Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happy Birthday to ME!

I do not know if'n today be my real birfday coz I do not rememmer.  But the V-E-T sayed I bees about 4 months old when mom sprunged me from the shelter on July 11, 2001, so we be picking March 1 (and a week or two before and after, BOL) to be my birfday celebrations.
I was supposed to be going on a birfday hike today.  But check this out.
It be snowing.  Again.  Sigh.  (That be my B&B guest, Al, with me in my yard snootering around in fresh snow.)
So as you all guessed on my Wordless Wednesday pic that it be my birfday. Mom gifted me a super-sized froggie.  And you all knows my froggie stuffies be my all time faves.
Here I is meeting my super-sized froggie fur the firstest time:

I gibbed Al the stink eye coz I thought he be trying to swipe my froggies but was all good.
Then the doorbell ringed and it was the boy and the girl and they commed fur my birfday pawty with prezzies!
I knows what it be, my snooter can tell through the bag and all.
I shared with Al.
OMD, this was fun times!
Wait, bring back that bag of chickun jerkey!!!! 
Thank you all fur your birfday wishes on Wordless Wednesday and also thank you all for your condolences on my sis Sydney.  She would has like to has shared by birfday chickun jerkey so I had extra fur her.