Sunday, January 23, 2011

Atlantic County Park, NJ

So today we headed down south coz mom seened on the snow depftth (sorry fur the projectile drool on your monitor) map that THERE BE NO SNOW IN SOUTHERN NOO JOISEY- YAY!  Turns out there be just a little but not much.  It woz, howefur, the coldest day of the year so far - about 25 degrees but windy so with the wind chillz it do be in the teens.  So to warm up, we started with a werkout on the fitness trail to get the bluds unfrozened and moving around.

Pawlese note the lack of snows in these pikshures.  Now there be the usual hiking trails thru this park and we did hike 10 miles but the more notewerthy part woz a boardwalk wot woz 1.8 miles long!  It went on furever and furever.
But it taked us to a seenik overlook at the South River wot do be pritty....
...and old Artesian Well ruins:
So then when we gotted done with the hike and returned to the parking lot by the nature center, you will nefur beleef wot happened.  The nature center laydee asked me to COME INSIDE THE NATURE CENTER!  She did fur real, I catched her on the Shawnee Cam:
You knows that be a rilly speshul invitashun coz dogs is nefur allowed inside park buildings. And the nature center laydee bringed me a big bowl of waters fur drinking, gibbed me grate butt skritches and let me visit with the real live dead stuffies!
Now all of those up there I had seened afore but has nefur been able to gib them a good sniff, wot I did do now.  But this bottom one I did not know wot it woz so I had to read the name and it do say this be an otter.
I capshured a display of real live dead burd stuffies with the Shawnee Cam:
As you can see, the only Shawnee Cam pics I got woz those from the inside.  It duss appear that the Shawnee Cam battery got frozened outside and it would not take pikshures of the outdoors.  It just has to be warmer fur it to werk.  So the nature center laydee say I do need to come back and visit her again, that I be welcome any time.  That be furry kewl!


  1. SHAWNEEEEEEEE Do you mean to tell us that you didn't even have to show the lady your Parks and Rec. Badge or pay her green papers or anything????? That is just AMAZING!! Butt then I am sure that when she saw you in your Cabinet Member Role.. she was just in AWE of you!
    That was a very much wonderful instructional segment where you showed us how to get LUMBER AND READY.. OOOOOPS.. I meant to say LIMBER. Well whatever... this was a FANTASTICAL POST fur sure!!!

  2. Well of course the nature center lady said you could go in. She recognized you as the famous Shawnee the Shepherd! Places always let big stars have preferential treatment. I bet you are the only doggie that has ever been inside. I like that lady, and she even brought you a drink!

  3. 25 degrees is mighty cold, so it's really good your blud didn't freeze up. I know it was all those agility moves you were making!

    I'm impressed that you got to see all those stuffies. That nature center lady was soooooo nice! I like to go to places like that where the hu-mans like doggies and give them treats and water and butt skritches.

  4. Now that's what I'm talking about! That is one awesome place. There's a boardwalk at Starved Rock that we've walked on before. We think it's there so that the soft sandstone doesn't wear away and also to keep people from getting too close to the edge of the cliff, because lots of people used to fall off there.

    We are most impressed that you were invited inside. I would LOVE to get an up close and personal sniff of all those stuffies! We're living through you again. It was so cold this weekend that I started shivering after just a few minutes outside. I sure hope next weekend is better!


  5. Shawnee, we were quite impressed with how well you handled that warmup fitness training - great job:)

    It hasn't been much warmer than 25 degrees here for days now. But we hear there is a warmup coming this week - that's OK as long as it doesn't steal our snow.

    Another great hiking adventure - lucky dog!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. That's pretty strange that there is no snow in southern Jersey, but a ton in northern Jersey. I think I could even handle that boardwalk, very nice.

    Now, that gigantic raccoon is pretty scary. Looks to be about twice the size of little old me.

    Your pal, Pip

  7. How khool woo got to see the real live dead stuffies!


  8. You could do a doggie fitness DVD, Shawnee! Very impressive. That boardwalk really did go forever and ever...good thing you stretched!

    Getting into those buildings was pretty special - she must've recognized you from your bloggie!

  9. Oh i bet those dead stuffies smelled great!

    woof - Tucker

  10. Shawnee you iz so brave to go hiking in dat coldedness! But I guess if you gots to sniff all those kewl stuffies it wuz werth it, that wuz pawsome!

  11. Oh dat look sooooo cold dere. I shivering just looking at all da pretty pictures.

  12. What a great job stretching before your workout! How nice to put the equipment out there for you, but they should replace those how-to piktures with yours! Much better!

    Glad you found an awesome peoples to let you in the building! Although, she must have heard that Shawnee was there and that you are a big deal, so she better let you in!

  13. You're so lucky you got to go INTO the nature center! That never happens to dogs! Good thing you had your camera on to take lots of pictures. The nature center lady must have known you were a very special doggie!

  14. That IS kewl that you got to go INSIDE! She must've known you were Secty of Parks & Rec. You are performing quite the agility routine there, even thought it's so COLD.

    PeeS - Don't know that we knew your Mom is a vegetabletarian. Ours is too!

    The Road Dogs

  15. Holy gots to go INDIDE a PUBLIC building???????? Gosh, I am just all kinds of jealous! And dat otter sure is skeerey lookin. I wonders what they stuffs with.

    My mum's camera battery does da very same thing as yours! I kinda likes it when it does dat cuz then it ain't in my face!


  16. That looks like a really neat hiking trail. You and mom are very brave to hike on the coldest day of the year. We've been hibernating like the bears do.

  17. Congrats on being invited into the building. That means that your class was showing. I love the pictures of the boardwalk... what a neat part of the hike.

    Have a great day, pal.

    pawhugs, Max

  18. Wow, you seen a otter. I wanna see an otter cos they say that border terriers has otter faces.....but I not fink I look much like dat dude in the picture. Mebbe cos he is dedded