Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow, Snow, Go Away!

We is getting snowed under!  There be hardly any place left fur us to hike.  The only place we could has hiked this past weekend would has been where we hiked last weekend but mom did not want to drive 2 hours just to do the same hike ofur again.  They only gotted 1 inch of snow.  We gotted 19.6 inches with this last storm.
So we went to Cheesequake State Park wot is only 15 miles from our howse but where there do be deep snows.  Mom thought we hiked 5 miles but when she checked her pawdometer, it be only 2.5 miles.  It do be furry exhausting to hike in deep snows.  In some places the snow do be trampled down by udders but in some places not and mom would sink in snow up to her knees!

The snow be so heaby from this last storm that it broked some trees off and udders woz bowed ofur and we had to go unnerneath them.
Then I heared childruns screaming.  OMD!  Woz I going to has to go into search and rescue mode?  I lissened with my radar ears...
Then I zoomed in with my eyes...
Whew!  It woz just childruns hasing fun sliding down on the snows.  I duss not unnerstand why that be fun but to each hims own.

So it do be a furry short hike this weekend but it woz the bestest we could do unner the circus-stances.  We has hiked at least once per week only missing 1 time in the past 1 1/2 years since we started keeping track. 

Our town has gotted the mostest snow in Noo Joisey twice now and we has had a snow storm efurry week since Chrissmuss.  Anudder one be getting here tonite.  The wevver peeples tries to eggsplain why this be happening but I has my own theory:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Find Your Better Half Contest

So Frankie Furter tolded me that Norwood Unleashed do be hasing a furry kewl contesty!
Fur this contesty you has to go on Petfinder and find an animal fur adopshun wot looks just like you but is the opposite gender wot means I is a gurl so I had to find a boy me.  That duss not be as easy as it sounds.  I did has some requirements of my own:
  • Doe eyes with black mascaras and eyebrows like mine
  • Flat hairs, not floofy
  • Salt and peppah sable coloring with lots of blonde
  • Dainty, petite and fine-boned
  • Likes to has flat ears sometimes (fur airodynamics) 
  • Pawsonality like mine - skeered of some things but sweet
  • Has to like the rescue he be at cos if'n I win I want the $50 prize to go to that rescue
OK, so here do be me:
And 47 pages of German Shepherd Dogs and mixes later, allow me to introdoose my better half, KING! (Oops - I did has MAX as his name but that woz rong - I got confuzzled looking at sooooooo many...)
King do be with Austin German Shepherd Rescue in Texas.  I want him.  We could so mess with mom's hed looking like twins!  We even has the furry same gray snooters.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Atlantic County Park, NJ

So today we headed down south coz mom seened on the snow depftth (sorry fur the projectile drool on your monitor) map that THERE BE NO SNOW IN SOUTHERN NOO JOISEY- YAY!  Turns out there be just a little but not much.  It woz, howefur, the coldest day of the year so far - about 25 degrees but windy so with the wind chillz it do be in the teens.  So to warm up, we started with a werkout on the fitness trail to get the bluds unfrozened and moving around.

Pawlese note the lack of snows in these pikshures.  Now there be the usual hiking trails thru this park and we did hike 10 miles but the more notewerthy part woz a boardwalk wot woz 1.8 miles long!  It went on furever and furever.
But it taked us to a seenik overlook at the South River wot do be pritty....
...and old Artesian Well ruins:
So then when we gotted done with the hike and returned to the parking lot by the nature center, you will nefur beleef wot happened.  The nature center laydee asked me to COME INSIDE THE NATURE CENTER!  She did fur real, I catched her on the Shawnee Cam:
You knows that be a rilly speshul invitashun coz dogs is nefur allowed inside park buildings. And the nature center laydee bringed me a big bowl of waters fur drinking, gibbed me grate butt skritches and let me visit with the real live dead stuffies!
Now all of those up there I had seened afore but has nefur been able to gib them a good sniff, wot I did do now.  But this bottom one I did not know wot it woz so I had to read the name and it do say this be an otter.
I capshured a display of real live dead burd stuffies with the Shawnee Cam:
As you can see, the only Shawnee Cam pics I got woz those from the inside.  It duss appear that the Shawnee Cam battery got frozened outside and it would not take pikshures of the outdoors.  It just has to be warmer fur it to werk.  So the nature center laydee say I do need to come back and visit her again, that I be welcome any time.  That be furry kewl!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Loot from The Road Dogs!

