Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fugitives, Bears and Bees

OK, so you all knows they has not founded that skeery dude yet what is holed up in the forest where I want to hike in Pencilvania.  Then you heard about the bear attack last Sunday here in Noo Joisey.  Do you know the boy was hiking there at that same place with a furrend?  They got lost on their way so they was late getting there (thank dogness) and a mile in on the trail the pawlice stopped them asking if they seened the missing hiker not knowing what the most tragic outcome of that was until the next day when they seened it in the news.  So where to hike?  Hows about the safety of Noo York?  I mean there is that murderer what was holed up in the one park from deading his daughter-in-law but they nefur founded him and he be long gone so I say, let's go hiking in Noo York.
Whoa!  Hold your leashes!  Say what?!?!?!?  OK, so mom decided that since it be 7:30 in the morning and 51 degrees outside, that it be too cold fur the bees to be swarming and that they be sound asleep still so we could tiptoe through but not go that way coming back when it be warm out and the bees be awake.  It bees a plan!
The bees, they drank all the falling waters, boo!
OK, so we made it off the bee trail safely and did not wake up the bees so now I bees climbing up and up and up.
I climbed above the clouds!  See ofur there, the valley be full of clouds.
And we gots some pritty colors up here, no?
There is those Catskill mountains far, far away.  We be going their fur our annual fall foliage hike pritty soonly.
There be one of those valley clouds peeking up behind me.
Time fur a drink coz it be getting warm out and I had no fur wetting waters in the creeks.
I likes taking me a break where I can see those Catskill mountains.
Come and join me, mom.
OK, we gots to head back now.
You sees that lump up high in the middle on the horizon?  That be High Point monument in Noo Joisey.  I can sees it all the way from Noo York.
So I has to walkie back to the car on the road since those bees bees awake now.  Boring.
I was hawt so mom had to soak my pawsies in my water bowl.  Ahhhhhhh.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hiking with a Fugitive

Well almost!  I is sure you all has heard about this skeery dude:
Well, we knowed this happened in Northeast Pencilvania but we wasn't paying attention to exactly where.  When mom turned the television on last Friday night and we heard "Blooming Grove, Pencilvania" when the news peeps was talking about this, me and mom sayed "Whoa there, say what?!?!?!"  Then they sayed they be huntin' fur this skeery dude around Canadensis, PA so we looked that up to see how close it be to where we was going to be hiking on Sunday.
Like 3 miles away - YIKES!
 I mean on one hike recently me and mom was taking a break off the trail and a man came crashing through the woods towards us and I did snarly face and showed him my teefs.  I nefur do that when we see udder hikers on the trail but this dude creeped me out and I skeered him off.  But this one in Pencilvania, he has big guns and I don't think my snarly face be enuff pawtection.  So we hads to come up with a new hike.
So we finds us anudder hike about lots farther away.
No creepy skeery dudes here.
Just a skeery bridge and I wanted to go through the water but the banks was too steep so I had to jump up on the skeery bridge.  Mom made me :(
Fall colors in the pipeline cat.
Fur wetting!
We seened lots of bear poo and coyote poo but no bears or coyotes.
Getting ready to cross ofur.  Mom had to put her water walking shoes on coz she could not jump over without going SPLAT!
But I gots chickun jerkey while mom was putting her hiking shoes back on.
You can takes your time if'n I can has more chicken jerkey.
No skeery dudes, no bears, no coyotes.
Rawk art - kinda creepy.  But mebbe I can find some pee mail on it.  No, no pee mail.
Here I is at a seenik.
Fall in the Poke-a-Nose.
Back to our car safe and sound.
They still has not catched that skeery dude.  But I hear they has some of my kin out there tracking him and they be getting closer.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Fall Preview

We has had to hike close to home all summer coz of the B&B being so bizzy.  This weekend we had no boarders fur the furst time so we headed to the GUNKS in NOO YORK to bring you some SEENIKS!
We left furry, furry early so we was on the trail as the sun be coming up.
I love being in the woods in the early mornings but where do all the waters be in the creek?  I is hoping I can find you some falling waters on this hike but I think somebuddy turned the water off.
Forging onward in my search fur water.
I found you all some big rawks.
Here we is starting to get a little bit of seeniks.
Taking a seenik break.  This do be a hard hike so I got lots of seenik breaks.
Check out the early fall colorings of the trees up here!
The trail went through a crack a big rawk.  I got through just fine.
Mom got stuck.  I is looking around to be sure there is no witnesses to this embarrassing moment.  Sigh.
I is on my game today!  Mom gibbed me stuffs to keep that Arthur Itis from ruining my good times.
So we climbed down the mountain where I wanted to get you falling waters but this creek be all dried up too.  Just enuff water to wet my furs but sorry furrends, no falling waters today.
Back up anudder mountain and it be time fur a break.  Oh, a new kind of bone?
Wait a minit here.  I bringed it back and plopped it down in front of mom to trade it in fur some chickun jerky.  I ended up getting both, BOL.
Here be the seeniks from our break spot.  This do be the Catskill Mountains and mom say in October we be hiking there again fur our annual Catskills Fall Foliage Hike!
But fur now I has to rest up so I can make it back to our car.  Our hike did be 8.5 miles today on furry rugged trails but I made it.
Mom set the timer on the camera to take our picture at the seenik but we did not make it in time, BOL.