Monday, January 28, 2013

Hiking in Merryland

Wowser, do I has a pawtacular hike to tell you about!  You will not believe your eyeballs.  The boy and the girl was going to be at my house doing dirty laundry so me and mom could be gone all day long becoz they could let my sis Sydney out fur us.  So off we went.  Me and mom headed south to Merryland.
We was on the red trail becoz it matched my sporty red winter coat.
This trail went up crazy high ofur the Susquehanna River.  There was all kinds of seeniks.
Then we climbed down and walked on the old abandoned railroad tracks next to the river.  Sometimes the ground was gone but there was room fur my paws to walk around it.
We seened a great blue heron ofur on a rawk in the river.
And a red-bellied woodpeckah eating his breakfast.
Then I is all like la di da di da strolling along when mom hisses unner her bref "SHAWNEE! Behind me NOW!"  So fine, I go stand behind mom and look up and wot do I see?
Oh. My. Dawg.  It do be a bald eagle!  Mom wanted me behind her so I would not skeer him off.  He did stay fur a long time and we got like 87 pictures of him.
So then I is all like la di da di da back on the trail when we look up and see .....
A youngun bald eagle!  They do not get their white heads and tails until they is like 5 years old or sumpin, I furget exactly.
He flied away ...
... then came back to his same branch.
He wanted to show us his belleh.  Mom was all squeeeee ofur this.
Then I is back on the trail sniffing some pee mail when I look ofur at the river and I see ...
Mom and dad eagle, two eagle chillrens, grandma eagle and a black crow.  Say wha? A black crow?
So you see, gramma eagle ofur there was hasing herself some breakfast behind the rawk.  (Pee Ess - mom thinks all wildlife noms spaghetti so we lets her believe that, k?)  Anyways, right after this picture, that crow went and swipied some errrr, spaghetti from the eagle!
Such pawsomeness seeing these eagles all ofur the place enjoying a bootiful Sunday in the sun beams!
Scanning fur more eagles.
Hellooooooo! Any eagles at home here?
Can you stand just one more eagle picture?
Ta da!  Found some more!
OK, 'nuff with the eagles.  Here be some old timey stuffs.
Then back up the mountain to some more seeniks ofur the river.
And back to the hikemobile waiting fur me at the end.

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Maiden Hike of the Hikemobile II

So on Tuesday mom put my blankie in the Hikemobile II and we went fur a test spin so I could try it out.
My lounging space.
Careful mom, no running into nuttin backing up out of the driveway!
I gibs it my approvals.
So on Wednesday we was off to a park in Phillydelphia.
This be a furry rugged park in the city of Phillydelphia.  We hiked a different pawt of it on Oct 26, just a few days afore that Hurrycane Sandy blowed through.
There is lots of old bridges and historical stuffs in these woods.
Here we is at the water but I was not pawmitted to get my furs wet coz mom say the water be furry pawlooted.  I think it be an excuse not to get my wet furs in the new hikemobile.
These is some big mossy rawks.
I has to take an alternate route coz that bridge do not feel good on my paws.
I tried to find an alternate route around that thing up there but there be nuttin.  Wait until you see wot is in there!

I survived the tunnel of horrors.
Here be some HurryCane Sandy casualties.
I dunno wot this is out in the woods but it sure do feel good on my paws.
Wowser, a big bridge!
There be a furry old wall.  Back in the olden says there was mills and stuff here.
We went to this old timey village.
I put my paw prints by some old letters in a rawk.
Some pritty falling waters.
I worked furry hard to collect some of the trail to bring back to the Hikemobile II but what did mom do?  She wiped it off of me!
My paw prints did not even  make it on the Hikemobile.
But my furs, they do show up so furry nicely on the black carpet, no?

So I is happy to repawt that the Hikemobile II did a furry good job getting us to our hike and back and waited furry nicely fur us in the pawking lot.  The pooter in the Hikemobile telled us we was getting 39 miles per gallon on the turnpike - wowser!  Think of the pawsibilities - we can go rilly far now!

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Hikemobile, RIP

I is so sorry I has been slacking on blogging.  We was rilly bizzy ofur the howlidays with the B&B and had lots of guests here but I had to take sick days and stay in my bed coz my back went wonky.  I think the steps on the deck did it to me.  Bad steps.  The chiroV-E-T put my bones back where they belong and I is OK now.  So me and mom was going hiking yesterday and I was all reddy to has good times to bloggie about.  So it was early in the morning and we is driving along...
Six in the morning and it was still dark outside.  La di da, driving along on the highway...  (This be a reenactment of actual events, not the actual pictures of the actual events.)
... when going into Pencilvania through the tollbooths mom is like "OMG!  What happened to the dashboard lights?  Where are the headlights?!?!?!?!
All the lights went furry dim and mom got off the highway just in time fur the dashboard to light up and blinkie like a Christmas tree then efurrything went black and the hikemobile was deaded.  What to do?  It was dark out and we was an hour away from home!  Well, it was a miracle coz mom tried a couple of times to start the hikemobile and it came back to life like nuttin efur happened.  But mom was skeered to go on to the hike so we turned around and headed back home.  No hike :(  The hikemobile did get deaded like that two more times on the way home but we made it.
Bad, bad hikemobile.
Mom took Vacula out there (be skeered hikemobile, be furry skeered) and stoled all my furs back.  I had been saving up my furs along with assorted trail dirt.  Seriously, the hikemobile gets cleaned all the time but I has lots of furs to save.
So in the morning I sent mom to the store to get us a new hikemobile.  I wanted one like this:

That be the store I sent mom to, the Zoobaroo store, coz I like their commercials and they is furry animal furriendly.  They even has adoption events at the store I sent mom to.  And my furrend Sarge has a Zoobaroo and likes his lots.  My furrend Yoda, his mom drived one and rilly liked it.  Well, half way to the Zoobaroo store, the hikemobile went deaded again and would not start at all.  Deaded.  Gone.  To the junkyard in the sky.
This be how mom and the hikemobile got to the Zoobaroo store.
So..... a long, long, long time later I heard a strange car pull up at my house and I went to investigate.
Meet the Hikemobile II.  Shawnee approved.
It be a 2012 certified preowned hikemobile with 4500 miles on it so mom saved lots of green papers.  It be smaller than the Hikemobile I, RIP, but it do not nom much gasoline and that means MORE HIKES!!!!!  And it has all paw drive so we can go in the snow and has an easier time on dirt roads going to hikes!   And it be a hikemobile where no dog as gone afore so I get to put MY furs in it!  It be needing some nose artwerk on the winders to snazz it up a bit.   I can't wait to add my pawsonal touches to it!