Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monday Mini Hike and the Chiropractor

So it had been 3 weeks since my chiropractor appointment and coz my appointment woz yesterday I got to do a mini hike afore my appointment.  This do be how the hike started out...
Uh oh. I hope he woz not braking fur an animal when this happened.
The hike be only 3 1/2 miles long but I found seeniks.  Come, I show you.
There be Noo York City ahind me.
And a pritty mossy creek with teeny waterfalls.
Do this rawk look like Simon Bar Sinister or Mr. Magoo?
OK now, I has sumpin furry serious to disguss with you all.  Hold on to your stuffie guts coz there do be a stuffie gut thief amongst us...
Can you beleef your eyes?
Waiting payshuntly at Mike's Feed Farm fur my chiropractor appointment.
I has to wonner if'n those stuffie gut thieves (not like I am pointing paws or anything) has skwerrel chow delivery from Mike's Feed Farm seeing as they live so close.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Exploration Hiking

Yes furrends, today we did eggsplorashun hiking in Pencilvania in Bucks County where Lucy the Cat used to live!  Why did we do eggplorashun hiking you ask?  Coz there be no map so we did not has a plan or know where we woz going.  OK, so mom has a rule that we has to has a map so we dussn't get lost.  She broked the rule this time coz the whole hike be in a valley either up high on the rim or down low by the creek and if'n we got lost, all we would has to do be follow the creek back upstream.  Rilly, it would has been furry hard to get lost coz we woz always within sight of the creek so we went to check out the trails and try to figger them out.  We figgered them out and ended up hiking 12 miles - there woz more trails than we thought there would be.  And they went from one park to the udder and back so it woz 2 small parks hooked togedder with trails to make one big park.

So furst from the car we had to cross a bridge.  Now tell me, dussn't this look like one of those covered bridges we see in Pencilvania all the time?
Fake out! It be an uncovered bridge!
Then we had to walk up this road a little ways to the hiking trails.  Here we is, well sorta...
We found the hiking trail.  We be up high and the water be down low on the left.
So after a little while we woz down low by the creek afore going up again.
Wot do this be?  Artwork on a log made out of rawks and litter?  I has to admit, this is pritty pawsome.
Here be a better pikshure of it.  It do look like the werk of fairies.
After we climbed back up again, we commed to High Rocks Vista with, you gessed it, SEENIKS!
Check out these seeniks - they has fences so you dussn't fall off and go SPLAT.
Well, eggsept fur peeple like this dude wot duss rawk climbing with ropes and stuffs.  Not me, no siree!
Here be a sign wot tells you that you can go SPLAT and be made deaded.
And if'n you be made deaded, this guy and his cuzzins be waiting fur you!  He be a turkey vulture wot noms ded stuff and we seened LOTS of them at the seeniks.  They fly rite by rilly close and you can see their eyeballs!
Go ahead, fall.  We be here to catch you. Hehehehehe.
OK, enuff of that. We is not falling coz we is not going on the udder side of the fence.  Now back to the seeniks...
So here be the Tohickon Creek way down below unner the skeery rawks.
More turkey vultures sitting by the chains the climbers use waiting fur one to go SPLAT.
See how high up that turkey vulture be?
So we left the vultures behind and went on our way along the rim of the canyon way up high.
We found a trail down to the creek wot did not go straight down rawks and got down safely.  Mom let me go in to get my paws wet coz the water woz not moving fast on the side and it woz a warm day.  That be why I duss not has my new jacket on.
Oops.  Later in the hike when I needed to wash my paws and belleh off I could not go in the water coz it woz whitewater and that be moving too fast and could swish me away.
Do you see those peeples ofur there on the rawks?  They is not rawk climbers.  They is CRAZEE!
So we went back ofur that uncovered bridge and tried out a trail on the udder side of the creek.  We woz akshually looking fur Doan's Cave, the hideout of the Doan Outlaws from the olden days back in the 1770's.
In search of Doan's Cave on the udder side of Tohickon Creek.
Not Doan's Cave but Chrissmuss ornaments stuck in a rawk?  I could not make this stuff up, furrends.
OMD, wot do this be?
It do be a memorial and it say:
Sullivan James “Sully” Burd passed away peacefully September 9, 2010 at Ralph Stover’s Park.  He was a man of nature, a barefoot mountain man, a climber, a man of rocks & trees, a seeker of truth and knowledge, of deep emotion and humble intelligence. He genuinely loved everyone he met, able to approach all with joy, passion and energy. He lived life fully with humor and honesty, living in the moment, giving & gentle to all. He opened his heart through his music, art and poetry.  As we mourn our  loss, we are thankful for what he taught each of us from his loving nature.
We did gib a moment of silence in his memory even tho we did not know him.  Furry sad.  We googled so see if'n we could find out wot happened but did not find anything.

