Friday, October 23, 2015

Official Business Mail

Today I gots impawtant Official Bizziness Mail from the Department of the Interior, National Park Service.
It be my patch what I earned doing all 6 hikes fur a total of 14 miles ofer two trips!
Al was full of jellyness but he do not be staying at my B&B ofur the weekends so I hads to go without him.  He do not be a hiking dog anyways.
But most impawtantly - can this be nommed?
No, not nommy at all.  I gibs it back to mom fur safe keeping from Al.
So here be some seeniks from last weekend's hike in the Pencilvania Poconos.  I did not has time to do a proper post coz the B&B be bizzy, bizzy this week so I is just throwing these up at ya really quick to gibs you some foliage ofurload, BOL.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hike 'n Drive

OK, furrends, grab youselves a fresh bowl of water and a big chew bone (or some toona snack fur the kittehs) coz I has lots of pictures to show you.  On Funday me and mom went on a Hike 'n Drive ROAD TRIP!  We leaved my house in the dark at 5:30 in the morning, drived 280 miles and did 4 hikes fur a total of 10 miles and got home at 8:30 at nite.  It was fun times on Funday!  So come along and I shows you...
The four hikes.  Two was in Pencilvania and two was in Noo York in the Upper Delaware Seenik Area.
We drived through Pencilvania foliage to ...
Hike #1
It be Funday and there be no hunting in Pencilvania on Funday so I did not has to wear my no-hunting-me vest.  But there be all these icky chunky rawks to walk on.  My paws and mom's feets did not like them at all.
I found us a spot to move off to the side.  So much better.
The icky chunky rawks stopped at Cobey Pond.
I gots to go on the dock.  I is dog.  Hear me GROWL!
Yes, Cobey Pond do be pritty.  But too cold on this morning fur fur wetting.  Brrrrr.
No more icky chunky rawks fur the rest of the hike around Cobey Pond.
Then we drived to Hike #2.
This hike be in Pencilvania too.
I raced a red eft.
I won.
Good sniffs here in Damascus Forest.
Big Hemlock trees.  We ♥ Hemlocks.
Look on the right, some of the old hemlocks be as wide as mom.
A moment of silence at the end of the hike :(
Then I hads my chickun jerky in the car while we drived...
... thru the Pencilvania countryside...
... to Hike #3.
This hike be in Noo York and there be hunting on Funday so hads to change into my no-hunting-me orange just to be safe.
A break fur beverages on the way up.
Say what, mom?  I has to STAY?  Why?
Coz mom wanted to get a picture of the falling waters by the steep slip-and-you-go-splat pawt.
I be a loooooooong way down there.
A seenik!  I is standing in Noo York looking at Pencilvania on the udder side of the Delaware River.
They has made rawk furniture up here.
And well, whatefur that be ofur behind me.
More bootiful seeniks.
Heading back down.
Anudder snack in the car.
Mom always stops at these places and gives them green papers fur (BLECH) veggies.  I do not unnerstand this.
More driving...
... to Hike #4.
This one be in Noo York, too, so I still hads my no-hunting-me orange on.
So we commed to a place where to the left be the hard way and to the right be the easy peasy way.  Mom sayed I could choose.
Seeing as this be the FOURTH hike in one day fur this old dog, easy peasy all the way fur me, please!
If;n this be easy, I has to wonner what hard be.
Mom hads to help me with my handle here.  I did not want her to coz I can do it myself but I has to humor her or she gets all worried and stuffs.
Now this be easy peasy.
I is coming mom.  Slowing down after 10 miles of hiking.
A look at where the Ten Mile River falls into the Delaware River.  I wanted to go in but mom told me no, it be too deep and I get washed away into the Delaware so I could not go in.
I had dinner instead.  The I heard the doors lock...
Mom locked me in so she could walk down to the river and get a sun going down picture.
You left me all alone fur 5 minits!
So I made a mess, hehehe.
Heading home on the seenik drive.
But I did not see much of the seeniks.  I do not lay my head down to sleep in the car, no I close my eyes with my head up just in case mom would needs my assistance or sumpin.