Monday, July 30, 2012

Hiking in the Rain

The wevver this weekend was unpawdicable.  You just nefur knowed where the sunbeams would be and where the rain would be so off we went anyways.
Doing the pawliminary pee-mail check fur any impawtant trail happenings afore starting our hike.
More pee-mail along the way.
Yowser!  I almost stepped on this little guy with my big old paw.
"Thank you Shawnee for not skwishing me."
Here do be a little bit of falling waters.
Now I is on that Appalachian Trail.
No rains yet but it still be furry cloudy.  I did not has my Shawnee Cam on in case it started to rain.
OMD, could it be.... sunbeams?
Check out the punky looking cattypillar wot landed on my head.
So on the way to Phillips Canyon we seened these werds on a rawk.  I had to go investigate fur myself.
I has confirmed that there be no waters here.
So I had mom add the date in purple so those Appalachian Trail thru-hikers would see it and not make the trip down the steep hill fur nuttin.
Then we commed to the seenik but ummm, you see that rain coming out of that cloud ofur there?
I found a turtle and I got to SMOOCH him!
"Thank you fur that smooch, Shawnee.  It was very cool and refreshing on my shell."
Then I found a cool and refreshing spot to wet my furs.  But notice I do not get my head furs wet, only my leg and belleh furs.
Uh oh.  That rain be catching up to us.  Big raindrops be falling on my head and mom had to put the camera away so no more pictures until...
Wet Head Shawnee - BLECH!  I shake my ears but they still keep getting full of rain.
On the way home we seened purty clouds...
... and rainstorm clouds but my ears and head furs was dry in the hikemobile.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Invisible Waterfall Hiking

Yes, furrends, today was the day of invisibull waterfalls but the seeniks did make up fur it.  We will get to the invisibull waterfalls soonly, k?
First I lead the way through the woods...
Then I put mom on the walking string so she do not get runned ofur by a car at the seenik coz you just know she be looking at the seeniks and not paying attenshun.
This be what the seenik looked like to me...
... until I jumped up higher where I could see.
No worries, I did not go on the udder side of the wall coz it say DANGER on the sign and you know I is all about staying away from DANGER.
Ummm, do there be a DANGER sign missing here?
SERIOUSLY?  You want ME to go DOWN those SKEERY steps?!?!?!?!  I plant my paws.  Say NO to skeery steps.
Ummm, I be looking fur an alternate route...
So then this fambly commed along with little childruns and a little beagle dog wot went right down the skeery steps and mom sayed "Shawnee, you going to let that little dog show you up?"  HECK NO!  Say no more, I went down the skeery steps.  I is big.  I is Shepherd.  Hear me RAWR.  At least that be wot I be saying to myself all the way down, down, down down.....
Hellooooo!  You call this falling waters?  Where is the falling waters I commed down here to see?
There should be falling waters in front of me.  They is not there.  Who turned off the water?
You see, I is standing where those peeples be standing at the white arrow and there should be falling waters coming down from ofur my head.  Oh well, we just has to come back when the water is turned back on.
There is supposed to be falling waters here, too but these is shut off.  (Frankie, at least I has LOTS of rawks for you!)
Now that I has come back up they has DANGER signs again.
We is hiking along this fence now with lots of seeniks.
Mom found a picnic table where we could take a break but it be too sunny for me since there be no falling waters to cool my furs in.
I found myself a nice spot of shade.
And gibbed a big woofout to my furrends Corbin and his foster brudder Brutus and Maggie Mae and Max wot live right down there.  I think I hear them woofing back!
I snootered out some little falling waters up high and had mom fill up my water bowl even though mom had my water in her backpack.  I wanted falling waters water.
Ahhhh.  Refreshing.
Then on to anudder seenik.
As we woz approaching the last seenik, a bunch of loud and rowdy teenagers woz just leaving, thank dogness.
So I had a chicken jerky.  Drool.
Anudder hiker commed by and he and mom sat in the shade eating their luches and saying yak, yak, yak while I napped in my shady spot.
The seenik from my nap spot.
Then, wowser, we found a POND fur cooling my furs!  Do you see wot be right next to me, that green blob?  Can you guess wot that do be?  I show you...
It be Mr. Frog!  There be LOTS of Mr. Frogs in the pond and they let me get furry close to them but I did not bother them.  I only put the bitey on my stuffie Mr. Frog wot says RIBBIT, RIBBIT.
Then finally, right afore the end of our hike, teeny little falling waters.