Monday, April 28, 2014

Back to the Mountains

Hey efurrybuddy!  I comes slinking into Blogville with my tail between my legs coz I has been a bad, bad blogger again.  I thought to myself, "Self, let's go on a big mountain hike coz efurrybuddy in Blogville prolly be needed a seenik fix then they won't GRRRR and HISSSSS at me fur being gone so long."  Good idea, no?  I knows I be needing me some seeniks after this long, cold winter.  I still hiked through that icky winter but not in the mountains coz there be too much snow.

So I went to Noo York to the Shawangunk Ridge.
We hads to climb up to get to the seeniks.
I hiked on the Long Path and it do be long coz you can hikes from Noo Joisey all the way up into Noo York on it!  But I is not hiking all if it.  Just a small pawt.
It do be getting rawky up at the top.
I is sniffing out some seeniks.
You with me mom?
I is in my element here.  No Arthur Itis be holding me back today.
That mom, such a slow pokie, she is.  I always has to wait on her.
Now we bees getting to some serious seeniks.
There do be one big problem.  I is supposed to be seeing the Catskill Mountains from here but see those clouds way ofur yonder?  They do be hiding the Catskills from me, GRRRRRRR.
Here do be what we could see of the Catskills biggified.
Break time!
Mom gibs me a Deramaxx at night afore hiking and when we is done with the hardest pawt of the hike I gets two Tramadol pills in case I is hasing any pain from that Arthur Itis.  Mom takes the Advils coz she IS hasing pains, LOL.
All rested and reddy to move along.
Wowser, a big rawk.
Pawing my way through Spring in the valley.
Of course, it would not be a proper hike without fur wetting, ahhhhhhhh.