Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mini Monday Hike and the Chiropractor on Wednesday

So coz Monday was a howliday I had my monthly chiropractor tune-up on today, Wednesday.  And coz the chiropractor be far away from my house in hiking country, we did our usual mini hike furst.  This be only a 2 mile hike around a lake but we seened lots of cool stuffs.
So right away we seened this Red-winged Blackbird when we was crossing the dam.
Then the trail got kind of icky coz it went right by a bizzy road.  Even though there was a fence, I keeped mom on the walking string coz you just never knowed if'n there would be a hole in the fence she could squeeze through and get over by the cars and get deaded.
Then we seened a chip monkey.
Then we seened a turtle on a rawk in the lake.
There was some pritty iris flowahs by the lake.
There was lots of Canada gooses there but they was not happy to see me.  I think lots of them was babies all growned up now coz they was so big you could not tell which ones was babies and which ones was pawrents.  When the babies was eggs, a furrend of mom's took a picture of the eggs and some doodyhead had writed on the eggs with MAGIC MARKER!  I guess if'n some doodyhead had writed on my egg afore I hatched, I would not take too kindly to visitors either.
Lots more gooses.  There was even more but they did not all fit in the camera.
We still had lots of time before my appointment when we finished so we sat at a picnic table and watched the show that the swans put on fur us so I made you a little slideshow of it.  (Click here if'n you cannot see the slideshow below.)

Then we got to Mike's Feed Farm where my chiropractor appointment is and we was still too early but they was showing movies.  I show you a bit of what I was watching.

Then my chiropractor, Dr. Marc, came and he always starts off my appointment with CHICKEN JERKY!  DROOL!
Here I is getting lined back up.  Becoz of Dr. Marc I did my whole Furginia hiking trip, all 75 miles of hiking, without getting gimpy or limpy at all!  (My last few trips I got all limpy and gimpy towards the end but that was before I started going to Dr. Marc.)  Thank you Dr. Marc!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Hiking

Happy Memorial Day efurrybuddy!  Betcha didn't know that before my time my mom used to ride in Rolling Thunder to Washington D.C. on a HARLEY to The Wall to honor the fallen soldiers.  She did not drive, she was a passenger, on the back seat.  Oh, yikes, was I supposed to tell that mom used to be a biker babe, BOL?  Well, that was in the olden days, now we go hiking.
I could not stand closer to the sign coz the ground was all swampy from all the rains we had.
I do not need any Mutt Mitts (coz I is not going to poo) but I is just checking pee-mail.
This do be the Devil's Half Acre Boulders.
Still more Devil's Half Acre Boulders.
Ahhhh, cooling off my furs in Roaring Rock Creek.
What a huge pile o' rawks.
This fence in the middle of the woods do look brokened.
There was lots of boardwalks coz it be furry muddy but they did not work...
.... see?
I see a pond...
... and I be just in time fur the Memorial Day Pawrade!
There was pawrade musics:  ♫ HONK ♫ HONK ♫ HONK ♫ HONK ♫
Mr. Turtle was in the pawrade, too.
And I is pritty sure the deer would has been in the pawrade too but I think they got lost and was in somebuddy's front yard.  They look confuzzled, no?
I went to clean my furs off at the other side of the pond so I would not disrupt the pawrade.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hot and Humid Hiking

Yes, furrends, here I is hiking back at home and it was hawt, humid and buggy - I had to put the bitey on bugs big time!  It was not this hawt and humid in Furginia.  But we still had lots of adventures on the Appalachian Trail in Noo York.
Foggy, hawt and humid on the Appalachian Trail in Noo York
Lots of mountain laurel was blooming in Noo York, just like in Furginia.
This be Cat Rocks and I think they call it that coz mom had to climb up on all fours but she did not look at all stealthy like a kitteh.  And I do not think kittehs huff and puff when they climb up on stuffs.
This be how we had to climb down from Cat Rocks and I gibbed mom a hard time ofur it coz I do not like to climb straight down walls.  But once I got ofur getting freaked out about it and went the way mom was telling me to, it was a piece of kibble.  I guess sometimes mom do know best.  Not always.
Common mom, stop taking pictures of mountain laurel.  We has hiking to do!
Ahhhh, I gets to cool my furs off at long last.
That loverly pool fur cooling of my furs was made pawsible by Fitzgerald Falls.
Here we is at the trail register - it be a book in that blue box up on the tree.  You write stuff in it.  Mom wrote a note to the thru-hikers we met in Furginia fur when they pass by here so they can see that mom and me, Shawnee the Shepherd, sayed HEY!
Check it out - somebuddy left noms on the trail.  I betcha the bears get it tonight.  We still had too far to hike to carry something big like that out so we left it.  Boo.  But mom say she had some better noms in mind fur me fur after the hike.  Well then, let's get going!
Mom sure do climb these mountains slow in the hawt humids.  I has to lay and wait fur her to catch up.
So then we met this Appalachian Trail thru hiker and his trail name be "Goldbond".  Mom furgot to ask where he be from.  They was too bizzy saying yak, yak yak bout other stuffs.
Then "Lakeland Nidhatak" commed along and "Gold Bond" told us he be hiking the Eastern Continental Trail.  That be 5,400 miles from Key West, FL to Belle Isle, Newfoundland with the Appalachian Trail in the middle!  Wowser!  He had been hiking fur 200 days alreddy and it do take a year to hike the whole way.  My hero!
Finally some seeniks but it still be too hazy to see them all.
Don't it look like I is going to walk off this big rawk right off the mountain?  No worries, I climbed down safely on the other side.  It was not as skeery as those Cat Rocks.
My new furrend Diesel.  I met him on the hiking trail.  He was hiking too.
Then I climbed some skeery steps up to this lookout...
... fur some more hazy seeniks.
We picked up some litter along the way (GRRRRRR) but I scored myself a new bandaner in no-huntin-me orange to match my magical collah!  Mom is going to wash it fur me but I think it be fine the way it is.  Mom say no, it must be washed.  Sigh.
When we got back to the parking lot, the stand we seened in the morning was open and mom sayed "Shawnee, would you like to go have a snack?"  OMD, fur real?!?!?!?!
"May I has a tube steak, pawlese, hold the toppings (BLECH!)"
Fur those of you who is new to Blogville, allow me to explain the pawlitical correctness of this.  On your left you has a hot dog or wiener dog, of which we has many in Blogville, and on the right you has a tube steak.  This is not to be confuzzled or interchanged.  That be BAD!
Settling down in the hikemobile to has my snack.  (And I get it ALL coz mom be a vegebullatarian and she don't do tube steaks - yay!)
Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom...  Sorry to nom in front of you all but rilly, this is nommy!
Hasing an ice cold water chaser.  Ahhhh.