Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dress Your Pet Up Day Hike

Did you know today be Dress Your Pet Up Day?  I woz dressed to impress.  Look at me with all matchy colors. I did wear my insoolated vest today coz it be COLD and WINDY out even too cold with my unnercoats, or so mom thought.
See how nice I match?  Mom howefur, oh my...  She rilly should get some matchy hiking stuffs to dress up in.  She looks like a box of Crayola Crayons.  So embarrassing...
And I hasn't even started on the "unmenshonabulls".  I will spare you.

So today we hiked in Noo York at Nyack Beach State Park, Hook Mountain State Park and Rockland Lake State Park - it be 3 parks wot goes from one to the udder and we hiked in all 3.  The hike do turn out to be a little longer than wot we eggspected - 12.6 miles!  The furst 4 miles woz on the easy peasy bike trail along the Hudson River.
All kinds of signs fur hoomans to read and all kinds of pee-mail fur dogs to sniff.
No poo bags fur me, thank you.  I is back to not pooing on hikes and 'sides, we bring our own, just in case I change my mind.
We woz at the bottom of BIG cliffs.  Coming back we is going to be up high atop the cliffs!
♫ Love Boat soon will be making another run ♫ The Love Boat promises something for everyone...♫ (That be speshull fur Puddles.)
In case any of you is wonnering, no I duss not swim in the Hudson River - ACK!  Mom say GROSS, GROSS, GROSS dirty polooted waters and swimming in it do be strictly pawhibitted, per mom.  Sides, it be CRAZEE cold today.  BRRRR.
Noo furrends incoming!
Our tails is going so fast they be all blurry.
Howdy do?  Let's has fun times and PLAY!
So after fun times we sayed good bye and went on with our hike.  Then we saw a bench on the side of the trail wot looked new so we went ofur to take a look.
Mom rememmered hearing about this in the news last year, almost eggzaktly 1 year ago, it woz February 2011 when a hiker with her dog went missing but we did not know where it happened coz we heard different stories.  Well this do be the spot.  They woz up high on the cliff and falled off.  So furry sad.  Here be the news story if'n you want to read it.
It woz icy when Colleen and Jemma falled off the cliff ahind the bench.
We will be up top where they falled off later but no worries, it do not be snowy and icy today and we is going to be furry furry most careful coz Colleen and Jemma will be on our minds.

But just around the bend from the bench, OMD, OMD, OMD, big eggsitements!  Can you tell wot this be?
It do be a bald eagle!  Yowzer!  There woz lots of them.  We either seened 4 of them or the same one 4 times, we isn't sure. 
Then we left the easy peasy bike trail.  Let the real hiking begin!
We heared sumpin and OMD, look, a TRAIN be unner us!  The hiking trail woz atop a tunnel wot a train commed out of!
Climbing up high above the Hudson River.
Down there be that easy peasy bike path we woz on afore.
Did I tell you how cold it do be?  The few drops of water wot stayed in my water bowl frozed into ICE!
Can I haz ice water pawlese?
This do be where Colleen and Jemma falled off the cliff on the ice.  I did stay far back from the edge.  Mom could see the bench down below so that is how we knowed this be the spot.
This be a different place but there be lots of danger places along the cliff and I put mom on my magical walking string fur safety.
There be that teeny tiny bike path way down there where we woz earlier.
I think that be the last mountain we has to climb up ahead.
Did I menshun how cold it be?  This be a mud puddull.
The mud puddull biggified.
From these danger cliffs we can see the Tappanzee Bridge wot we drive across lots to go hiking on the udder side.
We found anudder old cemetery.  This grave be from a little two-legger wot only be 9 months old.  He did die in 1845 but sumbuddy be putting toys and stuffies on his grave still!
So after the hike we got in the car and left the park.  We woz on a road with cars and there woz this man with his dog not on a leash.  Even though I is free range while hiking in the woods, I ALWAYS has my walking string engaged on roads and when there be cars around.  Well, no sooner did mom think to herself wot a doodyhead that dog's dad was being then the dog RUNNED SMACK IN FRONT OF OUR CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Mom slammed on the brakes super hard and stopped in the nick of time.  She rolled down her window and went rabid dog CRAZEE on that man.  OMD, did she rip him up one side and down the udder.  He just kept saying he woz sorry.  Mom told him to just get the dog on a leash NOW.  Doodyhead!


  1. Woo SO have ALL the FUN!

    What a great hike with some nice furry furieds!

    PeeEssWoo: Mom's passengers on Sunday are khoming to live in Gnu Jerzie - one in RAMSee and the other in Layke HoppDeKong!

  2. That hike looks pretty brisk! I am hoping we'll get to go out for a little bit tomorrow, but I'm not sure. I have my paws crossed! That's pretty sad about the lady and her dog, though.

    Your vest looks awesome! Where did you get that one? It looks like something that could come in handy around here.


  3. As usual your hike looked like fun even though it was a bit cold. I'm glad you stayed safe and didn't go too close to that cliff edge.


  4. An eagle, WOW! Now, I have heard they carry off little dogs so I will just keep my distance.

    That's a very nice bench in memory of the woman and her dog who lost their lives hiking. So sad ...

    And bawhahahaha, I am laughing that you said your mom looked like a box of Crayola crayons!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. harrooooo Shawnee! that eagle is so cool! woo are a lucky pup, play bows,


  6. Wow, an eagle! That is so sad about Colleen and Jemma but in light of that, please, please be careful on your hikes. It's so amazing that people are still putting toys on that little boy's grave.

