Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene is GONE!

That meanie Hurry-Cane Irene is all GONE and I hope I slowed her down some fur my furrends up north of me where she be now.  So nuttin else happened here.  The sunbeams did come out some and it do be furry windy now but it be cool winds wot feels nice on my furs.  So since I writed the last bloggie, mom has been outside with the neybor and her daddy wot commed ofur to help cut the big tree up with powah saws and stuff coz, OMD, we had sekurity breaches. There be introoders in MY yard!
Those be the neybors dogs wot commed ofur to MY yard snooping around without MY pawmishun.  So now the bigger pieces be all cut up and out at the curb:
And there be some cut up piles in the yard but mom do be too tired to deal with them today. They can wait fur anudder day:
I checked the pawrimeter and has found the sekurity breach fixed to my satisfakshuns.
Sydney! Our yard duss not be a pond fur swimming!
So Odessa has been reunited with Nugget in the basement.  OMD, you should has heard the GRRRRRRR and HISSSSSSSS coming out of Odessa.  Mom closed off all the doors eggsept the basement door wot she leaved wide open then she poked Odessa with the broom to make her run and she ranned a hissin' and a screamin' all the way through the howse and down to the basement.  She sayed she is so calling PETA on mom.  Now that Odessa be back in the basement, Nugget has come out of hiding and be gibbing mom the stink eye.  They think mom did torture them fur no good reason. Silly kittehs.

So anyways, we only had one casualty.  Mom did sustain an injury when she stepped into my archeology dig wot had filled up with water and could not be seen.  She went flying, sayed some noggty werds, and had bloods on her knee.  Oops, sorry mom.
Again, thank you so much efurryone fur your good wishes coz they rilly werked.  We had the bestest happen wot could has happened.  We has heard there be lots of flooding and trees down close to here and has heard lots of sirens and ambulances and stuffs so we woz rilly lucky.  (And Pee Ess, no, we is not going hiking this weekend, BOL!)

Hurricane Irene is HERE!

Hi efurrybuddy! We still has powah so I is coming on speedy quick to gibs you all an update and I hope I can get it done afore Hurry-Cane Irene swipies the powahs!

So yesterday mom spent all day going down the stairs and up the stairs bringing impawtant stuffs up from the basement coz when Irene swipies the powahs, the suck-em-up-sump-pump dussn't werk and the basement floods.  We woz rilly worried about the feral kittehs in the basement so mom made them an island in case it floods:
And we put crates and carriers all around in hopes one would go in.  Cha ching!  Odessa woz in a crate when mom slammed the door on her and brought her upstairs.  Odessa woz not amused and we could hear her GRRRRR and HISSSSSSSS at mom.  Not a happy hurry-cane camper!
Nugget totally freaked out when she seened this.  Mom actually woz able to pick her up but when she smooshed her in a carrier to bring her upstairs, Nugget bolted and has not been seened again.  She be up in the basement rafters somewheres - at least high and dry.

So we did not sleep well last night.  The winds got crazee lowd and the rain woz knocking on our winders.  We finally falled asleep.  Then mom's cell phone beeped with urgent text messages from the city and county wot woz not so urgent.  It waked us up 3 different times.  Then Dixie started pacing coz Sydney woz in the doggie bed she wanted to be in.  Sigh.  At least Sydney woz the bigger dog and gibbed old geezer Dixie her bed.  I do it all the time coz she do be an old geezer.

Then Nugget started meowing in the basement and Odessa meowed back from the living room.  Mom had set a feral cat trap in the basement and kept getting up to check if'n Nugget woz in it.  Nope.  So fur like a gabillion hours, the two kittehs had a conversashun thru the floor.  Lowd, I tell you.  Then we finally got a little sleep and woked up this morning to this:
The neybor's tree do be in our back yard on our deck and the yard be unner waters.  Mom taked us out front on the flexi lead this morning when there woz a lull in the wind and rains but none of us would do our dooties - we just standed there and got wet.  At least the front looks better than the back:
So this should all be ofur later this afternoon and we is hoping we at least can keep Irene from taking our powahs, then all should be okie dokie.  Thank you all fur your well wishes.  I really appreshiates it.  Fur now, we is going to hunker back down and ride this out with our legs crossed, BOL.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Spokesdog for Virginia State Parks

My furrend Yoda the Dog do be at the BlogPaws Pet Blogging and Social Media Conference in Furginia rite now.  I has met his mom and she werks fur Furginia State Parks.  So wot did his mom do? She made me spokesdog fur Furginia State Parks on swag wot she be gibbing out at BlogPaws.  This be the envelope - check it out!
That be ME!  See me up there? I gibs the park cabins at Furginia State Parks a big paws up!

And this be the bling wot be inside the envelope:

Wowser!  That Yoda and his mom did send each of us one! One be fur my mom and seeing as she duss not wear a collah, she be putting hers on her zipper pull on her backpack.
Keep you paws off! This one be MINE!

Thank you Yoda and Yoda's mom fur the bling and I is honored to be the spokesdog fur Furginia State Parks where there be Fambly, Furrends and Fun fur sure!

