Friday, March 30, 2012

Last Saturday's Hike on Friday

So rememmer when we could not go hiking last Saturday coz the hikemobile would not start?  Well, we did that hike today, on mom's last day of vakashun.  You would think we could has hiked more this week but mom woz too tired.  I mean all she did woz take apart furniture, move it from upstairs to downstairs, put it back togedder, paint, clean...  Did not make me tired snoopervising all of this from the comforts of my hidey spot.
Those skunk cabbages is getting HUGE!
I woz just minding my own bizziness when those gooses woz all like HONK HONK HONK at me.  Rude.
We hiked around farm fields.  Do this be wot your hill looks like, Frankie?
There woz lots of farm fields here.
Me and mom woz taking a break when the PARK RANGER drived up!  Thank dog I got mom on my walking string in time or we get a ticket!  There woz two park rangers in the truck and they waved out their winder at us and sayed HELLO.  Whew.
We had to cross ofur on a beeber dam to get to the ponds.  Thank dog the beebers builded a strong dam wot could hold mom's weight so she did not fall in.
I, howefur, did not fall in.  I went fur a swim.
Mom just happened to has the camera on when this American Bittern flied by.
Those bizzy beebers...
... bizzy, bizzy beebers....
uh oh
Here be the litters we picked up today.  That be Quiznos wrappers and napkins in my poo bag.  Not my poo.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Mini Hike and the Chiropractor

Yes furrends, as you can see, I is HIKING!  The hikemobile LIVES!  Beleef it or not, mom figgered out wot the problem woz.  It be the anti-theft doomahicky (that be wot mom calls it) wot malfunkshunned.  Here be the differences:
  • Shawnee the Shepherd Anti-Theft Device:  Slobber and snot on winders so thieves cannot see into the car and if'n they by chance can, loads of shepherd FURS wot send the message:  "Nuttin to see here, move it on along.  Grrrrrr."
  • Hikemobile Anti-Theft Device:  You are not my mommy.  Or are you?  Did you put the right key in or did you put the wrong key in?  I am having a senior moment so to play it safe I will play possum and not start.
So, I ask you, which be the most reliable anti-theft device?  We park the hikemobile in remote areas all the time when we hike and it has yet to be brokened into.

Anyways, mom googled about it and found this to be a common problem where the car won't start because the anti-theft doomahicky gets confuzzled.  Sumbuddy wrote on the innerwebs to put the key in the driver door and lock and unlock 5 times and it resets the anti-theft doomahicky.  Mom did that and we has had no more problems with the hikemobile not starting.  Go figger.  But yes, Sarge, mom was soooooooooo close to buying a brand spanking new Zoo-Ba-Roo but, the insurance be way cheaper on the hikemobile coz she be so old (OK, not rilly, I is the eggzakt same age as the hikemobile and I had better not get traded in fur a new model) so we be keeping her as long as she not be costing us lots of green papers.  This fix woz free so she lives to see anudder day.

So on to my hike today afore going to the chiropractor.  We did lots of mountain climbing to lots of seeniks but we could not stay at the seeniks furry long coz it be sooooo windy and mom almost got blowned off the mountain a few times!  She should try hiking on all fours - the wind can't blow you ofur that way.  But we did has wind gusts up to 40 mph today.  There woz even white caps on this LAKE!
This be a lake, not a river, and lakes should not has white caps.
Climbing up, up and away.....  No, mom, no flying in the wind.  Keep your feets on the ground.
Pritty spring flowahs in the mountains.
Can you see wot be ahind me on the horizon?
It do be the Noo York City skyline.
This woz a steep climb up wot I would not do.  I found me an alternate route and beat mom to the top.
We woz looking fur a place called "The Livingroom" coz it has rawk furniture but this can't be it coz there only be one chair.  We keep looking.
Found it!  See, there be sectional seating around a fire pit.  But lots of brokened glass all ofur so we had to hurry up and move on coz I did not want to cut up my paws.
Now we had to go steep downhill.  Can you see me way down there in the middle?
I had to slime myself up rilly good fur the chiropractor coz he likes it.  Mom always say to him she be sorry I is so wet and stinky when we get there and he say "Oh, that's OK!" and I gib him big smoochies.  So see, I do it speshull just fur Dr. Chiropractor.
Hark!  Who goes there?
OK, so I looked on the innerwebs to get a translashun fur turkey talk and this be wot the turkey be saying:
The putt is a single note, generally associated as an alarm. It could be several sharp or rapid notes and usually means they have seen or heard something, and are alerting others of the danger.
Hey, I is no danger!  I dussn't chase or nom wildlifes.  I only nom wot comes from the store like these new flavors mom found at Mike's Feed Farm after I got my bone aline-ments:

