Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Marley's Kwestshuns Game

So my furrend Marley over in Inglund asked me to play this game where I has to answer 5 kwestshuns Marley be asking then make up 5 diffrent kwestshuns to ask 5 of my furrends. So here be the kwestshuns Marley asked me:

1) Wot is the favorite fing wot your pawsons and hoomans duz for you?
My most favoritest thing do be when mom gibs me belleh rubs. Only mom be pawmitted to rub my belleh coz I duss not be exposing my belleh like that for nobody else. So nobody else will ever see my belleh.

2) Iz time for noms, wot you eatin?

I do be eatin the Wellness fuds with CHICKUN! There do not be any froots (BLECH!) or veggies (BLECH!) in there, rite???
Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Oatmeal, Ground Barley, Ground Brown Rice, Tomato Pomace, Rye Flour, Canola Oil, Tomatoes, Rice Bran, Deboned Whitefish, Natural Chicken Flavor, Carrots, Spinach, Sweet Potatoes, Apples, Blueberries, Ground Flaxseed, Ground Millet...

3) Duz you ave an embarassin abits?

I toot sometimes and they be silent but dedly so efurryone thinks mom did it BOL.

4) Wot is your favourite animal fillum?
That do be Hotel For Dogs coz they gotted lots of animals out of the shelter to make the moovie then founded them furever homes. The moovie woz very funnee too and made me BOL!

5) If you comin to a pawty at my ouse, wot you bringin wiv you?
I be thinking there be hooman chaperones wot will be needing snockering up so we can has a wild pawty so fur them I be bringing some Merlot Over and Play Dead from Mutt Lynch Winery.

OK, so here be my 5 kwestshuns for Busy, Busy Buttons, Yoda the Dog, Boris Kitty, Pandafur and Lou, Mama's Boy: (If'n anyone else would like to play along and answer them, pawleze do! I just be following the rools by picking only 5.)

  1. Wot be you fave toy or stuffie?
  2. Wot is the one thing you would most like to change about the werld?
  3. If'n you could has one super powah, wot would it be?
  4. Wot is you most skeered of?
  5. Wot does you see in the pikshur below?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, KY, TN, VA and Wilderness Road State Park, VA

Furriday, Joon 25 woz our lastest day of vakashun in Furginia and we wanted to go to Cumberland National Historical Park wot woz 3 hours away. It woz a long drive in the car fur a day hike but we gotted to hike in 3 states all at one time - Furginia, Kentuckee and Tennesseessee - and rilly, we woz so close how could we not drive a little farther? Our hike there woz 9 miles. Where we started the hike woz in Tennesseessee where I had to gib a woofout to my furrend Johann and hims sisfur Gracie:

Mom thinks her kin on her daddy's side taked the fambly from Halifax, VA where they settled in the 1700's on the Wilderness Road wot goes thru Cumberland Gap to Tazewell, TN where they lived for a while in 1825. That be the only road back then so we prolly hiked in they footsteps. So come wif us and we show you.

So mom's kin must has commed in on the Wilderness Road

Then they would has hanged a left at the Tennesseessee Road...

...on they way to Tazewell, TN wot is only 12 miles away.

They would has passed by the iron furnace wot woz already here in 1820 so 5 years afore they passed by. We wonner if they stopped to look at it like we did. Mebbe?

So after that fambly trip we wented through the Gap

Oh, check this out! The Shawnee Injuns and Cherokee Injuns commed togedder rite here to put the bitey on each udder. I swear, it woz afore my time and I had nuttin to do wif it!

We then headed on to Tri-State Peaks where I thought I standed in three states all at one time but when we camed home we realized we did not go far enuff. It is wot the sign sayed and then we camed to this thingie wot we thought woz it but it woz not:

So ruffly this is where the 3 states come togedder:

But we should has kept going a bit to the real junkshun. Bummer, we woz so close and did not knows it. But we still hiked in all 3 states.

So then we wented on to Fort McCook. It woz very foggy and we woz in the clowds so the pikshurs is not very good.

Then we headed into the woods up the mountain to The Pinnacle wot is a seenik overlook wot peeples can drive they cars up to. But we hiked and it woz hawt and steep!

Then we wented on the Ridge Trail where mom signed a register in the middle of the woods. It asked how many woz hiking and mom writed "1 + 1 dog" - that would be ME!

There woz a seenik overlook wot only hikers can get to. We think it woz a better seenik view and it woz like we could reach up and tutch the clowds they woz hanging so low.

On the Ridge Trail, my left side woz hiking in Kentuckee at the same time my rite side woz hiking in Furginia!

Then we commed to a kewl cave called Skylight Cave wot you can go inside of but mom woz kreeped out and would not let us go inside. Bummer.

We also walked thru the town of Cumberland Gap, TN and mom woz wonnering why the mens werking on cutting down weeds woz wearing black and white zebra pants. Duh, mom, they woz prisoners wot had to werk. No free ride in jail for them!

We seened this lizard in the road and mom taked hims pikshure afore she shoo'd him off so he would not get skwished by a car.

We then gotted back to our car and drived to Wilderness Road State Park wot is where mom's kin would has walked through back in 1825.