Turns out the memorial be atop of....
.... a cave!
I dussn't know if'n this be the right cave or not and it do look a little teeny fur a merry band of outlaws to hide in.  Mebbe it be bigger on the inside but I wozn't going inside to look.  Could be a bear napping in there and I is not going to be the one to wake him up.
So we headed back ofur to the uncovered bridge (that red thing ofur there) where our car be.
Mom made me lay down in the cold waters to soak my paws and my belleh.  Brrr.  Then we ran back to the car and I got towel dried then mom cranked the heat up in the car.  I be all clean and dry again.  And mom who has no sense of direkshun wotsoefur nefur got us lost even with no map.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MrChewy.com - An Undercover Investigation

So lots of my furrends woz asked by Mr. Chewy to order foodables from him with a $50 coupon code and do a review.  The reviews woz so good, I went and snootered around on Mr. Chewy's web site and found my Wellness foodables cost less green papers than where I woz getting them from so I had mom order from Mr. Chewy.  So the udder day I went snootering around in my old emails and found I had buried Mr. Chewy's email thinking it woz spam Mr. Chewy's email asking ME to do a review!  Then I thought coz I had alreddy ordered from Mr. Chewy a cuppull of times I would do a review BEFORE using the coupon code so I be unner covers and he not know it be me ordering so he could not put his bestest paw forward when he seened me using the coupon code.  Clever, eh?
Shhhhh.  Conducting impawtant unner cover investigashuns.
So mom had akshually placed an order rite afore I dug up the coupon code coz she realized there only be THREE cans of the Weruva kitteh food left and the kittehs like it so much that even feral Odessa, who nefur comes up the basement steps, sits on the landing waiting fur  mom to serve up the Weruva.  Wot to do?  Mom checked with Mr. Chewy and yay, he has the Weruva and knowing how speedy fast he ships, mom placed the order knowing it would be here in time to feed spoiled starving kittehs.  AND Mr. Chewy had the Weruva DOG foodables, too, wot mom woz not able to find in the store so she ordered ME some.  Drool.  Sure enuff, this be our 3rd unner covers order and it commed speedy quick.
My order history.
So yesterday, with ONE can of kitteh Weruva left, and rite on schedule with more, DING DONG, Fedex calling!
Yuppers, this be from Mr. Chewy.
OMD, look at all the paper in the box!
We lost Dixie in it...
Whew, there she be.
That do be a big box fur the foodables.
So the only critter-cism I has with my Mr. Chewy orders be the packaging.  You see, we is a furry green fambly coz with hiking we like to see trees out in the woods, not in packagings.  Sure, we recycle efurrything - the boxes, the cans, the plastic wrap ofur the cans, even all that paper.  But it be better not to has to recycle at all so we just ask that mebbe Mr. Chewy can use better packaging wot be less wasteful like no paper fur kibble coz it not be needed and smaller boxes fur smaller canned foodables.
Helping mom straighten out the paper so it can be folded up fur the recycling bin.
But overall, we is furry happy with Mr. Chewy and as you can see, we alreddy ordered 3 times and we dussn't order from places we dussn't like.  AND we RILLY RILLY RILLY like that Mr. Chewy has a donashun program fur animal shelters.  Way to go, Mr. Chewy!

Sekrit Unner Covers Agent Shawnee, ofur and out.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hiking in the Snow

Yes, furrends snow leaked into Noo Joisey yesterday.  Not a whole lot, we got about 3 inches at my house.  Me, Dixie and Sydney did a lap of snow zoomies around the yard.  It woz funs.  We is done.  Time fur spring now.  So anyways, when it snows we head south to hike coz I dussn't want mom falling off slickery mountains and it be flat in the south Noo Joisey and there be only about 1 inch of snow.  We hiked 11.75 miles today.
Did you all notice I has a noo coat?  Akshually, it be called a soft shell jacket, that be werds fur impawtant hiking gear.  I has been looking at this jacket fur a long time wonnering if'n it would gib me full belleh coverage so I dussn't get icy sickulls hanging from my belleh furs.  When Norwood writed on his bloggie that he had some, ummm, teknical difficulties with too full of belleh coverage fur boys with his, I knowed I needed this jacket ASAP so got one!  The jacket REPELS the water and ice to keeps me dry and the top blocks the wind so my unnercoats can hold the heats in.  And it be stretchy so it duss not obstruct me when I is in hiking akshun.  The place wot makes the jacket say it "turns your pup into an all weather adventurer."  Wowser.  There be no stopping me now.
See, full belleh coverage.  And I pawsonalized it alreddy with some of my furs.  You like?
The noo jacket makes me want to tap dance...
...and kick my heels up!
OK now 'nuff about the noo jacket.  You comin'?
Where we hiked used to be a cranberry farm so there be lots of old bogs and canals and stuffs.
And gess who lives in the old bogs and canals?  Mr. Beeber!  Can you say "TIMBER!!!!!"
Did you know beebers do snow zoomies?  This be how the beeber zoomied from the bog ofur to the canal.
Oops.  I think Mr. Beeber had a few too many.  Trees.
We crossed some train tracks but no worries, I did not has to put mom on the walking string to cross ofur coz there be no trains on these tracks no mores.  There be trees growing in them.
Check out this wonky bridge wot we had to cross and pawt of it woz unner water!  Thank dogness my noo jacket be keeping the water spashes off my belleh.
Here be an observashun deck.  Mom sayed I could stay at the bottom but I figgered with my noo jacket and Norwood saying it gibbed him supah powahs, I could go up the steps myself and I did!
Ta da!  (I just can't open my eyes to look.)
Here I is going down all by myself.
Here be anudder wonky bridge - it moved unner my paws!

I ♥ my noo jacket!  And I wish the Ruffwear company paid me to say that (they did not) coz this jacket cost lots of green papers.  Mom's hiking pants wot repels water and stuffs so she duss not get icy sickulls on her legs cost less green papers and they is WAY bigger than my jacket. But dussn't you think I is werth it?