Sunday, August 25, 2013

Catching Up

Hey efurrybuddy!  I is hoping that after Laboring Day things quiet down a little here coz I needs a break from this B&B laboring!  OK I did has a day off the udder day and I will tells you bout that in a minit but I want to show you my hike furst with my boarding buddy, "he ain't nuttin but a coonhound" Bruno.  You knows, before he came to stay with us (this be his second stay) he was kicked out of 3 B&B's in ONE WEEK fur being naughty, BOL.  But my mom, she do be rilly bossy, so he lissens to her.  I told him to trust me, easier to do wot she says then she shuts up.  Plus mom say if'n we keeps him tired, he be a good boy so I has to take him hiking.  So anyways, here do be my hike with Bruno.

Did you see how I had to SHOW him how to get his furs wet?  It do be an outrage that he knows nuttin about that.  Well, now he do.

So then on Furiday I had to go to the V-E-T fur mom to LEAVE ME THERE!  NOOOOOOOOO!  Well, I do get the speshul treatments becoz mom is furrends with my V-E-T so she stays with me until I goes to sleep then the V-E-T calls mom to come get me when I is waking up coz I gets rilly freaked out being left at the V-E-T.  But you would not beleef wot mom did while I woz getting my toofers cleaned and my bum leg x-rayed.  Well, see fur youselfs.

This woz the look on my face when mom walkied in telling the V-E-T how much funs she had.
Not amused.
Keep in mind my mom has not been on a bike in ofur 30 years.  She could has brokened her neck and nefur come back to get me!  Do she be crazy?  So anyways, I has clean toofers now but the V-E-T stole two of them.  She say it be furry strange coz it be the same toof on either side of my mouf and they both had the same hole straight thru them.  I is not telling how that happened, BOL.  Now, my bum leg...  The V-E-T say that long ago I had a partial cruciate ligament tear but it didn't make enuff owies for me to let mom know about it.  But it made a great home for that Arthur Itis to move in and he has quite a mansion going in my knee.  We do want to do the Adequan needles (Thanks Otto, Ruby and Bart ofur there at the Rottrovers fur telling me how good the Adequan werks!) but they is not making the Adequan now.  They say they going gib it back to the V-E-T end of August.  So we is waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting.  The good news do be that I is under the V-E-T's orders to keep on hiking.  Yay!  We just has to keep it shorter than wot we used to do but it gibs us a chance to visit all the smaller parks that was not big enuff fur me before.

Oh, and I almost furgotted, I has to answer a question fur Sam.  He do be asking from my last hike
What was the little yellow square with the umbrella on the one tree?
That do be a trail marker, Sam.  It woz a picture of a tree on the yellow square.  That do be so the peeps can find their way and not get lost.  We just use our snooters to find the way but peeps doesn't has good snooters like us so they need markers to follow. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Still Here!

So sorry efurrybuddy that I has been slacking so badly on my bloggie.  I has been so bizzy at the B&B this summer.  We is turning dogs away efurry day coz we is so booked.  So by the time I gets done entertaining the guests and mom gets done doing the B&B bloggie so their peeps can see that their dogs is hasing a better vacay then they is hasing (neener, neener) we is just all bloggied out.

I has still been hiking but between that Arthur-Itis and the hawt, hoomid wevvers we was hasing, it was hard to hike fur me. The heat gets to me more now and I has been furry gimpy with my Arthur-Itis leg.  That means I follow behind mom so I is not in any pictures to show you.  But yesterday we hiked, it was cooler, I taked some Rimadyl, and I was hasing more fun so I is in the pictures!  I show you.

See, here I is, leading the way like old times.
Gather your peeps around so they can all SQUEEEEEEEE ofur the baby.  (Mom did, sigh.)
You coming, mom?
Did you efur feel like somebuddy be watching you?
OMD, anudder one.  You can just call me the Deer Whisperer.
Here we come to a seenik ....
Wot kind of seenik do this be?
OMD, it do be a quarry, like...
But I did find us some falling waters and the water noise made the quarry noise go away.
Ahhh, nice and peaceful and quiet here.
Oh.  Hai!
Almost finished. 
While mom was bizzy with the bugs,
I rested in the grass.
Here do be a couple of videos of me entertaining the B&B guests.