Monday, September 24, 2012

Hiking at the Reservoir

We has hiked a few times at this reservoir this year but always in different places so if'n the pictures of the water looks familiar to you, well, it is!  We had to stay close to home this past weekend coz of hasing guests at our B&B and this reservoir do be one of the closer places.
We gots here as the sun was rising to we gots some nice pictures.
This be the reservoir at the dam.  But we come back to it later coz we has to go in the woods furst.
In the woods.
I is in my happy place.
So tell me which of these pictures you like better - this one with the litter...
Or this one of the eggzakt same place without the litter?
I hads to cross ofur this water.
Akshun shot.
Watch wot happens when I come out of this pawt...  (You watching, Sage?)
Ta da!
I dunno why mom woz all EWWWWW ofur that coz there woz plenty of oppawtoonities to clean up.
Oh, these falling waters is fur Frankie Furter.  And they is coming out of a rawk.  Hai Frankie.
OK, one last time in the creek afore we climb up the mountain fur...
... a powah nap ...
... at the seenik.
Can you beleef mom furgot to reload my chicken jerky supply in her backpack?  Unfurgivabull!
Fun times!  (Mom woz not pleased.  Chicken jerky - 'nuff said.)
But I cleaned up in the reservoir.
I just hads to get lots of water in today coz it do be getting colder here and soon it be too cold to get my furs wet.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Early Fall Hiking

Today we drived up to northeastern Pencilvania and did a little bit of early leaf peeping and LOTS of seenik peeping!
There was seeniks right at the beginning of the hike already!
And lots more seeniks coz we was hiking in the heath barrens which be fancy werds fur mini trees and stuffs
Hey!  Where did this black cloud ofur my head come from?
I hiked through a tree.
Scenic overload!
I got a picture of mom taking a picture of the seenik, BOL!
Here be a little chickadee with some fall colors.
We is going into the woods now where there be no seeniks fur a bit.
But the woods be pritty seenikal too, you think?
It would be so wrong if'n I did not find some old clunker on my hikes.
Back to the seeniks!
I gots a picture of mom putting down our break blankie at the seenik.

I decided not to take my break nap on the break blankie coz I seened this big rawk...
... and wanted to nap there in the blueberry bushes.  Comfort level: FAIL!
Then through some more mini trees...
... to the pond fur cooling of the furs!

I always do ACK ACK when I is in the water coz I almost drownded myself when I was a youngin so I ACK ACK, just in case.  I say better safe than sorry.
Thanks, pond, that woz fun times!
We went on this trail called the Bruised Ego Trail but I is telling you that sign need to be changed to the Bruised Paw Trail coz mom stepped right on my paw on that trail and made me yelp, oh yes she did.  I sat all pawthetic with my paw in the air making mom feel all guilty and stuff.  I got lots of luvins, BOL.  I woz fine then.  I say when the peeps hurt you, milk it fur all it be worth.  Note to self: Hold out fur chickun jerky the next time.
This was the seenik all the way back to the car on this road.  You know why there be roads up there?  Coz back in 2001, rite when I was borned, they was going to build a business park on this mountain and they alreddy put the roads in before the land was saved and made into a nature preserve.  Thank dogness this was not made into a business park so we can hike there and enjoy the seeniks!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Cooler Air Hiking

I gib my utmost thanks to my neybors in CANADA fur sending me COOL AIRS and sending the humidities away!  Nefur mind the storm that came in front of it blowed down the fence.
Mom nailed an exercise pen to wot is left standing.  Now we feel like we is in jail.  Ya think they could cut their grass ofur there sumtime?  We do not has any to cut - solves that problem.  That be the neybor's fence, not ours, but I just know my kibble money is going to has to buy a new one coz they take care of nuttin ofur there.  They has a pool that they nefur use, it be falling apawt and there be skeeter orgies going on in it all summer long and we gets eatened alive ofur here.  Hey Puddles, I think we has Stoopids, Jr. next to me.

Anyways, off my kibble box and on with the hike.  We had no guests at the B&B this weekend so we could go farther away.  We went to the most bootiful place in Pencilvania with lots of waters.
Follow me and I show you.
OK, so on my hikes I has seened old rusty cars, a rusty old bulldozer, old boats with holes in them and now a rusty old snowmobile?
HOLD YOUR LEASHES!  Wot has my snooter detected here?
Furrends, scratch your monitors with your paws and take a sniff - heaven, I tell you! (I camooflodged it so your peeps would not hork up all ofur your keyboards - you know they is silly that way.)
I turned my head to the side and in one fluid motion went in for the slide when....
Reenactment of my mom - she screamed rilly lowd!  Bummer, a missed apawtoonity fur free perfooming.
So off to Deep Lake.
Pritty, no?
I gots me a piece of chickun jerky coz mom was hasing a guilt trip about screaming at me, BOL.
So I come around the bend here and this little snek got so skeered he could not get hisself turned around, got hisself all knotted up and woz flopping around all ofur the place.  Mom is like, OMD, the poor little snek.  He finally got hisself unknotted and let mom take a picture.
The uncoordinated snek.
Here I is at Wolf Swamp but it do look like a lake to me.
See, it be a lake.
Check out the picture of the moon we got from Wolf Swamp.  All togedder now, ARRRROOOOOOOOO!
Then we is hiking along and me and mom jumped high in the air when we thought a tree be falling down on us but it turns out we spooked a herd of grouse.  Yup, it be a herd, I tell you, like 87 of them.  One stayed behind in the tree to spy on us.
Mom was all SQUEEEEE, of course.
Here be some seeniks.
Seeniks from atop the Pocono Plateau.
Chickun jerky break at the seeniks.
A hawk fevver.  Oh, and I has my Shawnee Cam back coz there be no B&B guests to spy on this weekend so I had mom put it on me when we was away from the lakes.  I show you some of my pics now...
OK, so then I met up with some labbies!
My new labbie furrends.
They hiked with me and showed me their sekrit creek with falling waters. Pawsome!
I shared my last piece of chickun jerky with my new furrends.  Nice of me, don't you think?