Monday, August 27, 2012

Hiking Post Slacker

So sorry I has been slacking on my bloggie and on visiting with all of you. You see, I has been bizzy, bizzy, bizzy.  Me and mom is running this B and B (Bed and Barkfest) right now and we has been OFURBOOKED and it has been CRAZY!  I is the director of entertainment and let me tell you, playing nonstop bitey face is exhausting!  See...

And I had to take a guest dog on a little hike to show him a deer.
When the deer runned away it was not coz of us dogs, it was coz of mom coz she TALKED to the deer and got all SQUEEEEE and the deer sayed "OMD (Oh My Deer), crazy laydee!"  

Then there was stuffie squeaking...
Well, I think you get the point as to how bizzy I has been.  There woz 3 guests here until yesterday when efurrybuddy went home.  We has an incoming guest tomorrow (Max the beagle boy who has stayed here afore) and a little poodle and a big poodle on Furiday.  It will be bizzy again.

So anyways, a few pics of my hike this past weekend.  Yes furrends, I do make time fur hiking still - that do has priority!
I hiked by a pond.
And I hiked by a big rawk.
All the way to the reservoir.
Of course I had to go in.
Wot the...  That do be a junker car with LITTER inside of it.  There was broked glass all ofur so mom had to step on the glass and guide me around so I did not cut my paws.
Enuff uglies.  Lets go back to the...
... reservoir!
My froggie furrend do live in the reservoir.
Then we passed this swamp with lots of birds but they would not STAY when mom told them to so she could take their pictures.
But the chip monkies always STAY when mom tells them to.  She be the chip monkey whisperer, BOL.
Trains used to go here in the olden days.  Now it be a path in the woods back to our car.
So I has to go rest up now afore the next crew gets here.  You can find me in my hidey spot.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Seriously furrends, I is woofless, totally woofless.  Eggsept fur I has to mention that I think this be happening ofur in Puddlesland.  Just saying.

If'n you cannot see the movie, here be the linkie:

Monday, August 13, 2012

Home Alone While Hiking

Me and mom, we has emBARKed on a new bizziness venture.  We has been dog sitting in our house and we has two guests at the moment.  So wot to do with them when we go hiking?  Well one had to stay in the crate coz he do be young and silly sometimes and the udder do be older and wiser and was loose in the room with a baby gate keeping her from Dixie and Sydney just so efurrybuddy has their own private space.  Wot did they do home alone?  Well me and mom came up with a sneaky plan and I show you that after my hike, k?
It did turn out to be a pritty day yesterday with the humidities going away some.
Hmmm, waters.  It woz still early and I did not need to cool my furs yet but...
... I is not one to let a good river go to waste.
So here I is, walking along this quiet road, minding my own bizziness, when...
...OMD, day-zha-voo!  It be like last weekend with the signs!  (Hey Sage, I bet that Hudson Farm Club place alreddy has wanted posters with my mug on them plastered all ofur the place, BOL!)
Rogue hiking dog in the process of trespassing.  Well, we did has to, just fur a minit, coz the trail we needed to get to had to be gotted to by going on the trespass property fur just a teeny little bit.  We woz furry quiet and I did not even stop to check fur pee mail.
Part of the trail do be a jungle but I guided mom through.
Then we gotted to the BIG fire towah.
Mom told me to STAY (like there be a chance I be going up in that towah NOT) and she started to climb up the towah.  Is she crazee?  She be skeered of high places like me.  Moooooooom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom went up 3 flights (coz her knees be shaking by then), got a picture of the seenik, then started back down.
Me, I be pacing with worriments until mom got down coz...
... I has to wonner if'n this snek was sumbuddy's dinner or did he climb the fire towah and fall down on the picnic table unnerneath?
So we finished our hike and raced home to see wot our guests did while we was away.  Me and mom had this brilliant idea.  You know my Shawnee Cam III?  We set it up to SPY on our guest dogs, yes we did.  And here it be, wot our guests did while they be home alone.(There is two of them but the little shih-tzu cammooflodged rilly well in the doggie bed sometimes.)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Signs of Hiking

So me and mom went hiking at this place where the trail goes through sumbuddy's turf.  You know how we is about our turf.  Well, it seems peeples has bigger turf issues than us dogs do.
There was NO signs saying where the trail started so we walked up the road until we found it.  Appawrently, it woz not here coz, well, see the sign?
Wait a minit, let me set the mood fur you before I go on...

OK, now that we all has that song in our brains, let us pawcede.
I followed the arrow sign but oops, wrong way.
Yup, this be looking more like a hiking trail.
OK, we is on a roll now.
Ahhh, nice hiking trail.
Well, not pawlitically correct - should say " FOOT AND PAW TRAVEL ONLY" but I take no offense.
La di da di da, hiking along hasing a wonnerful time when...
... OMD!  Wot do all these signs say?
No problem!  I always stay on the trail like this, see?  Even when I seened a big sign way off the trail I asked mom to zoom in with her camera coz, you know, we is not allowed to leave the trail to go read it.  Mom zoomed in from the trail and this be wot the sign sayed...
Ha!  We didn't fall fur that trick.
Oh look, a pond!
But all I can do is look coz...
But I did see a chipmonkey...
... and pretty mushyrooms...
... and flowahs in the pond.

Oh, and so Roo asked if'n we drive an hour to go to hikes.  Well, this hike woz about 1 hour away from our house.  There is some nice hike about an hour away but we has alreddy done most of them so we usually drive about 2-3 hours in the hikemobile to go hiking and see new and eggsiting places.  Without so many signs.