Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mountaintop Meadow Hiking

Today we woz at Trexler Nature Preserve in Pencilvania where we hiked ofur 11 miles and had pawsome advenshures with lots of wildlife, or not so wild mebbe.  Anyhoo, furst I need to tell you about my new hiking gear.  I woz surfing the innerwebs the udder day looking at dog hiking gear and OMD, I seened this and just HAD to has one!

Mom thought this woz a GREAT ideer coz it do be such a pain hauling my leash along and this way I has a collah (in sporty no-huntin-me orange, of course) with a magic leash inside.  It came by UPS (Urgent Package fur Shawnee) the udder day, just in time fur today's hike.  I gibs you a quick demo.  I dussn't has any snazzy muzak and nefur mind the patched up hole in the fence wot the neybor dogs made so they can do snarly face at us.

I had to do that moovie in slo-mo coz mom walks too fast.

So, on to our hike now!  Furst we seened rilly wild wildlifes and mom woz all like SQUEEEEEE and saying good morning at them and stuffs and they thought mom woz weird.
So at the nature center, OMD, you can walkie up on the ROOF, fur real!
Going up on the roof of the nature center.
Ta da! Seeniks from the roof.
And seeniks from the ground.
So we woz in the rolling hills of Pencilvania and efurry time we commed to the top of a hill, it woz seeniks all around.  We woz on seenik overload!
Wot do we has down here in the field?
OMD, it be elk - this do be the furst time I efur seened elks.  Kinda like the deers I think.
This nature preserve has a zoo in the middull and I is not allowed in there but I can look down inside from the mountaintop.
That ahind me is the Schlichers Covered Bridge wot woz builded in 1882.
We went inside the bridge but cars is not allowed to anymore coz it be too old.  They is going to build a new one in 2013 with 90% new stuffs so the old one be all gone.  I say leave it alone and let peeples and dogs walk thru it.  Cars dussn't need to drive thru the nature preserve.  Peeples should hike here, not drive here.
Then I had to go up steps on a bridge and mom thought I would be all skeered and stuffs coz you know how skeered I is of steps.  Well, watch this:

You know why I woz not skeered?
The skeery stairs woz camooflodged with LEAVES so they looked like NATURE! Brilliant!
We commed to anudder mountaintop where there be fields of veggies (BLECH!).
OMD, wot is this?
I had mom engage the magical walking string so we could go check it out.
It be horsies and they stopped to say at me NEYYYYY and that meaned "snazzy magical collah you has there."  They had some pritty snazzy leg warmers, too.
More seeniks on the way up to a break spot.
Break time.
Break ofur, moving on...
I see something atop that hill.  Mom, engage magical walking string and let's go check it out.
WOWSERS!  It be a bison!  This one woz HUGE and there woz a gabillion of them!
A gabillion bison and a gabillion bison poo.
It woz a pawsome hike and I LOVE my new hiking collah!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Hike

So I be starting off at the ORAK mansion ruins in Harriman State Park in Noo York.  This be a HUGE park with 44,000 gabillion acres where no huntin be allowed efur efur efur so we can go hiking there any time.  Becoz of this it do be a bizzy park but on Thanksgibbing day, we has the whole place to ourselves - pawsome!

