Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Gotcha Day Hike

Check it out furrends, today, yes TODAY be my 14th Gotcha Day!  Yup, back when I was a pupster in the shelter I was all skeered and stuffs but now I hike!  Who would has thunk?

You sees the red squiggly line up top?  That be where my paws hiked.  The red arrow - LAKE SHAWNEE and WEST SHAWNEE TRAIL and EAST SHAWNEE TRAIL!  But they is not hiking kind of trails, they is where peeps live in houses and they named their streets like that.  So we just hiked as close as we could to MY lake and MY trails.
Not Lake Shawnee but close enuff.
Just think, 14 years ago at this furry moment I was curled into a little ball in the corner of the shelter run shaking like a leaf completely unawares that my to-be-mom was on her ways to rescue me.
OK, time fur a celebratory chickun jerky.
And a little rest coz it be getting hawt out.  I has to stay in the shade coz I be taking doxycycline and it do not like sunbeams.  Did I tell yous about the huge FAIL with the Seresto collah?  It be on me fur 2 weeks and mom pulled 40 ticks off of me!  Because we buyed it from they gibbed us our green papers back but mom complained to Bayer coz they be the peeps what makes the piece of junk collah.  So anyways, mom and my V-E-T decided they should gibs me doxycycline in case I got any ickies from those tickies so that be why I be taking it.  I already has Lyme but there be udder ickies what tickies can gibs you and doxycycline puts the bitey on all of that.
Check out this rawk.  It be 87 times bigger than me.
I is furry glad I got gotted :)