Sunday, December 8, 2013

Checking In

I has gotten bizzy again with the B&B and has been neglecting my Blogville furrends.  Case in point - I has been going CRACKER CRAZY trying to figger out which guest be leaving pee-mail in MY bedroom at the bottom of my mom's bed!  I has to walk right by it to get to my hidey spot.  Pee mail do not belong in my bedroom.  But I was not able to catch the perp.  I hads to set up surveillance cameras.  But I got him and I has sekurity video to prove my case.  Note the craftiness and how he WAITS fur me to leave my hidey spot.  GRRRRRR.

Then on a lighter note - I also has surveillance video of mom fixing us our breakfast in her jammies, BOL!
Pawdon the spots on the lens - Callie put her snooter on it, BOL.  When mom be messing with Nemo, the boxer's head, it be coz he be getting drops in his eyeball.  And no worries, my sis Sydney was there.  She just dussn't come into the kitchen when mom be fixing noms.  She prefers to wait by her assigned dining spot in the office so nobuddy else takes her seat.