Friday, May 31, 2013

Catching Up On Memorial Day Weekend Hikes

Hi furriends!  I has a minit to catch you up now.  Been bizzy, bizzy again and yesterday I had to go to the V-E-T coz I had an owie in my ear.  It do not be an ear infection down in my ear but an ulcer and inflammation right inside the opening of my ear.  Efurry time mom would try to look at it or put stuff in it (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!) I would suck my ear shut, hide my head, whimper, whine, you know, the whole Drama Queen act.  So yesterday at the V-E-T I sat pawfectly still, did not make a sound, and let the V-E-T put her instruments of torture in my ear.  I taked it like a man.  Mom woz shocked.  Hehehehehe, I so like to toy with her sometimes.  Anywoo, I has to let mom put meds in my ear now (with the full whining and whimpering routine) but it be getting better now so we is hopeful this be the fix fur it.

So furstly I start you off with a video of my hike with Kacey, our B&B guest ofur the weekend.  But I must warn you:  KEEP YOUR PEEPS AWAY FROM YOUR MONITORS!  Why?  Coz they will be all SQUEEEEEEEEEE when they see Kacey.  She be a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and peeps get all gaga ofur her.  Sigh.

Then Monday we had to leave Kacey at home coz we woz doing a big 12 mile hike in the mountains and ravines and stuffs and it would have been too hard and too long fur Kacey.
Here I goes off into the woods.
These be trails fur horses but hikers is allowed too.  We did not see any horses.
It woz dark in here but the pine needles is soft on my paws.
Mom wanted me to put this in.  It had no pee mail on it so not impawtant to us.
Ah, some nice refreshing waters!
Check out the mess that Sandy made.  These trails just opened up last month after being closed coz of that Sandy.
Some pawts is still closed coz the roads is brokened.
This be a belted kingfisher and they be loud and noisy.  I would get into trouble fur woofing as much as he chatters.
Pritty forests.
Stopping fur chickun jerky reenergizations.
Cooling off my paws by the falling waters.
So we is hiking along and here do be this turkey snoozing in the middle of the trail!
That "gobble-gobble-gobble" be mom trying to talk turkey at the turkey.  SOOOO embarrassing!
In fact, when mom started gobbling at the turkey, the turkey taked off ....
... and hided way up in the tree to get away from the crazy lady!
Holy smoked chickun, check out this gargantuous uprooted tree!
There be this old timey farm we seened.
And anudder creek fur cooling of the furs.
Then we climbed up high to...
... a seenik!  We is standing in Pencilvania looking into Noo Joisey and that be the Deliware River down there.
We could spy on peeps in canoes.
And take a break in the shades.
Wowser, a whole pond to cool off in. 
Fun times!
Oh, and I has some kwestions to answer from some of my furriends and I do that now.

How do we keeps from getting lost?
We had a big hiking rule #1 - NO MAP, NO HIKE!  Sometimes it be hard to find maps but mom researches and researches and researches (one reason she always be hogging my pooter) so we has a map and a plan and that do keep us from getting lost.  Most of the time.

Do we ever get lost?
Never. (That sound be mom snickering in the background.)  Sure, we has made a wrong turn or lost the trail coz it fizzles out but we has always found our way back thanks to MY snooter.  If'n there be a trail, I can snooter it out so sometimes when mom can't see the trail coz it not be well-defined, she has learned to trust my snooter and follow me coz mom has no sense of direction wotsoefur.  Has my snooter efur been wrong?  Well, mebbe one or twice.

Do we always follow the red marked trail?
The trails can be different colors or sometimes no colors at all.  The map usually tells us wot color we wants to follow.  This last hike had no colors just posts at intersections (sometimes) so we had to watch the map closely to know when and where to turn.  But us dogs don't see colors like peeps so we has to rely on our snooters.  The colors is fur the peeps.

Do we let peeps visit our B&B?
No peeps allowed.  Only dogs is allowed, BOL.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Hiking the Matterhorn ...

... and the West Rim of the Grand Canyon.  Fur real.  I is not pulling your leash.  You just wait and see fur youself.
See, I do woof no lies.  We be getting to the Matterhorn later.
So Tucker has gone back home and I do miss him but it do be nice just to be hiking with me and mom again.  The B&B be empty this weekend so we made a looooooong road trip.  It taked us almost 4 hours in the hikemobile to get there.
There be pritty forests with pritty creeks.
This do be the trail register wot we has to sign coz it lets the park peeples know their trails is being used by us hikers.
Did mom do a fine job of signing us in or wot?  I snoopervised.
It do be going steeper up the mountain here with the creek way down there.
OMD, an old dy-no-mite shack in the woods!
We is finally at the top and I sniff a seenik coming up.
Ta da!  This do be the Grand Canyon of Pencilvania.  That pointy mountain ofur yonder, that be the Pencilvania Matterhorn and we be climbing that way later.
Moving on to the next seenik.
I has to get my paws wet in the creek first.
Ahhh, here we is at the next seenik taking a break.

It would not be a break at a seenik without some chickun jerky, DROOL!
And some DOGwood.
Come along, mom, we do need to find some falling waters now.
No falling waters yet but a pawsome fur wetting hole.
I do see some falling waters down there ...
We needs to climb down.
Ta da!
A little while later we found more falling waters!
I is going to park myselfs here while mom goes ofur to the edge and makes you all a movie of the falling waters.
That do be the Pencilvania Matterhorn (Gillespie Point) ofur there and we could has hiked ofur there furst before going back to our car.  But we had alreddy hiked 9 miles and coz I do be 12 years old now, mom thought I should has some lunch and a break furst so we went back to the car.
Nom, nom, nom, nom.  That nanner be fur mom, not me, BLECH.
Then mom got out her pillows and parked herself in MY back seat to nap with ME.  At furst I thought it be kind of weird but OK, we can werk with this.  So me and mom powah napped fur a bit.
So then mom got back in the front seat where she do belong so she can drive the hikemobile and she drived us ofur to that Pencilvania Matterhorn and we climbed up.
And up.  And up.  And up.
Almost at the top.
Wah lah!  That ahind me do be where we hiked the West Rim earlier.
Totally pawsome break spot. 
Then we hads to go down off the mountain ...
... and back to the hikemobile to drive all the way home.