Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hiking With a New Friend

I is so furry furry sorry I as been away fur so long.  We has been booked solid ofur here at the B&B and I nefur seem to has enuff time to hop ofur to Blogville fur a visit any more.  I think about you all always though and really, really try to get back and well, here I is!  I has decided why do double werks that I has no time fur?  When I has a furriend at the B&B that can go hiking with me, we do a video to show the fambly how much fun times their dog is hasing (WAY more fun than their fambly is hasing, I can woof you that!) so I will share that video with you all, too, as my blog postie.  It be like nomming two treats at one time.

So a quick intro...
My new furrend, Tucker.
Tucker be staying here at the B&B fur 3 weeks.  He do be 4 years old and was just adopted in January.  I knowed I liked him the minit I met him and I told mom he was going to be a good hiking dog.  Well you all just see fur yourselves!

So you think his fambly be green with jellyness that Tucker be hasing fun times like this?  Did you see we had chickun jerky flavored water to drink?  Oh yes, green with jellyness they is fur sure!

I needs to come back and do a review fur a collah I was asked to try and I is furry, furry late with that so be back soonly.