Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All OK Here!

Just wanted to let efurrybuddy know that we is all OK here.  Sandy Frankenstorm swipied our powah but Anna the GSD's mom sent powah line fixer peeples up here from Alabammer so we is all good now.  We did not has any flooding and with no powahs fur the sump pump our basement did stay dry coz there was not much rain by us.  The other side of our town flooded big time coz of the storm surge but we was high and dry.  The wind was skeery crazy but we only got a few branches down.  We was watching the sky light up during the storm thinking it be lightening but we found out from the neybor that be transformers blowing - yikes!
Surveying the grounds after the storm.  Geez, you would think mom nefur rakes the yard, BOL!

A big tree branch blocking our street but some neybor men moved it out of the way.

Anudder big branch next to our front yard.  That be about it in our 'hood.
The hornet nest in our tree did not fare so well :(
We hear it be a big mess in Noo York City but we has not had televishuns so we needs to catch up on wot be happening in the werld around us.  I think we was furry, furry lucky.  Irene made a bigger mess at our house than Sandy did.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Last Hikes Before Hurricane Sandy

While we is sitting here all shuttered up waiting fur that Hurry-Cane Sandy to thwock us, I is going to make good use of my time by telling you about TWO more hikes I did last week.  We did FOUR hikes last week fur a total of 27 miles.  We woz trying to get all the fall colors afore Sandy noms them all up.  So I needs to catch you up.

On Thursday mom had to be in south Noo Joisey at 6 am fur 1 1/2 hours so I waited in the car while mom woz bizzy then we walked on a rail trail afore going back home.
I tried to bring you all back some Howloween from this walkie coz with Hurry-Cane Sandy I will not be able to do the skeery Howloween hike I promised you.  So be skeered NOW.  Boo.
I seened a kitteh-pillar
And some feral kittehs.
Here do be a Howloween feral kitteh fur you.
A Howloween punkin.

Then on Furiday we went to Pilly-delphia to hike in a city park wot be like hiking in the woods like we usually do coz it be furry rugged with ofur 50 miles of trails!  I wonner if Lucy the Cat's peeps woz efur there when they lived in Pencilvania?

Let me point out that in this park there be wanted posters fur a RAPIST!  Can we pick 'em or wot?  Anyways, that happened way earlier in the year so he be long gone.
I alreddy snootered out some falling waters.
These leaves woz crunchy unner my paws.
So here I is enjoying the pritty colors when...
... wot do that be wot I hear?
There be dogs swimming in the waters!  But mom say I is not allowed coz that creek be one of the most pawlooted creeks in Pencilvania.
This be furry interesting how the trail has fancy steps.
So as we is hiking along, there be a whole school of school childruns.  Me and mom stepped off the trail and let them pass coz there woz LOTS of them.  All the childruns was all SQUEEEEEE ofur ME!  Wot funs.
We went by a stable with lots of horsies. I wanted to go say HEY at them butt...
Here I is next to the GREAT BEECH tree wot is a state champion tree in Pencilvania.  I think it be like ofur 300 years old!  Lots of peeps has cutted their names in the tree - GRRRRRR on them!
This be a deaded magnolia tree wot woz 250 years old in 1979.
Here I is with some trail ambassadors wot we met.  They hike around the park and help peeps wot is lost and stuffs.
This be the Forbidden Drive - it be called that coz cars is furbidden, not peeps.  But most peeps is on this trail so we went back on the woods where there be no udder peeps.
On this trail it be just me and mom and...
... and a chip monkey!
Pawsome hike and it be hard to tell we woz in a city!
So that be it fur now while we ride out Hurry-Cane Sandy.  I has been thinking about my buddy Yoda the Dog in Furginia and do be hoping all be well there coz that Sandy went by him furst afore coming this way.  And me and mom hopes efurrybuddy else be safe too.  If'n you want to see wot be happening close to us in Noo York City, here do be a live cam.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hiking with the Fugitive

Rememmer weekend before last when we hiked in that big park where a bad man be on the loose coz he deaded somebuddy?  We went back to that park again.  There be a little bit of an update - the day after we was there last time a hiker smelled some stink and called the pawlice and they brought in the cadaver dogs but they did not find nuttin.  So I had to go back and do some sniffing of my own.
See, the wanted poster be hanging by this trail, too.
Keeping a watchful shepherd eye out fur trubbulls.
The coast be clear, let's roll.
There was some pritty colors in this park now, lots more than the last time we was here.
But lots of the leaves has fallened off the trees.
Seriously, mom, we is going UP there?!?!?!?!
Good thing mom was too bizzy hoisting me up to take pictures of it.
It do be pritty up here.
Just in time fur us, a brand spanking new bridge.  The old one was nommed up by Irene last year and they just finished building the new one.
OMD!  More straight up rawk climbing.  I is not skeered, I just happen to look skeered.  That be my story and I is sticking to it.
But there do be more seeniks up here.
And I got some chickun jerkey fur not gibbing mom too hard of time about climbing up. I is not saying she had to scruff me and pull me up or nuttin like that.  Well, mebbe on that one little part.
This be so mom know which way to go, like pee mail fur hoomans.
I do see a lake ofur there.
And here be some rawk art that I think Frankie Furter might like.
We camed down off the mountain and there be creeks and stuff.
More pritty leaves.
I be standing in the creek but it be all full of leaves.
I finded an open spot here.
I see lots of rawks and little falling waters...
Now this do feel sooooo good!
My snooter did not detect any bad peeps in the park, deaded or alive.  They do think the bad man could not has survived this long coz he be an old geezer with a bad heart and stuffs and that he either escaped out of the park or he be deaded by now.