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hiking Plans Foiled

So yesterday when mom wanted to go to the go postal office, the old jalopy woz ded.  Ded as a roadkill skwerrel.  Mom hooked her up to life suppawt and got her to the car fixer guy.  He say the battery be fine (it be only 1 year old), the alternator be fine and he cannot see any problems.  He say mom must has left a light on or a door not closed all the way.  She did not think so but hey, you know those senior moments.  And mom has blonde moments, too.  So this morning we is getting reddy to go hiking.  We has a routine.  Mom take her backback and stuff out to the car, opens my door, leaves the gate open, then comes back and lets me out so I can run straight out the gate and into the car, udderwise I start woofing and wake up the nayborhood.  So this morning mom takes her backpack out and when I thought she woz coming back to get me, she woz bringing her backpack back IN.  Wot the...  Well I woz going cracker dog CRAZEE and would not settle down.  My brain woz saying "HIKING! HIKING! HIKING!" and mom sayed the car be ded and we cannot go.  I would not take no fur an answer.  So mom had to take me to our local park.  (Hehehehe - see, you wear them down and you get your way, BOL).  So it be dark outside still and we went quietly through our nayborhood...
Shhh.  Efurrybuddy be sleeping still.
The sun woz starting to come up when we got to the park.
These ducks woz not skeered of me.  We sayed GOOD MORNING!
Pritty flowahs in the park.
Check out this fat skwerrel in the park!
Happy Dog
It be 3 1/2 miles from our house to the park around and back.  Better than nuttin.  It do be supposing to rain later today and tomorrow and mom dussn't know wot to do about the car yet.  Mebbe it did not charge long enuff yesterday so she mite gib it until Monday to see wot happens.  Kind of hard to get to the car fixer place on a Saturday coz they be rilly bizzy.  Mom has vakashun all next week so the car has to get fixed so we can go HIKING!

So, I has been holding out on you.  Well, not on purpose.  Mom be hogging the pooter all week.  I did get to go hiking on Wednesday and did not tell you about it yet so I can tell you now in case you is hasing Shawnee hiking withdrawals, BOL.

It be furry foggy on Wednesday when we went hiking.
It woz supposed to clear up after 9 am and be sunny.
The wevver peeples fibbed.  It started to rain...
... feel my furs.
So all of a sudden I smelled sumpin wonnerful and got my "I be in my happy place" look on my face.  Just as I tilted my head to the side and went in for the slide/roll combo, mom screamed RILLY LOUD!  Dang!  Why can't they just let us be dogs?
Eau de Fox Poo - an oppawtoonity wasted.
There be some flowahs blooming alreddy.
So we has to cross this creek and I just go on in like any upstanding dog would do.  Mom be picking her way ofur the rawks wot be slickery from the rain and all of a sudden..... SPLASH and "BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP" (werds wot mom sayed).  Yes furrends, mom FELL IN THE CREEK, BOL!
Then we got down to the river and OMD, that man must has fallened in on slickery rawks, too!
I found some wet sawks but they woz not mom's.
It stopped raining finally when we got up to the seenik in the afternoon but then we found icky graffiti GGRRRRR!
The seenik without the graffiti.
So hopefully we find out wot be wrong with our car coz we need our car fur HIKING!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Testing New Treats for Mr. Chewy

OMD, that Mr. Chewy sent me a message the udder day asking if'n I would taste test some new treats fur him!  You dussn't has to ask me twice!  But, mom has this thing about being pawticular about our noms so it had to has her seal of approvals furst.  
See all the good fur you stuffs in it?  Of course, mom had to gib her approvals.  So we woz all way eggsited when doorbell rang and mom had to yell at us to get back so she could get to the door to get the package.  Well, we woz eggsited.  So finally, mom got done saying yak, yak, yak with the Fedex man and bringed my package in.
The sisses is asking furry nicely if'n I will share with them.  Fine.  Coz mom makes me share.
OMD!  See right by my snooter where it say the #1 ingredient be CHICKUN?!?!?!  DROOL!
All of the YumZies treats is made with chickun and then there be different flavors ON TOP of that!  And coz my second most favorite treat be CHEESE I got CHEESE FLAVORED!
I can stand the anticipashun no longer...
Common mom, Dixie be an old geezer and she knows these be soft on her old toofers - it be making her drool, too. 
I let Dixie go furst coz she be getting pawticular about her noms in her old geezer age and turns her snooter up at lots of stuff now but OMD, she snarfed the YumZies down and wanted MORE!
Me next!  Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom.  I is in chickun treat heaven!
Sydney's mug nefur needs werds.
My sisses and I all agree:  YumZies is YUMMY!
Click here if'n you want to get yourself some.   They is highly recommended by yours truly.  And you know I know my chickun!