Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hiking the Rolling Hills of Pennsylvania

Hey furrends!  Sorry I has been away so long again.  We has been bizzy, bizzy, bizzy here.  Anyways, I has to tell you about my hike from Monday coz I seened some furry pawsome things.
This hiking trail do be going fur 30 miles around the whole lake but we did not hike all 30 miles, just 13 miles.  There is furry good sniffs all around this lake.  I is at the dam here so you cannot see the lake yet.  Just a minit...
This be the lake.  Well pawt of it coz it be furry big and I cannot fit it in one picture.
So many good sniffs.  Ahhhhhh!
Well howdy cuzzin!
Her dad whistled and she taked off like a bullit.
No wonner there be such good sniffs here - there be a skwerrel trail!
On the top of the hills was farm fields.
Snooter still in overdrive while mom was playing with the camera.
The wevver got warm so we sat in the sunbeams in a corn field atop a hill and I nommed on chickun jerky fur our break.
A belleh rub would has been nice but mom would not gib me one.  I wonner why not.
Mom always did say I need some mud flaps like those big rigs has.
This woz the seenik from our break spot.  It was nice to has a warm day to sit down and rest in a pritty place.  It has been too cold all winter until this hike.
Then we went through this old timey historical farm place.
OMD!  An old timey peeple potty!
Wowser, look wot I found!
They be Scottish Highland cattle way ofur here in the You Ess of A.
On our way back at the end of the hike ...
... we stopped at the new fangled peeple potty at the boat launch.
Shhhh.  I was nefur in here, k?
Here we is back at the dam.  It woz such a bootiful warm (and muddy!) day.
So I dunno if'n this skwerrel hitched a ride back with us from that skwerrel trail or wot but I has nefur seened a BLACK skwerrel in MY yard.  Well, he runned across my deck, went to the side of the house and grabbed an apple core (BLECH!) wot mom throw out fur the skwerrels (crazee, I know) and sat in MY front yard and nommed it!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hiking in Delaware

So you know that Nemo commed through here dropping all kinds of snows on us.
OMD, Nemo, wot did you do to my deck and my yard?!?!?!?
Sydney and me, we dropped lots of snow inside the house so mom would go out and shovel us a snow-free spot.
So we checked on the innerwebs and oh doggie, we seened that Nemo did not go to Deli-ware and we had a park in Deli-ware we was saving fur just such an occassion.
See!  Just 2 hours south of here in the hikemobile and ...  Not. One. Single. Snow. Flek.
The trail went all around a big pond and it woz quite loverly.
I stood furry quietly while mom got a picture of an Eastern Bluebird and ...
... a red Cardinal!
A rascally raccoon walked on this bridge right before me but I did not see him.  Just his wet paw prints.
So on the park map it showed a connection to a new trail along a canal but it sayed it was not done yet.  So again we consultated with the innerwebs and the innerwebs told us the new trail woz supposed to be done in February 2013 - that be NOW!  So we went to snooter it out.
This do be where the connection should be - on the udder side of the road.  No connection.  But did that stop us?
We crossed the road, climbed up a steep hill and found ....
... TA DA!  The new trail.  But hey, it do not be finished yet!  It be all full of bulldozer tracks and mud and stuffs.
So we found us some unofficial trails in the woods and hiked those.  That was much more fun times than the muddy not finished trail.
Back ofur at the park I seened this wot made me think of my furrend, Merlin, coz he do the trail challenges in the parks where he lives!
Then back around the pond to finish our hike but right before the pawking lot, wot did I see?
A dog park INSIDE the park?!?!?!?  Mom and me, we do not like dog parks and do not go coz it just be a place with a fence around it with too many dogs then there is fights and I get all skeered and stuffs but I wanted to check this out coz we woz walking right by it.
I woz so surprised!  There be NO FENCE, you can just take your peep off the walking string and run around.  There is trails and efurrything.  It be a corner of the park just fur dogs!  Pawsome.  And here comes my furst new furrend!
"Hi, my name is Shawnee and I is turning 12 years old."  "Hi, my name is Piper and I is 7 years old."  "Let's be furrends!"  "OK"
Piper lives one mile from here and she brings her dad here all the time.  He do be one lucky dad!
Me and Piper then made furrends with this white dog.  I cannot remember his name but he is a pitty/AmStaff mix and he was so furry nice.
We played and had fun times while our peeps just did YAK YAK YAK YAK.
Running like the wind after hiking almost 10 miles.  Not bad fur an old girl turning 12, heh?
Then I had to go meet Moose.  He was practicing fetch in the pond.  That's a labbie fur ya.
Then there was a shepherd wot reminded me of my furrend Anna but it was not her.  I met Anna in the furs so I would know her if'n I seened her again.
Then it woz time to leave and MORE new furrends coming in but mom say it be time to go or the hikemobile would be getting stuck in traffic on the way home if'n we waited any longer.  Well, it was fun times fur sure but I woz reddy fur a long, long nap.
Pee Ess - Yoda, ask your mom if'n she rememmers this.  It to be where I met her in the fur.  We drived right by on the way home.