So, on a different note, as you all know that Hurry-Cane Irene do be barreling down on us. Mom has stocked up on our noms and has been filling effury container with water and sticking it in the freezer to keep noms frozened longer and so all of us dogs and kittehs has drinking water.
I be where the arrow be pointing.
The red star be my house.  The pink be storm surge flooding fur Cat 3-4 hurry-canes so we should be safe from that.
So our biggest worry do be that Hurry-Cane Irene steals our powah and not gibs it back fur a a while. If'n that happens our basement will fill up with waters when the sump pump duss not werk.  Mom mite has to figger out a way to trap the feral kittehs and bring them upstairs. Mom woz kwite horrified at the nom store last night when peeples woz hoarding milk, eggs, meat, ICE CREAM... Wot is they thinking?  Those noms will all go bad when the powah is stolened.  So anyways, if'n I is not around fur a while it do be coz Hurry-Cane Irene stealed our powahs and innerwebs.  Me, I be battening down the hatches and hunkering down in my hidey spot.  And all of my furrends wot be in the way of Hurry-Cane Irene, you all be safe, k?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hiking with Uncle Mike

So I has an Uncle Mike wot I met fur the furst time! He do live by Boston, MA and sayed he would like to hike with ME sometime when we hike in Massy-chew-sits coz where we go in the Taconics be the same 2 1/2 gabillion hour drive fur each of us. So since Mike has vakashun from werk, mom taked a vakashun day and yesterday we meeted to go hiking!  We made Uncle Mike hike 12.5 miles!  (He duss run regularly so he be in good shape and did a fine job keeping up with ME!)
Furst we taked Mike to see the Bash Bish waterfalls. I knowed how to take him there coz I woz there afore.
Then I showed him the seeniks atop the waterfalls:
Those be the Catskill Mountain in Noo York on the horizon. I be standing in Massy-chew-sits.
So then we started our hike on the South Taconic Trail.
Waiting on Mom and Mike climbing up Alander Mountain.
A seenik on the way up.
Ta da! Atop of Alander Mountain! That be the Hudson Valley with the Catskills way ofur there. I is in Massy-chew-sits looking into Noo York!
Taking a break with Mike. He has a comfy lap.
So you knows wot the Crasher Skwerrel is, rite? If'n not, click on the linkie and it tell you.  Well here be a Crasher BUG!
Hiking through the woods to the next mountain...
Stopping at the creek fur refreshments and cooling my furs.
OMD! More Crasher Bugs?!?!?!?!?
Aliens beaming up?!?!?!?
Where did they go?
A wind sawk for the alien spaceships
Mike and Mom keeped a close watch on the aliens...
... while I taked a powah nap.
On the way back to our car, I got to be in Noo York and Massy-chew-sits all at the same time!
Following Uncle Mike through the woods back to the car.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Year After the Fire

So you rememmer last year when I hiked on the Appalachian Trail to Sunfish Pond and the trail woz closed because the forest woz on FIRE?  You can refresh your memmories HERE.  The park pawlice did say the fire be from a stoopid peeple wot made a camp fire wot is not allowed and did not put it out.  Grrrr. So we went back to hike to Sunfish Pond today but hiked 9.5 miles a different way - a way wot would take us rite thru the pawt wot burned all up last year.
So we started on the Appalachian Trail and it woz furry foggy and spooky coz we had big thunner boomer storms last nite:
Finally the sunbeams did start to suck the fogs up.
So then we camed to where the fire woz. It woz so furry interesting coz the Appalachian Trail woz the fire break - the fire stayed on the left side and did not burn nuttin on the rite side. See fur yourself as I compare them side by side fur your viewing conveniences:
Side wot woz not burned......................................................................................Side wot woz burned
A crispy tree.
So then we commed to Sunfish Pond.  Ahhhhhh.  Nice!
So when I got in the water we heared SPLASH! SPLASH! SPLASH!  Wot woz that? It woz frogs all ofur the place!  You can hear them in the moovie but they woz so fast you can only see the one wot did not splosh away so furry quickly:
And this one did not splosh away at all! He modeled fur pikshures! Check it out - I do beleef he be a frogpole coz he still be half tadpole!
Ribbit. (That means HAI in frog.)
So then we hiked around to the udder side of Sunfish Pond where we woz last year and I has sorta side-by-side pikshures of comparisons of that fur your viewing conveniences. You can see all the smokes from the fire in the pikshure from last year.
You can see all the treetops with no leaves coz of the fire on today's pikshure.

So then we commed to Dunnfield Creek where I could get my furs wet again and we followed this creek fur about 4 miles all the way back to the car!  Mom even brought her water shoes so she could come in and splosh around with me.  Funs!
OMD, there woz a moment of big eggsitements coz we thought we found a penny fur the Road Dogs in the creek!
 Turns out it woz a dime :(
So back when we started the hike, we seened where the park peeples even has a place fur peeples to take a bag to bring their litters back out with them:
I mean rilly, how much easier can it be?  But wot did I find?
Grrrrr.  They dussn't mean to leave the bags full of garbage fur sumbuddy else to pick up! We taked this one with us coz we only had about a mile left to hike.  But we woz not happy about it.  Not one bit. Grrrrr.