We hiked the Indian Ridge Trail:

I barely maded it around the 1 mile loop coz I started limping again so we had go leave and head back on the 3 hour drive to our cabin.

No worries tho coz now that we is back home and I has rested I is not limping any mores and I is running around with my sisfurs. I missed them lots but I shore did has eggsiting advenshures on my trip.

And most impawtantly, a HUGE thank you and woofout to my furrend Yoda and hims mom who werks for VA State Parks for hooking us up with the bestest advenshures in Furginia!

Stone Mountain State Park, Roaring Gap, NC

We woz only about 50 miles from North Crayolina so on Fursday, Joon 24 we headed on down to Stone Mountain State Park. On the way we seened the most beeootiful sunrise over the Furginia farm mountains:

In the Stone Mountain State Park there be warning signs all over wot says to stay on the trail or you could be maded ded!

The rawks is smooth and slickery so if'n you wander off to a steep part you slide rite off the mountain! You has to keep you paws on the orange circles on the rawks thusly:

So we hiked on up the trail...

And reached the summit of Stone Mountain:

Here I is atop Stone Mountain and I gibs a woofout to my furrends The Thundering Herd wot lives over yonder in North Crayolina. (I didded it telepathically coz mom sayed I should not woof out loud.)

There be two mans up at the summit wot lives in the area. They hike to the summit to has they breakfast there afore going back home to does their chores. They woz rilly nice and tolded us it woz a hazy day and that the views be much better on a clear day. The one man taked me and mom's pikshur, too.

And that man does not knows it, but turns out I capshured him on the Shawnee Cam, BOL! I hope it be OK to put the pikshur on the innerwebs wifout asking pawmission but it not be showing hims face so I think that be OK.

This be the litters we collected at the summit. Grrrrr.

The man tolded us the park peeples is always up there cleaning up litter but it keeps coming back. Mom tolded him the park peeples should not has to clean up litters, bad peeples need to stop making litters! If'n you can carry it in full, you can carry it out empty. Does not be a lazy bum and leave you icky garbage ahind to make beeootiful places ugly.

Then we hiked down off the summit:

They even has a hand rail if'n you think you needs it but mom did not.

There woz also lots of steps to help you down. Some of you mite knows I is skeered of steps but that is going up. Going down I bees OK.

Down at the bottom of Stone Mountain we metted an elderly gentleman. I think he sayed he be 78 years old. He hikes all the times. We would run into him 2 more times while hiking and the last time we all satted on a bench and had a break togedder. He woz such a nice man wot tolded us stories from the olden days when he woz a yungun on a farm. I capshured him on the Shawnee Cam too but it be OK coz we did ask him if'n we could take hims pikshur wif me.

The Shawnee Cam version:

So then we commed to the Hutchinson Homestead wot is where a fambly maded they farm in 1850.

This be the son of the peeples wot builded the howse wif hims wife on the front porch:

And here I be 60 years later on they same front porch!

Oh, here do be the hooman litter box wot used to be outside in the olden days. Welcome to my werld.

This is the meadow for the homestead and you can see Stone Mountain rite there wot we woz atop of afore. See how steep and smooth the rawk is? No wonner they say to stay on the orange dots where it be safe! Udderwise we slide down in the meadow like SPLAT!

So then we wented on the Black Jack Ridge Trail where there woz a view:

And on to Wolf Rock wot is a smaller vershun of Stone Mountain and it is rilly out of the way where not many peeples go so we had the whole place to ourselves and taked a rilly long break there.

Mom spreaded out the little blankie wot she carries in her backpack for our breaks and I claimed most of it afore mom had a chance to sit down, BOL!

There woz one lonely little tree wot woz growing out of a rawk. Mom taked lots of pikshurs of it, one wif me unner the tree, but I gotted a shot of it wif the Shawnee Cam, too! (And I must add it is one of my better shots!)

Here is the pic mom taked of me unner the little lonely tree:

I just realized efurryone mite not knows wot the Shawnee Cam is if'n you has not been following my bloggie for a while. Peeples see me wif the Shawnee Cam on when I is hiking and they always ask mom wot I has on my collah. Click here to see wot it is if'n you does not knows.

So then we commed down off of that mountain and headed back to our car. But, there woz one more thing we had to do. We woz down at the bottom of the mountain and our car woz up at the top of anudder mountain. The only way up woz on TWO HUNNERD STEPS along the waterfalls! YIKES!

This be the waterfalls coming down on the smooth rawk:

If'n you rememmer when I had to go up steps by waterfalls at a diffrent hike, it woz kwite a disaster coz I was skeered and did not want to gib my cooperashuns. Mom had to drag all sebenty pounds of me up the steep steps. But I shocked mom this time. I dunno wot commed over me but here I is like going up steps be the most natural thing in the werld:

Mom woz very prowd that I was such a trooper on the steps. They woz really nice, wide, sturdy steps so they woz not skeery at all.

And here be the rest of my Shawnee Cam shots:

That last one be a Shawnee Cam shot of a bench wot we satted on talking to our elderly furrend wot we metted while hiking.

So that be our adventure in North Crayolina. It woz my furst time in that state and it be kwite pawsome!