Sunday, September 27, 2015

Back to Hiking

So I is lucky that this last surgicals was only on my eye and I could not hike fur only one week (versus 2 weeks with stitches in the body or 4 weeks with that vestibular disease) coz the V-E-T did not want branches and stuffs poking my eye stitches and I hads to recofur from the anetheticals.  In celebrashuns, mom taked my to my fave Catskill Mountains in Noo York yesterday.  Well, I cannot do the high peaks any more but we went to the western Catskills where the trails be a little more senior old geezer dog appawpriate.  And I gots not only one hike.  No, furrends, I gots TWO hikes!  I did hike total ofur 9 miles.  Not bad fur a old geezer dog that be 85 in peep years!

Furst up, Trout Pond and Mud Pond.
But before the ponds, we had to find the falling waters.  If'n you see that Frankie Furter and Ernie when they is done packing up their toys and moving, tells them I bringed them back some falling waters, k?

Then on to...
Trout Pond fur some fur wettings.
Snack time!  And you can see my left eye where I had my surgicals.  No more lumpy bumpy making my eye cranky.
And I gots clean toofers fur all the better to nom my chikun jerky with.
OK, now up and ofur the mountain to...
Mud Pond to rewet the furs.
Then back to the hikemobile.
Fur lunch!  (My eye just be a little off looking their coz the V-E-T shaved my eye furs.)
Then we drived through pretty seeniks to...
Hike #2.  It do be starting out on an easy peasy old rail bed.
But then we hads to climb the mountain...
... fur more seeniks.
Then back down to the easy peasy rail bed.
And on the drive home I could see my my Catskill High Peaks that I hiked when I was a younger old geezer.
Me and mom hads a pawsome time in the Catskills.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Perma-Booger Removal

BOL, BOL, BOL - Nanuk called my eyeball lumpy bumpy a perma-booger and me and mom BOL'd and LOL'd ofur that.  Mom told my V-E-T and it grossed her out.  She do gets the heebie jeebies ofur eye boogers.  Way to go mom.  Did you not know this before setting me up fur the surgicals?
So here I do be this morning at the V-E-T.
But after I got on the scale for my pounds (66 and holding) they put us in the swanky room.
Still no way to escape.
Mebbe I can hides in the corner.
Yikes!  The V-E-T!  She came in and stealed some of my bloods.
So we was hanging out waiting to see if'n I passed my blood test and I did!
Why did that nurse stick me in the behind with a needle and turn the lights out?
Whoa.... my werld be spinning and spinning and spinning and....

Here I is after the surgicals.
Mom do be hanging out with me while I still be snoozing.
But the V-E-T commed in and rudely awakened me but I kept going back to sleep so mom cleaned my ears and wowza, that got me awake.
OK. OK. I is up.  Let's bust this joint.
At last, back in my own house.  I hads to wear my hiking vest so mom can help me coz I be all wobbly.
So I is just going to hang here and snooze it off.  Thank you all fur your purrs and woofs and good thoughts (and from some noo furriends I hasn't met yet!).  It helped so furry much! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

So Sorry....

... that I has been away from Blogville fur so long again.  It has been a bizzy, bizzy, summer here at the B&B but now that the laboring day be ofur, I is hoping to catch up with all of the goings ons in Blogville that I has missed.  So here by me, I has my regular guest, Al staying here.  I do not rememmer if'n I told you all about him but his mommy got the Big C earlier this year.  Al stayed with us while she be in the hospital then in 6 weeks hims mommy be at the bridge.  Al's daddy werks in Noo York City and he be gone long hours during the day so Al be a regular guest staying with us from Monday through Furiday then he be home with hims daddy on the weekends.  While he be here I has teached him the joys of toys.  He did not used to play with toys coz he be a stray and be adopted by hims mommy and daddy from my mom's rescue group so I hads to teach him.

So, the news from me be that I has to go unner the knife this Furiday.  Yes furriends, I has turned 14.5 years old this month and mom would nefur put me unner the knife at this age butt, this thingie on my eyeball be making me crazee so my mom's furriend, the V-E-T, be taking it off and cleaning my teefers at the same time.
My V-E-T lets mom stay there and be with me when I comes out of anesthesia so I is OK with this.  But my mom, she be like freaking out big time ofur this.  I promise I be checking in with you all after I get back home on Furiday!