Monday, June 23, 2014

Don't Keep Me In Stitches

We hads a bizzy, bizzy day today!
I was off to the V-E-T to get my stitches OUT!  WOO HOO!  Sydney, she come along coz we both has appointments with the chiropractor after.
I used to do this in the old Mazda hikemobile but in the 1 1/2 years we has had my Zoobaru, I had nefur co-piloted like this but today I did and I whimpered fur mom to DRIVE FASTER.  I want these stitches OUT!
It also made mom happy I did this coz she sayed it be like old time but KNOCK OFF THE WHIMPERING.  Boo.
Common V-E-T.  Hurry!
More waiting ...
We hads an hour to kill afore our chiropractor appointments so went to this place.

Furst a drink of cool water mom bringed fur us.
See, in the olden days the peeps what lived here had collies and the collies, they is all buried here.  Lots and lots of collies  This be Lad's grave.
It do say LAD ~ THOROUGHBRED IN BODY AND SOUL ~ 1902 - 1918.  OMD, he be an old geezer!
That be the peeps and their collies ofur there in the olden days.
We gots to walk around the grounds.  They like dogs to come here to visit and it be a small place so that be good fur Sydney coz she cannot do walkies furry much now.
Here do be anudder grave.
Lots of graves!  All of those long rawks be markers fur collie graves.
See that frog statue?  That be fur a frog what lived in a pond here for 20 years!
Hey mom, so not funny!  Let us out of the kennel!
We went to the gazebo at the lake and had some more cool water.
Then we rested in the cool breezes.
I watched some cormorants ofur in the lake.
Look how close that bird got to me!  I is the bird whisperer, BOL.
Sydney hasing a good time.
OMD, a Great Blue Heron by our car!
Then we be off to Mike's Feed Farm fur our chiropractor appointments.
My stitches is all gone, my V-E-T sayed all looks good, watch out werld, I is baaaaaaack and be hitting the trails again soon!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Test Results

Furstly I want to thank you all for POTP and your purrs and woofs and good wishes coz even though it not be all good news, it be good enuff fur me and you all HELPED!  Thank YOU!

So the results do come back from the biopsy of my lumpy bumpies. I has to draw you a picture.
So the lumpy bumpy on my chest what we knows be a mast cell tumor be like this AND the lumpy bumpy on my belleh what we thought was nuttin be one of these too!  (The lumpy bumpy on my thigh what we thought was bad was nuttin.)  So the V-E-T cut the lumpy bumpies out and sent them to the labradoratory to be biggified and this be what they look like biggified.  The margin be the line where the V-E-T cutted the lumpy bumpy out and the Big C is supposed to stay inside the margin and it did not, it escaped.  So that means the Big C still be inside me.  If'n it had stayed inside the margin, then I would be cured.  But now I is not.  Howefur, the labradoratory peeps sayed the Big C be the slow spreading kind so they guestimates I can live anudder 70 months.  I would be 19 years old, BOL.  But seriously, the V-E-T say I should live my natural lifespan without the Big C doing me in.  The only problem do be more lumpy bumpies popping up.  We does not want to keep making me go unner the knife so we might do medicines if'n that happens.  But no chemo or radiations, NO NO NO!  I would not like that.  At all.  The V-E-T do be speaking to an oncologist about it.

The big bummer do be that today be the most bootious day with cool airs from Canada and lots of sunbeams and I could not go hiking :( :( :(.  And I told mom she better not sneak out without me coz I would know!  She did not coz I keeped my eyes on her and I made her do yard werks instead.
Catching some sunbeams - it be OK coz I not let the sunbeams see my nekkid spots or I get red and burned.
"I is watching you mom.  No sneaking out."
I commed inside to nap and left Sydney in charge of watching mom.
Taking her job furry seriously.
Back to werking on recofurry.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Pee Ess - this soft not-fur-swimming collah do make a comfy pillow :)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Old Geezer Stuff

One last fur wetting on Furiday in Pencilvania before going unner the knife and being out of commission fur a couple of weeks.
So today was the day I wented unner the knife at the V-E-T to remove my lumpy bumpy that do be a mast cell tumor.  The V-E-T thought she should take off a harmless lumpy bumpy on my belleh while she was at it.  Can we goes three fur three here?  Sure!  While in the waiting room mom do be gibbing me scritches and she found anudder lumpy bumpy on my thigh!  So I has a Frankenchest, Frankenabs and Frankenthigh.
OK, so we has to back up a minit.  The V-E-T taked pictures of my innards to be sure my lungs was clear and they was.  But you know what she found?
That Arthur Itis be in my neck and spine too!
The V-E-T do not know how I can hike with Arthur Itis all ofur my innards, but I do it :)  So after cutting me up, when it be time to wake up, the V-E-T lets my mom sit with me coz I do freak out big time if'n I wake up and my mom do not be there.  The V-E-T taked this picture.
So now we be waiting fur the biopsy results but I is feeling OK right now and I be werking on healing up.