So, you mite ask, wot duss the ORAK mansion has to do with Thanksgibbing?  Well it woz builded as a summer home by this huMAN with lots of green papers wot werked fur the company wot makes KARO syrup.
So those of you (well prolly not YOU but your hoomans) wot had pecan pie (BLECH) with Thanksgibbing dinner prolly had KARO syrup.  And has you figgered this out yet?  ORAK do be KARO spelled backwards, so this mansion be named after KARO syrup.
So when the man went to the bridge, his kin gibbed the house to the park and they tore it down but some of it still be there.  Oh, and the living room in the house - it had a floor wot MOVED so it feeled like you be on a BOAT - SKEERY!  And the winders woz portholes!  SKEERY!  But that it not there any more, we just readed about it on the innerwebs.
So then we moved on and had to cross ofur raging waters coz we just had 3 days of rain, rain, rain and more rain so the creeks be furry loud with white waters and all.
Then we commed to this shelter where peeples can camp ofur night. It woz builded in the 1920's when the ORAK mansion woz still there.
 There be seeniks from this shelter but they be hard to see coz of the sunbeams in our eyes.
Noo York City Skyline
I can see the Hudson River ofur yonder.
Then we hiked ofur to Breakneck Pond where there woz summer camp cabins.  This do be where inner city childrens come fur summer camp.
Nobuddy home.
Irene broke the dock.  (I did not do it, it woz like that alreddy)
Now furrends, I knows that I encourage those of you wot likes to partake in archeology digs as it woz my most favorite activity as a yungun (and I has started to take it up again, BOL) but when you see a sign like this, prolly best to dig someplace else:
I think "prosekooshun" means more than no liver snaps fur dessert.
Woofing about liver snaps, I had some of the Thanksgibbing cookies mom made fur snack!
The mountain did kinda look like this it woz furry long and stuffs.
Atop Cranberry Mountain looking down on that Breakneck Pond where I woz afore.
If'n you notice my head be wet, well, let me tell you wot happened.  It woz a little chilly and I had not intended to do swimming but I was walking on a trail with puddulls, minding my own bizziness...
... when all of a sudden - SPLASH!  Mom looked up and all she seened woz my head sticking out.  Yes furrends, a puddull in the middle of the trail woz so deep I stepped in and WENT UNNER WATER!  Who would has eggspected that?  So I woz wet, my bandanana woz wet, efurry thing woz wet.  Refreshing, tho.
I found a big rawk.
Rood dogs on the trail with no hiking manners. The one by the arrow did snarly face at me and my mom yelled HEY at him and he stopped.  His mom sayed "Oh, he means nothing by it".  Rilly?  Well it skeered me and mom woz not amused.  His mom should has corrected him and had his walking string on if'n he can't behave right.
So at the end of the hike we commed to a fire tower wot woz also builded in the 1920's.  Mom only climbed up one level coz it be rilly rickety and stuff and mom be skeered.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Treats!

We be gibbing you an early Happy Thanksgibbing woofout coz I be HIKING tomorrow!  Yup, it do be our favorite day to hike coz there be nobuddy else out hiking and we has the trails all to ourselves.  Of course it be a Thanksgibbing hike so stay tuned fur where we go.  And I will be sporting my dorky festive Thanksgibbing bandanana.

So wot about Thanksgibbing dinner you mite ask?  I do gib thanks fur hasing a home and hiking all the time but I ended up with a mom wot be in the 9% of Americans wot duss not nom turkey on Thanksgibbing.  This be the Thanksgibbing dinner:
Butt....  mom did buy US some fur real turkey, yes she did!  And she made us treats out of it.  Now she say it has vegetabulls and froots in it but I is here to tell you furrends, these treats is nommy and NO WAY duss they has vegetabulls and froots.
Wot mom say be in the treats.
So wot I seened her do woz skin the sweet tater and cut it up and boil it on the fire maker with some water then put the sweet tater pieces and water in the blender and smoosh it all up like sweet mashed taters.  Then she added the FUR REAL TURKEY two-legger pup noms and peeled the apple and clawed it into shreds.  Then in anudder bowl she mixed up 2 cups of the whole wheat flour and 1/2 cup of the cornmeals.  Then she smooshed that all togedder, rolled it out and made BONES!  Magic, I tell you.  (This recipe woz adapted from the Whole Foods Market.)
Can I try some cookie dough pawlese?
Nope, no sweet taters or apples in there.  This be way nommy.
OMD! I love sweet taters and apples!
Do they has to go in there?  Can't we just has cookie dough?
Then after they did bake fur 35-40 minits at 325 degrees mom leaved the oven door a little open fur ofur an hour to let them cool off.  Sheer torture I tell you!  But finally, good things come to those wot wate:
Happy Thanksgibbing efurryone!