Tuesday, February 18, 2014

45 Miles of Hiking

Oh. Hai.  I comes slinking into Blogville with my ears back and my tail between my legs coz I has been a bad, bad, bad Blogville resident.  I has not falled off a cliff or nuttin.  We just gets so bizzy around here and when it comes time to do my bloggie, we is just too tuckered out.  And now I see I was last here in the beginning of December.  Last year!  O. M. D.

So you all has prolly heard we is buried in snow ofur here in the Northeast and it be true, we is.  Snow and ice.  Snow with ice.  Snow what is now ice.  Fur the first time efur in my life mom had to chisel me at path and a potty patch coz I could not gets through the frozened snow what is now my yard.  Mom tried to make me a spot closer to the house but I sayed no, I want MY potty spot out in the BACK of my yard so start digging or I be holding it furefur.  And she did.
My potty patch and path.  Skooze me now,  I has to use it.
So, we has actually been able to find places to hike in between snow storms.  When the snow be deeper down south, we go north.  When the snow be deeper up north, we go south.  We always managed to get our hike in the day before a big snow storm and you all knows, we has had many of those snow storms.  I put togedder a video with some pictures of the hikes I did since I was last here.  Can you beleef I has hiked over 45 miles since then?  Yup, Arthur Itis and all, I can still do it.  And I be turning 13 any day now but we isn't sure which day.  So here it do be, 45 miles of hiking.