Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #7: Hey! That's Not Me!

Fur Cokie's Photo Hunt this week's theme be posting a pikshur of wot looks like me but is not me.  And let me tells you, mom had to rilly do some hunting fur these pikshures.  She woz up in the attic clanging and banging and rooting and finally she founded wot she woz after.  Then our scanner broked and the noo one commed today.  Then our innerwebs wented down and we had to do this all on dial up.  OUCH!  (So if'n I is slow on reading your bloggies that be why - getting super duper high speed cable connekshun on Furiday!  We say POO on noggty DSL.)  So anyways...

Not me...
"Tommy" with mom's great gramma in Germany mebbe in the 1950's
 Not me...
"Anka" mom's uncle's dog in Germany in 1972
"Shawnee" in the USA in 2010

So as you can see, I is descended from a long line a real Germany German shepherds, by adopshun, wot looks like me but is not!  Akshually, I look nuttin like the American German shepherds wot has longer hair and is much more black, but I look a whole lot like the Germany German shepherds so mebbe I is kin and I woz destined to meet up with my mom over on this side of the big pond?

Pee Ess - I dunno how they commed by Tommy long time ago, but I duss know that mom's uncle reskood Anka from a mad scientist laboratory where they woz doing experimentashuns on her!  Mom growed up visiting Anka coz they all lived with mom's grandpawrents. Anka woz the most pawsomest German shepherd akkording to mom, well, udder than me, of course.  Anka lived to be furry old and wented to the bridge in hers sleep one nite.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hunter Mountain, Catskill Forest Preserve, NY

We finded fall! We duss not has fall colors at our howse yet so we drived to the Catskill Mountains in Noo York where they duss has fall colors alreddy in the higher elevashuns. We hiked 11 miles and climbed the second highest mountain in the Catskills, Hunter Mountain, wot is 4,040 feets high!

Furst we woz treated to a beeootiful sunrise when we lefted our howse:

Then we could see the Catskill Mountains where we woz going: (as you can see, there duss not be fall colors here)

Then we gotted there and started climbing high up the mountain:

We founded a break spot fur horsies with a hitching post and barrel of waters but no horsies:

Then we commed to a place where peeples ski - that be sliding down the side of the mountain in the snows but there be no snows yet.  When the peeples has to come back to the top to slide down again, they get brunged up in these chair bringer upper thingies.  I knows, furry strange.  You would neffur in a gabillion years get me in one of those.

This is supposed to be some brandie noo supah fast ski chair bringer upper thingie wot they put in with hellicoptahs a cuppull of weeks ago and it costed 14 million kibbles!

All that ski stuff kind of ugglied the pretty seeniks so we moved on back to natures.

Then we commed to a fire towah. If'n you rememmer wot happened the last time, mom tied me to the bottom, wented up to the 2nd level, gotted skeered and commed back down. So this is wot happened on this hike:

Fortoonately mom maded it to the thurd level this time afore her knees started buckling and she snagged some grate shots from up over the trees. The fire towah is the tippy top of Hunter Mountain so we woz at 4,040 feets high.

Then we commed to a furry kewl break spot with seenik views:

We seened lots of fall flowahs, too:

On our way down the mountain we seened waterfalls:

And I meeted a noo furrend:

Then on the way home we seened this sign and you just knows wheneffur we see this sign mom has to stop and get veggies (BLECH!)

I got to go to the fields with mom while the farm man picked her veggies fresh off of the plants. When mom putted me back in the car, the farm man letted his dog outside. He could not come outside while I woz there coz the man sayed he not be a team player. But he woz crazy gibbing mom all kinds of kissies when he commed outside. I could see it through the car winder. I think he liked mom coz when we woz leaving, he looked at mom like "Where is you going???" Hey, that be my mom, paws off!

So here do be the veggies the farm man pick fur my mom:

And I leave you with this pikshure of the Catskill mountains in the fall:

Sunday, September 19, 2010


So fur this week the Anipal Photo Hunt do be about less adoptabull pets challenge and I knows all about that coz I was an adopshun reject as woz my sisses Dixie and Sydney and all three of our kittehs.  Mom says she would never keep an anipal wot would has an easy time getting a home, she is all about keeping us rejekshuns, and we is happy she duss that!
So we would like to feature a kitteh wot is up for adopshun with my furry own rescue group, Companion Critters, Inc.  Allow me to introdoose Harley!
Harley is the most pawsome kitteh wif the most incredibull purrsonality.  He woz being stalked by mean kittehs in a park and jumped rite into the arms of the daughter of one of our volunteers.  The daughter broughted Harley home and the fambly is fostering him in the basement coz their dad be allergics.  So, you ask, if'n Harley be so pawsome, why has he not been adopted?  
  • Strike one:  Harley be a black kitteh and they is furry hard to place.  Fur some reason not many peeples want black dogs or black kittehs.  We say black be beautifuls.  
  • Strike two:  Harley has FIV cooties.  That means he has to live with anudder FIV kitteh or be an only kitteh.  He could live many years afore he gets sickie and dies.  These cooties is not contagious to hoomans or dogs, only udder kittehs.
Harley do be purrfectly fine rite now and he be just a yungun.  He woz 6 months old when he woz founded and in the 4 months since then we has not had one single applicashun for adopting him.  Somebody is missing out an hasing themselves a wonnerful buddy and that do be furry sad.

