Sunday, June 24, 2012

Three Hikes for the Price of One

Yes, furrends, I got THREE, count them on one paw, THREE hikes in one day.  A big normal (fur us) 10 mile hike and two mini hikes coz we was close to them and hey, why not?
The normal (fur us) hike starts here in Delaware State Forest wot is not in Delaware but in Pencilvania.  Hope I has cleared up that confuzzlement fur you.  Me, I dunno yet, I think I is still confuzzled.
All I know is I has TWO lakes to see.  Common mom, hurry up and sign us in and let's go!
Coming up on Egypt Meadow Lake pritty soon but to get there...
... I has to make my way thru a wild jungle of ofurgrown trail.
This be wot it looked like to me from my Shawnee Cam III.
Finally I see Egypt Meadow Lake.  But I did not feel like swimming so I did not go in.
Here be the dam we crossed by the lake.
This do not be the whole lake coz you cannot get it all in one picture.
On the way to the next lake I seened this big old tree.  You can see it be way bigger and way older than the udder trees.
The pee-mail do say I be going the right way to Bruce Lake.
Here be Bruce Lake.  It be a glacial lake atop a mountain.
I taked a nap in a nice shady spot by Bruce Lake...
...while mom pulled ticks (UGH) off of me and put them in my water bowl so they could not eggscape.  Mom throwed them in the lake so they would not suck blood from udder wildlifes. 
Good luck getting out of there, you blood sucking ticks (UGH!).
So here I is after the big hike hasing a drink of ice cold water from the cooler in the hikemobile afore moving on to the next hike.  (as seen by the Shawnee Cam III)
I is crossing a bridge to the island at Promised Land State Park wot is rite next door to the lakes I just hiked at.

The island trail from the Shawnee Cam III
I do beleef I has found some litter.  It woz heavy so mom opened it up...
Earth worms!  Sumbuddy left earth worm fish bait locked up in the litter container!  So wot do you think my mom be doing with them?
My mom turned them loose and sayed "RUN FREE" at them.  How embarrassing.
I decided to get my furs wet on the island but had mom take my Shawnee Cam off furst.
Mom got this shot of a flying skwerrel (not the same as those annoyink skwerrels in our yards) while I stood furry quietly so he would not run away.  I must say, he be furry kinda cute.  Mom woz all SQUEEEE ofur him.  So embarrassing.

Back at the parking lot to go to hike 3 (from the Shawnee Cam)
Fur our last hike of the day, I is going to find some falling waters, coz, well, I seened enuff lakes fur today.
Ta da!  Falling waters!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Slugs, Socks and Scouts Hike

I is not going to kibble-coat this - today's hike woz not the bestest.  The map showed seeniks but they turned out to be almost invisibull.  So we had to make the best of it so I show you wot we did see.
Sock 1 growing on a stick.
Sock 2 growing on a rawk.
I is taking a picture of mom with the Shawnee Cam while....
.... mom be taking a picture of me.
Socks nummer 3 and 4 growing on rawks.
Slug 1
Following the scouts.  I is bringing up the rear and checking to see if'n they all has their socks on.
We climbed all the way up to the top of the mountain where there woz supposed to be a seenik and no seenik.
Only a teeny tiny bit of one far, far away.
So I had a snack.
I digged me a hole.
And had me a little nap.
Slug 2
Kool-Aid litter.  We bringed it home and put it in recycling.
Sock 5 growing in a tree.
A message in a tree.  I find pee-mail to be much more efficient.
An old house.  Or something.
And more from the Shawnee Cam III:
That be my mom.
Mom's skeery white legs.
My tong and chin furs.
This fambly woz in the parking lot with us.  So it got me to thinking...  do they has hiking fambly stickers?
So I googled and ta da!  Wadda ya think?  Should I has mom order this fur the hikemobile?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hiking in Connecticut

So some of you might remember my furrend Haley from Connecticut.  Sometimes we hike togedder and this was one of those times.
Haley arrived at the meeting place.  We left her car there and both got in my car...
... and drived to the udder end of the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut so we could hike back to Haley's car.
The furst thing we had to do after parking my car is go ofur one of those stiles just like in Furginia.  I went right over.  Sorta.  Well, I couldn't let Haley show me up, could I?
No cows in this meadow.  Just me and Haley.  And our moms.
Here be the first seenik we commed to.
Then we seened an American Toad.  Mom did not let me in the picture with him coz the toad be camooflodged and too hard fur mom to see in the camera.
Some refreshing fur cooling waters.
A seenik at Caleb's Peak.
We taked a break at Caleb's Peak.
Then we seened a snek.  But not at our break, later.  He be a harmless garter snek.
Some more seeniks afore going....
... down....
... down, furry steeply down.  I had to help Haley's mom.
Then at the bottom, OMD, that dude do be climbing UP the slickery rawk, not the way we commed down.  You can see him teeny tiny up top.
There was more peeples in the woods getting reddy to climb up those rawks.  Insanity, I tell you!  No way is you getting me up there!
After the big death defying climb down, we was on the easy peasy road fur a while getting our strut on.
The road taked us to a flat trail along the Housatonic River.  They say that river be furry pawluted so I was not allowed to go in.
Then Haley got tired and tried to take a nap on the trail.  Her mom be sitting by her.  But that was only until my mom sayed the magic werds...
"Who wants some CHICKEN JERKY?????"  Haley made a miraculous recovery and RAN to mom fur chicken jerky.  Those is werds you don't has to say twice around us!
Hey!  Did somebuddy lose a shoe?
Haley be all revived.  I highly recommend chicken jerky fur medicinal pawposes.
Then we found Haley's car and her mom drived us back to our car and we went home.
So did you by chance notice that in some pictures I was wearing THE SHAWNEE CAM 3?  Yup, they do not make them any more but mom found a place on that Amazon and they was still selling them so she got me anudder one.  The pictures was not so good but here is few.

My tong and the hairs on my chinny chin chin.
Haley's mom.