Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pre-Vacation Training Hike

Oh noes, Blogger went and changed efurrything on me!  This old dog dussn't want to learn new tricks!  Why, oh why can't they leave things alone?  OK, 'nuff whining.  On with my hike.
We did a more strenuous hike at Harriman State Park in Noo York today in preparashun fur our hiking vakashun wot be coming up soon.  Mom has to be in shape, you know!  I made her hike 12.5 miles up and down, up and down, up and down...
I taked mom up to high places on top of the werld.
There be seeniks up here.  That be Island Pond where we hiked earlier this year.
Same pond, different angle.
Then I taked mom ofur to Green Pond.  See the beeber clubhouse in Green Pond?  I think they be away on vacashun, tho, coz we did not find any beeber carpentry going on.
Then I taked mom up high to anudder seenik where I had refreshments.
Then down to a creek fur cooling off my furs.
Then we had to choose which way to climb up.  Nummer 1 be rawk steps in a crevice where you can get youself stuck.  Nummer 2 be straight up a rawk.  Which did we choose?
I choose nummer 2, jumped on the rawk, hanged on and clawed my way up (while mom is like OMD, Shawnee!!!!!) and gibbed myself a pawdicure at the same time.
Mom, howefur, choosed nummer 1 and got stucked.  Sigh.
But we woz up so high we seened the Catskill Mountains.
Then down again fur more cooling of my furs and falling waters fur Frankie Furter.  (Coz he likes falling waters.
Then we commed back by the lake where we parked our car...
... and one final little swim so I can get in the car all soaking wet.  It needs cleaning afore our trip anyways.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day Hike

I say the bestest way to celebrate Earth Day be to wear some earth ON YOU!  (I think my furrend Sage would agree.)
More on that later.  Furst I want to show you how we went back to the same place we hiked eggzaktly one week ago and how the Earth has changed since then.  On the left be last week and on the right be now:
Crazee how green the earth got in just one week!
Ummmm, OK.... I prawmise I will not ride on a horse.
Look wot is ahind me - I has to biggify it fur you coz he flied away when we got there.
I wonner if'n it be this burd wot we has been spying on:

Watch live streaming video from cornellherons at

Some bizzy beebers woz here.
This be the beeber club house.
I is leading the way to a seenik.
Here I is at the seenik.  That is the water where we woz afore with the heron and beebers and stuffs.
And that be the pond where I be going next to get all earthed up.
I is making good progress here.
Fun times!
Taking a break after all that hard werk.
You cannot see it in this pikshure but I added some green slime to the mud fur a better Earth Day effect.
In honor of Earth Day Sydney wanted to show the litter me and mom picked up.  Sydney do be such a goof!  But I think she be sticking her tung out at the litter bugs.  Upside down fur, well, I dunno wot fur.
And here be Sydney modeling the TICKS mom pulled off of me while I woz getting the earth HOSED off of me!  Sydney be gibbing them the stink eye.
Happy Earth Day Efurrybuddy!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Earth Day 2012

So if'n you dussn't know, Earth Day 2012 be on Sunday, April 22.  We is all about Earth Day around here, not just on Earth Day but efurry day.
You see, we mite not be on this earth fur furefur but we has to leave it nice fur those who come after us so they can enjoy the same seeniks we do.  So efurry year we try to come up with a new idea to do sumpin fur the earth.

This year be all about fun and games.  We started sumpin wot mom calls "Freecycling".  I calls it "Strangers Be Stealing Our Stuffs."  Now follow along with me here coz I is going to eggsplain how you too can play and have super fun times, too.  This all got started fur me the beginning of March when the boy moved out.  He had all this stuff he woz going to throw away and it would has gone here:
So mom told him to make a pile of stuffs he woz going to let the trash man steal.  Then mom went on and signed up where we live in Noo Joisey.  Fur those of you on the udder side of the pond and down unner and stuffs, there be strangers all ofur the werld wot wants to steal your stuffs so check under "Other Countries" if'n you is not in the You Ess of A.
So when we signed up, we got into a Yahoo! Group where mom would go on and post stuffs wot we did not want any mores or she would see sumbuddy else post that they WANTED to steal sumpin wot we happened to have and woz not using any more.  So when sumbuddy sends a paw-mail back saying "Yes, I would like to come by and steal your stuffs" let the good times begin! 
You plant the bait on your front porch thusly.
Then you take up a stealth pawsishun where you can lay in wait.... and wait... and wait....
Then, WOO HOO let the fun times begin!

You has to try this.  I is telling you, fun, fun, fun!  And look at all the stuff strangers has stolened from us since March.  Mom kept a tally sheet for scoring my game fur me.  They is taking ALL of our stuffs!  But it not be going in the icky landfill.  (The stuff in red went to rescue groups fur the homeless animals.  I did not woof at them when they came to steal our stuffs.)

So that just goes to show you the kinds of stuff you mite think nobuddy wants but they will come and steal it!  So do any of you has any good games to play fur Earth Day?  I is always up fur more fun and games.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Titanic 100th Anniversary Hike

I borrowed that pikshure from Yahoo!  I hope they dussn't mind.  Rilly, I is a dog, how can they mind?  Did you know there woz dogs on the Titanic?  Clickie here fur the Yahoo! article about the Dogs of the Titanic in honor of the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic sinking.

Fur our Titanic anniversary hike we could not find any icebergs coz it be too warm but we did find water.
Here be some water.
OMD, see the two peeples in that boat in the water?  Is they in a lifeboat needing to be reskood?
Anudder lifeboat.  Looks like these peeples made it to shore and got saved.
Here be more water from up high at a seenik.
And more water.
And more water.
OMD, can you see wot I see?
I see 4 burds on the Four Birds Trail wot I woz on.
This is that same water wot I seened from the seenik but up close and fursonal.
Some of the water leaked on the trail.  Mom tried to keep me out of it coz she sayed the water be stinky.  That be a problem why?  (I managed to get in it and lay down, hehehehehe.  My furs needed cooling off.)
That just meant I had to rinse myself off in the pond later.  See, there do be a method to my madness.
So refreshing.
I be wet.
Lookit how many two-leggers this car has wot we seened on the way home!  Wha?  No dog?  Gess there be no room.