Thursday, April 30, 2015

Last Day at Grandma's

You knows, things has been going furry well with the kitteh so I decided I should be the bigger dog and make a move to be furrends.
What did I get fur being nice?  A split second after this picture was taken I got HISSSSSSSSSSSS and I jumped backwards 87 feet in the air.  Sigh.
Last night we watched a movie.
Gramma used to nefur allow dogs on the FURniture but because the FURniture be old and she don't care no more I is her favorite granddog, I is allowed on the couch.
And that evil kitteh?  She be on the udder side of mom watching the movie.  As long as mom be between us I is safe.  The kitteh likes mom.
So, the bags is being packed, we will be loading up the hikemobile and heading back towards Noo Joisey today butt....  that Tom Bodett will be leaving the light on fur me again and then I will hike to Frankie and Ernie in the morning because they will be waiting at a special place so we can meet in the furs at the end of my hike.  You will be able to see Frankie and Ernie's pictures HERE.  I will gets mine up ofur the weekend when I gets back home.  So stay tooned, big exciting things to come!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hiking With My Grandma

I took my gramma hiking.  She will be 80 years old in June.  Right now I is the same as 83 peeple years.  Us senior girls can hike!
Gramma, wait up!  You is hiking too fast!
Try to keeps up with her, OMD!
See, gramma hiked so fast she hads to take her jacket off.
Now we is off again.  Oh, we is at Pere Marquette State Park in Illinois.
You knows me, I is the first at a seenik and I has to wait fur gramma now.
These was some pawsome seeniks of farms and the Illinois River.
After all that hiking to seeniks, we needed some reenergizations.
Oh look, gramma found me a seenik.
We hiked 7.9 miles up hills and down hills, up hills and down hills.
Tired 80ish-year-old (that be 14 in dog years) hikers.
Then, OMD, mom drived the hikemobile into the water!
How can we be moving when mom not be driving?
MOM!  What is you doing outside the car while the car be moving?  I has nefur in my life experienced such a thing but I lived to tells about it.
Back at gramma's house, the kitteh and I has an understanding (since I bribed her with my chickun dog foods).
I do not  look at her and we do not cross through doors at the same time and all be good.  Oh, did I tells you the kitteh be 19 years old?  She should has gone hiking with us.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

At Grandma's House

"That dog is still on my turf.  Hiss."
The kitteh be a picky eater so I shared some of my chickun with her and she nommed it up.  See, I is not a bad dog.
Gramma lives next to a park and I has a nice view from my bed by the door.
Yikes, the kitteh wants to pass by.
No worries, I is moving out of your way, Your Kittehness.
We is off on a walkie with Gramma.
Through the park...
... and to the walking path.
We walkied to the library to return the hiking movie we watched.
I even went up skeery steps.
Mom and me and Gramma.
Resting up for hiking tomorrow!

Monday, April 27, 2015

To Grandma's House We Go Part 2

So after a good night's sleep at Tom Bodett's  place, we gots back on the road.
We leaves Oh-Hi-Oh but wees be back soon coz I has a date with that Frankie Furter and Ernie!
Going through Indiananana
And here be that Indiananaopolis
Then it started POURING rain like CRAZEE!
Mom My photographer missed that pawt of the Illinois sign what says "Home of Bunny and Buttons."   Good help be so hard to find.
Hi Bunny!  Hi Buttons! (Pee Ess - Annie and Pierrot, yous did not gets a shout out from me coz I was on I-78 going through Pencilvania and yous would not have heard me coz that be too far away.  We did not gets on the turnpike until Carlisle But I was thinking of yous!)
Still raining.
And we gots stuck in construction like 87 times.  Fur real.
Finally, St. Louis!
At gramma's house...
... where the kitteh was not furry welcoming.
It took the kitteh a little time to warm up to me...
... and gibs me a sniff.  Me, I is holding my brefs, BOL.  Do not mess with the kittehs wielding daggers of death and destructions when you has invaded their turf.  I needs my kitteh furrends to put in a good werd fur me.