Monday, February 2, 2015

And Then There Was One

It do be with greatest sadness that I hads to say good-bye to my sis, Sydney.
That Arthur Itis had gotted Sydney bad and none of the miracle cures that be kicking my Arthur Itis be werking fur Sydney.  She could not take Rimadyl or stuffs like that because it would make her leak bloods on her insides.  So she was alreddy hasing problems getting around and the gabapentin and tramadol was not helping much.  One night a couple weeks ago she woke mom up scratching on the floor.  Mom found her between her bed and mom's bed trying to stand up and she could not.  The next morning she was better and could stand and walk but mom had to carry her up and down the deck steps fur a day but then she could do the steps again.  Well, a week ago it happened again in the middle of the night but Sydney's pee went wild while she was scratching trying to stand up and she puked up all of her dinner.  She had to wear diapers and would not eat any more foodables, not even chickun baby food and nobuddy turns their snooter up at that, but Sydney did.  Mom hads to carry her efurrywhere.  We got her through the weekend and furst thing last Monday morning mom carried Sydney to the hikemobile and I has not seened her since.  Sydney's 10th gotcha day would has been 3/30/15 and she was about 5-6 years old when mom sprunged her out of the creepy shelter where I commed from.  Here be her story from when she be a foster dog if'n you is interested.

I has nefur been an only dog EFUR so when mom leaves me alone at home I stand in the middle of the room and woof and howl in sadness.  We hasn't had any B&B guests but we has one coming this weekend so I will not be all alone then.  Mom sayed she would adopt me anudder dog but hasing two old geezer dogs has drained the green papers so she can't do it right now.  Mebbe after our St. Louis trip in the spring mom mite foster.  She be thinking about it.  So in the meantime, she be trying to keeps me bizzy so I is not sad.
Mom taked me on a day trip hiking in Deli-Ware.  I not be missing Sydney here coz she nefur could hike with us.  She did not like hiking.  At all.  Weird, I knows.

Then there be this contesty and mom entered ME!
And she scored some new kinds of treats fur me!
Fur me?!?!?!?
Do you beleef she would not let me nom it all at one time?  She putted them away fur later.  Boo.
Yesterday mom taked me on anudder day trip to a wildlife refuge and that be Atlantic City ahind me there.
So I will bees OK with just me and mom.  It just be taking some getting used to.  Now if'n she would just stop being so annoying with the hugging and smooching all the time.  Sigh.
Sydney and Dixie, together again at the Bridge.