on the way home.  I post this pikshur speshul fur my pal, Frankie Furter!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

I gotted these AWARDS from Heartbeats, Arwen's Pack, Erin at Freedom to Bark , The Blab Labs, The (mis)Adventures of Sage, Pumpkinpuddy and one of my udder pals and fur the lives of me I cannot rememmer who - I is so sorry!
  1. Thank the blogger who gave it to you: THANK YOU!!!!
  2. Tell 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think are fantastic.
I has alreddy tolded lots of stuff about me on my bloggie so hows about I tells you some stuffs on my sisfurs too? (Whahahahaha!)

1) When Dixie pukes, she always horks up ahind the door where the hinges is. This is how mom knows Dixie dun it. (The illustrashun below do be fotochopped for demonstrashunal purposes only coz there be no real Dixie puke rite now.)

2) When mom is eating chips, Sydney does not sit there gibbing her the mooch face. Sydney stares at the floor coz if'n mom drops a crumb, Sydney thinks it be more effishunt to be looking where it be landing and nom it up rite away.

3) Sydney loves being outside but rools is Sydney MUST come inside when mom is not home and at night. So in the night times when Sydney duss not want to come inside, mom shines a flashlite out in the yard and says to Sydney "Follow the light... Follow the light..." and she duss it. (This do be a fotochopped reenaktment coz our camera duss not take good pikshurs in the dark night.)

4) When we has to go outside, we all runs out at the same time. But we come inside one at a time thusly: (It do be a fine art wot we has perfekted - it do be all in the timing.) One of us duss the smoosh paw on the door winder, mom gets up, lets that one inside, sits back down and does hers werks. Two minits later anudder one of us duss the skratch paw on the door winder, mom gets up, opens door, closes door, sits down, finds where she lefted off on wot she woz werking on. Anudder two minits later the thurd one WOOFs at the door, mom say noggty werds, gets up, opens door, closes door, sits down, tries to figger out wot she woz werking on. Then we all want out again and it starts all over again, BOL! It do be funs and the bonus is it be keeping mom in shape.

5) Dixie duss think she be boss of mom's bed. Effury nite for the past 10 years wot Dixie has lived here mom has to tell her to move when mom wants to get in hers bed for sleeps. Dixie duss move but she still be holding out fur the day when mom gibs in and sleeps at the foot of the bed, like there be a fat chance that will effur happen!

6) Shhhhh. You can no tell my mom this but the boy sneaks us cookies all the time when mom not be looking.

7) Our tans do be natural from real sunbeams, not from a bottle.

OK, so now I is supposed to pass on the passer-on thingie but coz I gotted the award 7 times, that means I would has to pass it on to just about all of my followers, according to my calculashuns, so I gibs it to efurryone!