Monday, September 30, 2013

Sunday Hike

It has been fur furever since we has been hiking on a Sunday but the two dogs at my B&B is good being alone while we is hiking so off we went.  You can see here how good they is coz I spied on them with my Shawnee Cam.

This be wot Bob be doing home alone:

This is wot Ollie be doing home alone:

OK, so with that unner control, let's get on with my hike!
The sun do be coming up just as we gotted to the boat launch at the reservoir.  Mom wanted to go take a look at the water.  I wanted to get my furs wet.  Mom say NO, it be too chilly that early in the morning.  I say, just wait fur that winder of oppawtoonity...
Mom grabbed my magical walking string out of my collah so I could not go in.  Bummer.
Oooooo.  Let's go check out this Rocky Beach Trail.
Get mom taking pictures of the seeniks ...
Formulating my plan of action.
Not doing nuttin.
On my tippy toes ...
Hey mom, look at that bird!
We climbed up the mountain to see the seenik from up high.  You think mom would beleef me if'n I told her my furs is not wet, I is just hasing a bad fur day?
I went into this one afore mom could yell at me, BOL.
So sneaky.
By the time we hiked down this looooooong woods road ...
... it was warmer out and I had pawmission to go in.  Like it mattered, hehehe.
This do be our break spot fur nomming some chickun jerky and ...
... watching peeps in boats.  Why is they not getting their furs wet?  So strange.
Wet furs, fresh air, it do not get any better than this.
Happy Shawnee
OK, so I went to the V-E-T last week and got my furst Adequan needle as pawt of my arsenal to put the bitey on Arthur Itis - OOOOOWWWWWWIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!  I woz not a happy dog.  The V-E-T did say we would not see any improvements fur a cuppull of weeks and I has to get 2 needles efurry week fur 3 weeks.  Butt, I has to point out that I has not been jumping ofur logs recently and this do be wot happened yesterday.
Becoz my V-E-T do be like 40 minutes away, she gibbed mom the needles and mom asked a V-E-T tech furrend if'n she could hire him to gib me the needles coz she has to put me in a death grip headlock and cannot shoost the needle and do that at the same time.  (That do be all pawt of my plan to make this as hard as pawsible, BOL!)  The V-E-T tech did say he be furry good at gibbing those kinds of needles and most dogs do not feel it so much.  I will be the judge of that.  Stay tooned.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Two Hikes in Two Days

I rilly thought I would has a break from the B&B but it only lasted a short time before we filled up again.  I did manage to get in some hiking fur my Furginia trip training so I will tells you bout that now.  Furstly, we hiked in Noo York on Furiday.
So follow me and off we goes.
We has to climb up this mountain to a seenik.  We doesn't has a bike or skis so we is good.  Paws is allowed.
Not there yet.
How nice that the trail maintainer peeps cut out this step just fur me!  I used to sail ofur these logs like a gazelle but I cannot do it so much any more.
But I can still beat mom to the top so I has to wait on her pokey self.
Wah lah!  The seenik.  We climbed so high that we is above the clouds, BOL!
That be a lake unner that cloud and it just be a cloud of fog ofur the lake.  We is not rilly above the clouds.
We is heading down to that lake now and I hopes that cloud of fog be gone by the time I gets there.
That fog prolly will be gone coz I had to wait like an hour fur mom to take pictures of this spidey.
Unner werks better than ofur fur me.
Hey, a dog could get lost in here!
I see the lake down there!
Yay, the lake!  Now to find a spot where I can get in to get my furs wet.
"Come on in Shawnee!  The water feels nice!"
Thanks fishies, your home do be pawsome!
When we was leaving the lake, I got chased by a SNEK!  Fur real!  Mom yelled (she can yell rilly loud) and the snake ran fur hims life in the udder direction!
That was a nice lake!
So then the next day, on Caturday, mom had to go help with the produce co-op (BLECH!) down by the shore so I went along and waited while mom was bizzy, then we stopped by a park on the Raritan Bay fur a short hike.
It do be like a big litter box fur the kittehs here.
We got on the boardwalk, butt....
... it do still be brokened from when Sandy nommed it last year.
We hads to walk in the litter box where there was good sniffs but I was not allowed to get my furs wet becoz ...
... there be lead pawlootion.  Yikes.
I is gessing that peep cannot read signs or sniff pee mail coz he be out there in the pawlootion with his little two-leggers.
See, I keeped mom on the walking string so she would not go out in the pawlootion and glow in the dark and stuffs.
I did take mom out on the pier ...
... fur some seeniks.