Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stonetown Circular Hike, NJ

So today we hiked the Stonetown Circular Trail wot is a 10 mile trail in a loop.  It do be the hardest hike in Noo Joisey coz it goes up and down FOUR mountains!  We sure is tired after this hike!  We almost did not finish it coz I woz limping with my front leg early on.  Mom gibbed it a massage then it woz better and I woz able to do the whole hike.  Now I is not limping at all.  Mebbe I just sleeped on if funny last night.
So as we woz climbing up the furst mountain, Windbeam Mountain, I founded this thingie wot looked like a knob off a stove.  Wot woz that doing up here?
A little farther up the mountain we seened lots of burnted up trees...
So mom figgered there must has been a fire and that woz a part from fire ekwipment wot a fire fighter must has dropped.  When we gotted home mom googled it and sure enuff, just two months ago in August there woz a fire on Windbeam Mountain and we had not heard of that one.  So mom mite call them in the morning to see if'n they want their knob back and the postal man can bring it to them.

So here is wot it looked like at the pritty part from Windbeam Mountain where there be no fires.
And we also capshured some sunbeams:
I rested in a bed of leaves coz almost all of the leaves be fallened down alreddy.  Mom is glad we dussn't has to rake these up.  They can stay on the forest floor furever:
And here be some pritty forest I hiked thru:
We had to climb down these Tory Rocks.  In the olden days during the Revolushonary War the Tory soldiers did hide in these rawks:
And we seened some not so pritty things.  I wonner how these beatened up crashed cars gotted in the middull of the woods?
OK, some more pritties to get the uglies out of our branes:
And then at the end of the hike as we woz walking on a road back to our car, we seened a haunted howse, you know, with it being Howloween today and all...
Driving home we seened a gabillion ghosts and goblins walking along the roads.  It woz skeery.  I did stay down low in the back seat of the car all the way home.

And thank you all fur your kind werds about the mean commenty I gotted yesterday.  I do ♥ LUB ♥ all of my bloggie furrends - you guys is the bestest!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Leaf Clean-Up and Blog Hop

We only has one tree in our back yard but there be lots of trees in the naybors' yards and we seem to get all of their leaves too.  Prawblem is, it covers up our poo so mom cannot see it to scoop it up, then we step in it with our paws (well, I step in it with my paws, Dixie and Sydney neffur seem to do that, only me) and then bring it in the howse and make a big old mess wot duss not make mom happy at all.
So today do be leaf day.  I snoopervised...
...and played some fetch with Mr. Monkey wot is not allowed outside but I sneaked him out...
Sydney founded herself a sweet gum ball wot always falls off the naybors tree into our yard and makes mom crazee coz there be a gabillion of them and they clog up the leaf sucker upper so mom has to rake.  Fur woteffur reason, Sydney likes to nom them. Dixie duss too but not me.
Dixie always sneaks them inside in her mouf and mom finds them all over her bed, BOL.

So on to the blog hop.  But I has one thing I want to say to the hoomans furst.  A hooman done lefted a mean commenty on my bloggie coz they not like my bloggie coz of my dog speak.  Well that be fine, to each hims own, but you dussn't has to be mean about it.  If'n you has nuttin nice to say, then don't say nuttin and all.  And don't let the doggie door hit you in the behind on your way out.  Fur effuryone else hop along if'n you want...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Virginia Vacation Day 5: Shenandoah National Park, VA - Mary's Rock

So this do be our lastest day of vakashun in Furginia.  When mom woz loading up the car in the wee hours of the morning, we did see this furry bootiful sunrise.
The wevver peeples woz saying on the radio it woz going to rain so we woz not sure if'n we would do this last hike or not but seeing these skies, hike on!

When we gotted to where we woz hiking, it woz more cloudy, furry windy, hoomid and warm.  We woz hiking on the Appalachian Trail to Mary's Rock.