The official Be the Change for Pets Challenge blog hop:

Cliff Park and McDade Recreational Trail, Delaware Water Gap, PA

So yesterday we wented to Pencilvania to hike coz we has not been there in a while and wanted to check out some trails just on the udder side of the Delaware River from where we hike lots on the Noo Joisey side.  There woz so much stuffs to see on this hike that mom filled up her memories card on the camera for the furst time evah with 1200 pikshures!  She is way out of control.  No worries, I won't show you all 1200 of them, just the most impawtant ones.
So at the beginning of this hike, we had wanted to go to Hackers Falls wot be waterfalls but mom seened online where dogs is not allowed at the waterfalls but wot it said woz vague:
Pets are not permitted at the following sites:
• the trails at Raymondskill Falls PA, Dingmans Falls PA or Hackers Falls PA
So wot we woz wonnering is did that mean the whole trail wot is called Hackers Trail or just the waterfalls part off of that trail?  Mom emailed the National Park Service and they did email back the furry next day:
The regulation prohibiting pets at Hackers Falls states, "The trail into
Hackers Falls, from the parking lot to the falls is closed to pets."
OK, so we knowed not to go on the Hackers Trail at all and planned accordingly.  Howefur, once we gotted there, we seened no signs at all saying dogs woz not allowed on that trail.  We did see "NO DOGS ALLOWED" signs for the Raymondskill Falls wot woz in the opposite direkshun so we did not go there.

Duss you see where it say "NO DOGS ALLOWED" fur the Hackers Trail?
So we wented on the Hackers Trail.  We would not has donned that if'n there woz a sign wot sayed so but based on the pee-mail I founded, nobody else knows dogs is not allowed.  The falls woz kwite pritty.
So then we headed to the pond but had to pass a kreepy old barn and trailer with the winders busted out. I stayed close to mom fur her protekshun coz it do be furry kreepy.
I gotted mom thru that safely and then we camed to the pond.
The water woz icky muddy so mom did not let me go in.  But we did see an egret there.  He was keeping hims paws out of the icky water too.
And then we seened a golf course just like Khyra has!
And we snagged a shot of some early fall leaf colors fur Pumpkinpuddy's mom coz she asked us speshul to capshure some fur her.  There be more coming when the leaves gib up more colors later!
OK, so then on to the eggsiting part, the CLIFFS!  Yes, we woz up high on the cliffs and could see the Delaware River below us.  Now mom seened this on the National Park Service web site and this happened somewhere along these furry same cliffs:
Wot duss you think?  Be I in the same spot almost a hunnerd years later?
We knows this not be the spot coz it be on a different side but we could peek down into Milford, PA, a historic town.
Then we founded this carved into a tree and we hope she sayed no coz carving up a tree like that is so not kewl!
So then we wented on a trail in the valley at the bottom of the cliffs and we could look up high and see the cliffs where we woz afore.
Then look wot we seened coming our way - HUNTERS - with BIG GUNS!  We did not knows it woz hunting season in Pencilvania yet.  Thank goodness mom and I always wear no-huntin-me orange just in case coz we cannot keep up with the different hunting seasons in different states.
Mom seened anudder hiker later with no-huntin-me orange on and asked him and he sayed he do believe it be crow hunting season rite now.  CROW HUNTING?  Fur wot?  Crow stew?  Crow kabobs?  Fried Crow?  Rilly, even to me that be just plain gross.  Blech.  I is happy to repawt that even tho we did see TWO groups of hunters, we never heared any gun fires and we did find a gabillion crows hiding (I refoose to gib up their hidey spot so I is not telling where it is) so no crows woz harmed during our hike.

So we commed to unner the bridge wot we had drived over to get to the hike.  There woz a nice grassy place that woz comfy on my belleh so we stopped there fur a break and watched the kanoos and kayaks go by.
When we woz done with our break and moved on, we seened this sign wot woz not on the side where we had commed from so we did not knows.  Oops.
Oh well, it woz a nice break spot and we did not hurt it any.

Then the trail wented into the woods where we woz hiking along the river.  It woz furry kewl.
Then we runned smack into Ranger Casey (it say he be Ranger Casey on hims uniform shurt) and he woz werking on the trail.  Turns out he builded this part of the trail and the grand opening is next Saturday coz it be a brandie new trail.  He wanted to know how we liked it and and mom tolded him we loved, Loved, LOVED it!  He did a grate job on the trail and we is thankful he maded it fur us to hike on.  And it woz totally kewl that we be on it hiking afore the grand opening.
Ranger Casey sayed he builded this trail speshull to has pritty seeniks and I show you some of them from his trail:
So, 16.5 miles and 9 hours later, we woz back at the car and done with our hike.  Long nap in my future.