Wednesday, November 18, 2015


OK furriends, here it be, my Ack! You Puncture dogumentary.
Here I is fur my second Ack! You Puncture! treatment waiting fur the V-E-T.
Let's get this show on the road and get it ofur with! Come turns me into a Poke-You-Pine.
Be careful what you wish fur.  Mom telled the V-E-T how much better I be feeling and how good I hiked ofur the weekend so the V-E-T sayed she be doing Electroacupuncture this time since I cans handle it.
Yes, furriends, I be electified.
Wassup with this needle between my eyeballs?
Needles biggified.
Soooooo relaxing.  I is hasing a zen moment.
Ahhh, the needles be out of me and now I needs a nap.
So mom tolds the V-E-T what happened to Anna's brudder Panzer and that he be getting Ack! You Puncture! too and the V-E-T sayed "GOOD!!!!!"  So there you has it Anna, a second pawpinion.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Last of the Fall Foliage

I has not gotted around to posting last week's hike pictures so better late than nefur.  And, if you be missing your fall foliage or did not has any, this will gibs you a final fall foliage fix.
We went hiking in the Palisades with seeniks of Noo York City and the Hudson River.
The be the George Washington Bridge ofur there but we be getting much closer soonly.
Did you efur feel like somebuddy be watching you?
This be a fence tunnel what takes you ofur the bizzy road into the Fort Lee of Chris Christie Shame.
Oh noes, no can do on the paws.  Steps be bad enuff but this be too owie so we hads to turn back.
We went down steep old rawk steps instead but mom hads to hold my handle coz I wanted to go too fast and be falling on my snooter.
Getting closer to the Hudson River.
Through a tunnel of doom.
Chickun jerky break time!
Here I is at the George Washington Bridge what takes cars into Noo York City.
That Geico Gecko be efurrywhere.
Then we hads to climb back up to the top to gets back to the hikemobile.
My legs has been kinds stiff and mom say I be doing a Frankenstein walk so we decided to do some Ack!-You-Puncture!  I went fur my furst treatment the udder day.  I was a little weirded out by the V-E-T making me look like a Poke-You-Pine but then I got comfy and went to sleep.  The hads to wake me up to take the needles out.  The V-E-T sayed I might be sore for a few days then I might feel better but I was nefur sore.  I feeled better the furry next day.  The V-E-T thinks this might help me coz when she feeled my bones and joints and muscles and stuff she say I be all stiff and crunchy.  I goes again next week and mebbe I can gets you some pictures!