Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hiking with Daisy

Well furrends, I has been out of hiking commission fur a couple of weeks.  By order of my chiropractor.  My right back leg has been all gimpy after hiking and mom could tell I was not hasing much fun towards the end of the hikes coz of my leg.  So I rested.  I was bored.  I entertained Frankie Furter and Ernie's great-great-great-great-great-great gramma last week.  Well, she could be.  See fur yourself.
This do be Annie.  She stayed at my B&B.  She be 16 years old and do be blind and deaf.  We rested togedder. 
So I went back to my chiropractor yesterday and he did say I can start hiking again.  Mom has been emailing with my V-E-T and they has decided that I should take Rimadyl only on hiking days coz I rilly do not need it efurry day yet.  My V-E-T has been saying fur years that I has Arthur-I-Tis in my knee and he might be gibbing me troubles now but because of Arthur-I-Tis, I needs to keep hiking to keep my muscles in shape.  I has been taking the Glue-Co-Za-Mean and stuffs fur years.  I is 12 years old and mom do take the Advils so she can hike.  Only fair, no?

So yesterday I did a little short hike, not even 3 miles, with my furrend Daisy who be staying at my B&B this week.  Daisy be a 4-year-old Malti-Poo.  She would only hike if'n I was leading the way.  If'n I wanted to hike behind mom, Daisy would not hike.  So I had to be the leader the whole time.  OK, so here do be the video of our hike.  The YouTubes did mess up the beginning but it get's better in a sec.