Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Saturday, October 19, 2013

More Fall Foliage Hiking

Still practicing finding fall foliage fur my upcoming Furginia trip and did we efur hit the jackpot yesterday!  The bestest is it be just me and mom and no B&B guests. 
So... watcha think so far?  Come along, there be more to show you.
Oh wait, some chicken jerky furst fur energies.
A seenik!
This hawk was chasing a vulture and mom got all bossy with them and told them to knock it off and be furrends.  Mebbe they was just funning with one anudder coz no burds was harmed.  I doubt they lissened to my crazy mom.
Hiding in my break spot while mom is being bossy with the burds.
So I start walking out on this dam and mom, you know, she talks so quiet here lately and I cannot hear her.  Mom needs to speak up!  I turns around to see if'n mom be behind me and she be at the udder side jumping up and down and waving her arms like a crazy mom.
Speak up mom.  You is losing your voice.  Nuttin wrong with my hearing.  Right?
I hads to try it one more time to test my theory.
Mom speaks nice and loudly when I is close to her.
Time fur a break.
Check out what this water company dude has on his truck...
I is not allowed in this water coz it belong to that water company dude and even peeps is not allowed in it.
But my quest fur a water hole to wet my furs in continues...
Wah lah!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Last Week's Hikes

I is falling behind again, a day late and a chickun jerky short, that be me, BOL!  So I got my last loading dose of Adequan needles to put the bitey on Arthur Itis.
V-E-T tech Alex gibbing me the needle in the hikemobile in the peeple foodables store barking lot.  How weird is this? 
I is going to get one more needle right afore we leave fur our Furginia hiking trip then it will be once a month fur furever after that.  If'n you seened me all gimpy here, you will notice the improvements in my dogumentaries from last week's hikes.

Furst up, hiking with Hayden while he was staying at my B&B.

When Hayden left, Kacey checked into the B&B and I taked her hiking.  We hiked 6.5 miles becoz Kacey has hiked with us afore and I knowed her little legs could handle it.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Leaf Peeping

Yes, furrends, I went leaf PEEping in the Catskill mountains in Noo York yesterday!
My view from my pawsition as back seat passenger.  Hello Catskill mountains!
Now furstly, you mite be wonnering how I can hike in the mountains with that mean old Arthur Itis?  Well, if'n you rememmer, last time I was getting my second Adequan needle.  Mom's furrend, Alex, the V-E-T tech, gibbed it to me.  They catched me totally off my guard, let me tells you!  Mom pulled into the A&P.  Why is I at the grocery store?  Anudder car pulls up and it be Alex, the V-E-T tech.  Mom and Alex do yak, yak, yak fur a bit in the pawking lot then mom opens up the back seat door by my head, gets in with me and puts me in a death grip headlock.  They calls it a "hug", yeah right. The door by my BUTT opens up and I know it be Alex back there...  When mom let me go I turned and looked at Alex like "Wot you doing back there?"  Mom and Alex was laffing coz Alex done stucked me with the needle and I never felt it!  Alex rawks!  So we is not supposed to be seeing any improvements yet from only 2 needles but I tells you, I be feeling GOOD so off the Catskills we went!  (Mom wanted to wait until next week until I had gotten 2 more needles butt the weather peeps sayed all rain next week.  Of course now that we has gone and is back, the weather peeps changed their minds.  Sigh.) 
OK, so follow me.  Off we goes.
Oh, but furst mom had to sign us in at the trail register like so:  "1 peep + 1 dog"
Now follows along with me.
Do not furget to stop and sniff pee-mail fur all the mountain gossip.
The waters be furry low right now with no rains so only enuff to get my paws wet.
Now we has to start climbing.  Oh and even tho we be the only ones on the mountain, I is wearing extra no-huntin-me orange coz it do be huntin' season here.
Here do be some little falling waters but I betcha when it rains, it be a raging torrent of mighty falling waters!
Look who I runned into!
It do be getting more colorful up higher on the mountain.
Mom is being pokey again and I has to wait on her.
Yay!  I has reached 3500 foots.
Just a little bit higher to ...
Seeniks!  I is atop Balsam Mountain, one of the highest mountains in the Catskills!
Pawsome colors down there!
The pawfect place fur my chickun jerky snack.
And a break.
We continued onward and commed to an intersection where we stopped fur a minit to pawnder if'n we should complete the loop back to our car or if'n I could go on a bit more to the next mountain.  While contemplating, mom started to STRIP!  Yes, rite there on the trail.  I was so skeered she was becoming the Easy Lady of Blogville when I saw she was just changing clothes from pants into skeery white leg shorts.  Whew.  This could has been quite embarrassing fur me.  Anywoo, we decided I could forge on to the next mountain.
Almost there and my back legs was hasing a hard time climbing but mom boosted me up and it was OK.
Continuing onward...
to the summit of Bellayre Mountain.  No seeniks here butt...
If'n we continued on a soft, grassy woods road, we would come to ...
Seeniks at a ski place!  We thought it would not be furry far but it was more far than we guessed so it made the hike longer than mom wanted fur me.
Furst ofur to the Sunset Lodge fur a break.  I is sure they does not allow dogs there on the deck, but they was closed!  There was no NO DOGS ALLOWED sign but there was a NO SMOKING sign and seeing as I do not smoke, all was good.
Enjoying my chickun jerky break.
Then we went across the way to the ski slopes fur seeniks.
The seenik from wayyyyyy down below biggified.  Great leaf peeping here!
Time to head back now.  We had a dog checking in at the B&B in the night time so we could not linger too long.
On the way back I seened this chip monkey.  He do be hauling his winter stash back to his hidey hole.
Heading down off the mountains and what do be at the bottom?
Enuff waters fur fur wetting.  Just before the end when I has to get in the car.  This will ensure I stay nice and wet and cool all the way home!
Pawsome day of hiking.
So I was limping pritty badly at the end of the hike but this morning I was running around like a young pup again so all is well and mom can stop feeling bad that the hike turned out to be so long.  9 miles, yikes, and I did not think I could do that much any mores.