I woz not wearing my backpack coz, well, mom loaded our stuffs into the car rite atop of it and we did not want to start digging to find it.  It be OK tho coz I did not need to has any no-huntin-me orange on - hunting do be furry much forbidden in Shenandoh-ha National Park.  All the animals be safe there.
There woz lots of seeniks along the Appalachian Trail on the way.
We could see Mary's Rock while we woz hiking over there where the arrow be pointing:
And we passed a shelter where the peeples wot hikes the Appalachian Trail all the way to Maine sleeps in.  But they is not there now coz it be too late in the season and Maine do be closed fur the winter now.  At least the part the hikers need to get to at the end of the Appalachian Trail.
And then, ta da, here we be at Mary's Rock:
On the way back I founded a nice little break spot with a view:
You is not, no way, going to beleef this.  We gotted back to the car.  I had a drink of waters in the back seat.  Mom changed her shoos.  The minit she sat in her seat in the car and closed the door, rain drops hitted on the windshield!  As we pulled out of the pawking lot, it woz POURING rains!  How lucky woz we that we finished just afore the clouds let the rain out? 

We did a little detour on the way home thru Merryland.  Gramma had sented mom this linkie about organic chickun eggs.  They has always sayed that you should buy organic eggs coz the chickuns be treated better than mass produced eggs in factory farms.  Turns out that is not true!  We pays lots of monies fur organic eggs thinking the chickuns has better lives and they rilly duss not. So this linkie tells you where you can get organic eggs from chickuns wot rilly runs around outside and there woz a farm like that just a little out of our way going back home to Noo Joisey.  We gotted organic eggs fresh out of the chickun's you-know-wot.  You cannot buy them in the store like that. (The boy had some fur dinner when we gotted home and sayed he has neffur has such tasty eggs afore.) So anyways, rite close to where the chickun egg farm woz we seened some rilly pretty fall foliage and wanted to show you the pikshure:
So that woz the end of our wonnerful hiking vakashun in Furginia.  Here do be the tally of wot we hiked:

Day 1 -   7.50 miles
Day 2 - 11.50 miles
Day 3 -   8.00 miles
Day 4 -   8.90 miles
Day 5 -   7.25 miles

That do be 43.15 miles wot I hiked in 5 days.  Whew!  You will be able to find me sleeping in my hidey spot fur the rest of the week.  Well, after I go catch up on reading the bloggies wot I missed while I woz away.

Virginia Vacation Day 4: Shenandoah River State Park, VA

So on Sunday we hiked the park where we woz staying in the cabin and it do be offishully called Raymond R. "Andy" Guest, Jr. Shenandoah River State Park but that do be kwite a muzzleful so we just be calling it Shenandoh-ha River State Park fur short.  So you has prolly alreddy seened our wonnerful cabin but if'n not, the pikshures do be here.
So the hiking trails started rite outside our cabin - how kewl is that?  We did not has to go in the car at all.  Fur all you dogs wot goes hiking on these trail, this be where I lefted impawtant pee-mail fur you.
So this trail do be taking us down to the Shenandoh-ha River where we can get to udder hiking trails.
There be lots of burd houses.
And a burd condominium.
Here do be the river.
On to more trails...
We seened some pritty fall flowahs and foliage on the trails.
We hiked all up through the mountains and commed back down to the river.  We wented by Yoda's cabin again and taked a break at his piknik nomming table.
Here we is heading back to our cabin wot is strate up the trail.
Mom and I sat on the porch.  Mom falled asleep in the rawking chair and I napped on the deck.
Then we woked up coz we felted eyes on us.
OMD, it do be a stick wot walks!
Mom sayed she had not seened one of those since she woz a little gurl. 

There is also a seenik overlook in the park that you can hike to but we drived there in the car coz we needed to rest our legs from all the hiking.  It be called Culler's Overlook.
We did not even has enuff time to hike the whole park but that be OK.  Mom will just has to bring me back again anudder time!

Our lastest day of vakashun coming up...