    MOL on your mom's Crayola colors!

    Mama saw that it was 33 where we used to live in PA so I bet it was even colder on your hike. Brrrr!

  7. Those are some hikes y'all go on. 12 miles?!!! Up and down mountains?!!! You are in such good shape you could have escaped over the Swiss mountains with the Sound of Music family :) Shawnee that's really cold when your water freezes in your pack. Yikes! I like ice water butt in the summer when it's hot! ;) Cool mud puddle shot. Pretty ice crystals :) Glad you put your Mom on the leash when y'all were around those cliff edges. Safety First! Good for your Mom for yellin at the doodlebrained human for bein an irresponsible doggy dad. Harrumph! Some peeps need to upgrade their brains fur sure ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  8. Whoa - that was a close call at the end of your purrfect day with that doggie running in front of your car. Whew. it's good your mom yelled at dat man.

  9. Miss Shawnee de Shepherd
    That is a super sad story about that ladee and her dog. We were furry glad woo have your pull away string on you. Hee hee we were going to do that dress your pet thing and then brain fart momma forgot. jeepers.. You're momma dresses like my momma but my momma is part polish so it makes sense.. hee hee.
    woo sure are purty in your orange jacket
    love norwood

  10. Basides being furry cold now Iz werried abowt you falling on da icy cliffs, hisssss! Iz thinks you shud come takes a napz wiv me cuz its safer an napz iz nice an cozy *purr*

  11. So sad about the lady and her dog..butt out of every BAD thingy..Good thingys come. Now there is that beautiful bench fur restin on and fur REMINDING everybuddy to be SAFE.

    SHAWNEE.. you tawked about your UNDERFURS.. right here on your BLOG??
    Are you becoming a Brazen Hussy girrrrrl???

  12. Another great hike, Shawnee. I loved it. But being from Florida I must tell you, it does make me a little cold to the bone. Have a great Sunday....

    pawhugs, Max

  13. That was so sad about Colleen and her dog, but so nice of her family to remember her with that bench. We think it must have been a special place for Colleen and her dog.

    We are not telling mom about this being dress up your dog day - we do not like to be dressed at all!!!

    Great hike, glad you and Mom had such a good day.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. Thanks fur another beautiful hike, Shawnee! We're glad we live in California today! bbbbbuuuuuurrrrrrr!

    -Bart and Ruby

  15. What? Yesterday was "Dress Your Pet Up Day" and I wasn't dressed up? Sheesh, Mom! Anyway, that looked like a very cold and sometimes scary hike, with all those cliffs! That was a sad story about Colleen and Jemma. It was so nice of her family to honor them with that bench. On another note, I gave you an award today - check out my blog to see :)

  16. Hehehehe..."Da Love Boat...."...and dats all I knows...thank goodness but I will has da tune in my brain. OMD, I won't be ables to sleep nows....aaaaack!
    At least your mom is very bright. My poor mum only wears balck and grey so hers don't has to strain her brain to gets dressed.
    What a terrible thing bouts da lady and her doggie. Even though it's morbid, at least they was togethers.
    Oh, and yea, we knows what you mean. My neighbor let his BIG *bleep* roan da other day and he came to my fence and was lungein' at me and growling and it skeered da poop outta my mum. And he ran into da road like 3 times and cars had to stop...and his owners didnt do nuttin. Why peoples let there dog do dat?


  17. Hi Shawnee, that was a special post. First up mum says anyone who 'dresses up' to go hiking or walking doesn't usually continue on for long. You think your mum is bad, you should see my mum's walking shorts OMD!!! We will not put photos on for sure.

    Second it was very sad and tragic for Colleen and Jemma. Like the others said, it was lovely of her family to leave a memorial for everyone to remember her and to be safe.

    The bald eagle was fabulous. We can't believe how cold it must be when walking. We get cold too but not that cold brrrrr. See ya sweetie. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  18. Wow what a cool hike that was (well I guess COLD)! That mud puddle reminded me of the Superman Ice Cave. You are right that your mom needs to have a more coordinated wardrobe like you! Do they hunt on Sundays up north? In Virginia Sundays are a safe no hunting day although the politicians in Richmond are discussing changing that. Personally I think 6 days a week are enough for hunting. I better go work on my blog now since I have three things to talk about today!

  19. Whoa....what a hike dat was. Me don't even nose what to say furst! Well, furst it looked too cold to be anywhere but in front of a heater! BOL And dat was so sad bout da lady and her dog. And then the dog in front of your car....Ok...back under da covers for me. Dat was e-nuff x-citement for one day!

  20. Shawnee,
    Your hikes always look like fun!
    Mom has never seen a bald eagle in da wild before, you are so lucky! Happy Sunday my furiend!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  21. Uh oh, the typist do not like heights my pal and he ave clammy paws just lookin at your pichures of the high-up cliffs. Proper skeery for him.

  22. *whispers* Let's not tell MY mom about the "dress up your dog" day thing...

  23. Your mommy dresses as bad as mine! Mine wears a blue hat, pink leopard spot scarf, brown coat, red gloves and white shoes!! That dog is lucky your mom was paying better attention to him than his human was.

  24. What a cool hike - um, actually COLD, hike, huh? BOL! Eagles, new furiends, dangerous cliffs. Wow! And you do look mighty spiffy in your matching outfit.

    The Road Dogs