My furrends, The Road Dogs, woz hasing a contesty to win fresh baked cookies from a real live chef, Chef Sara, ofur at Never Spoiled, Just Well Loved Homemade Pup Treats.  So I entered and gess wot? Thru a furry eggsiting random drawing, I wonned!  The cookies woz fresh baked out of the oven yesterday, put in the mail by The Road Dogs, and they gotted here to Noo Joisey all the way from South Crayolina today alreddy!  The postal man must had knowed this woz a furry impawtant delivery.
Hurry, Mom, help us open the box!

OMD! Do these cookes smell nommy.  Our sniffing snooters do be in overdrive.  These do be the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Of course, mom woz not letting me has them all.  I woz just, um, taste testing afore sharing, yeah, that be rite.  So fur your viewing pleasure, here do be our silly nomming faces wot clearly shows how furry nommy these cookies do be!
They woz so nommy that we did not even waste one single crumb!
Thank you so furry much Road Dogs and Chef Sara!  We furry much enjoyed nomming the cookies, tasty, tasty!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hiking, History and Meeting a Twitter Furrend!

Oh, such eggsitements today.  We did our hike ofur in Pencilvania coz there do be less snow than ofur here by us.  We wented to French Creek State Park and Hopewell Furnace National Historical Site.

So the snow here woz less than at home and it woz nice and trampled so we woz able to get a 9.5 mile hike in.
You cannot see it good in the pikshur but we did has dubbull sekurity on the Shawnee Cam - a leash so it would hang from my collah if'n it falled off and mom writed her cell phone nummer on the back.  Of course, now that we taked precaushuns, the Shawnee Cam nefur falled off today.  And here be some of my photografies and we did has lots of good ones today:
Crossing the road after looking both ways.
Mom doing something.
Trees and snow.
More trees and snow.
Mom again - is she dancing?!?!?
Mom , trees and snow.
Getting reddy to jump this log....
We hiked rite into Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site wot is a whole village like it used to be in the olden days back in like the 1700 and 1800's.
OMD! Wot be this?
It do be real live horses and sheeps wot gibbed me the stink eye.
There woz old houses wot you could go into eggsept dogs is not allowed so I just peeked in from the outside:
There woz old wagons and stuffs:
And I did see the most kewlest thing EVAH and they need to put these in all the parks - it do be a drinking fountain just fur us dogs!  It be closed fur the winter rite now but I bet it be open in the summer time.

OK, so we finished up the hike and then we headed on ofur to my furrend Boris Kitty's howse coz he do live just 15 miles from the park we woz at.  I had metted Boris' Human2 afore but I had nefur metted Boris in pawson.  I know Boris from Twitter (@boriskitty) and from his bloggie.

So when I gotted there, I did get the warmest laser eye welcome efur from Boris and his sis Abby:

Abby taked off and lefted Boris all alone with the laser eyes:

Boris then did serenade me with the growls and HISSSSSSSES - it woz so loverly it made my knees shake.  I thought it woz so nice of Boris to put out a bowl of snacks fur me but I got yelled at by mom when I helped myself to a moufful - mom sayed that do be Boris' lunch.  Oops.  But Boris is not used to hasing dogs in his turf but he did see that I woz not going to nom him (only his foods) and we did has a furry nice visit.  (Note that Human1 had put out more foods on the sofa as bribes but Boris and I woz not falling fur that old trick.)

Boris' sis Bella did come ofur and gib me smoochies.

We had a grate visit and it do be a wonnerful day!