Tuesday, March 22, 2016

BREAKing News

OK so I tolds you all I hads some BREAKing news.  It be OLD news now but I tells you about it now.

So one day I is minding my own bizziness, taking a nap in my mom's bedroom, when she comes running in saying "STOP DIGGING!"  Say WAH?!?!?!  I did NOT be digging in my bed (that time) I be snoozing.  But then I heard the digging, too, and my hearing do not be what it used to be.  We went to make investigations.
OMD, we has had a BREAK-in of the skwerrel kind.  She did nom right into my house and set up housekeeping in my attic.
Mom called the Skwerrel Buster peeps and they taked our house apawt, took out the skwerrel nest she be setting up (there be no babies or nuttin in it yet) and put in a skwerrel trap.
The next day - skwerrel trap: FAIL
The skwerrel was like, cool, nice insulations fur my nest!
Meanwhile, Al be practicing hims skwerrel bitey skills with a stuffie skwerrel.
So the sqwerrel buster peeps did come back and the squirrel be out shopping fur more nesting materials so they closed efurrything up and put new house pawts up.
Then we heared the skwerrel screaming werds not fit fur puppy ears.
She not be liking that the sqwerrel buster peeps locked her OUT of MY house.
A furry unhappy skwerrel cursing ME out from my chimney.
I be showing that skwerrel what I think of THAT.
Be skeered skwerrel, be furry skeered.
Oh noes.
The skwerrel be calling me out but mom went and had a stern talking to with her.  That skwerrel did not even run away until...
... me and Al took matters into our own paws.
You show that skwerrel you mean bizziness, Al!
Well, the skwerrel did try to break in again but the skwerrel buster peeps put wire mesh that the skwerrel could not bitey through.
My new vent.  It do smell like skwerrel.
Skwerrel teefs did this but they cannot bitey through the wire so the skwerrel finally did move to anudder place.
My job (and Al's) be done here. And that be my BREAKing news.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Still My Birthday

You see furrends, one of the perks of being adopted do be that you gets almost a whole birfMONTH coz you dussn't know what DAY your birfDAY be.  So I hads some breaking news to tell yous about but that will has to wait coz I has more exciting news.
It do be in the 70 degreeses today so mom played hooky taked a day off werk to take me hiking AGAIN.  Twice this week!
This hike has lots of seenics and mom thought it might be too hard fur me now even tho I has done this hike in 2010 and 2011 but she decided I should do it at least one more time while I still can.  I is not getting any younger, BOL.
See, I mades it to the top just fine
I hate these pictures but mom did bring me here so I has to humor her.
OK, enuff now!
So here I was all hiking and stuffs and I hads no idea that ofur at my house the Go Postal Man be leaving me a...
... box!  Not just any box, it be a ...
Bark Box fur my Birfday from my cuzzin Sebastian!
Oh. My. Dog.  A box of goodiness!
And noms.
I bitey the pretzel but it not be fur real noms so I saves it fur later.
I see a Noo York theme here.  Pawstrami?  Yo! Bring it on.
No Grainers, wowser.  That Al had better watch it or I be doing snarly face at him.  This be MY birfday Bark Box.
But I dids share with Al when it be his turn.
I shared with my udder B&B guest Gimi, too.
So delish.
This Big Apple Chew we has to save fur later coz it do not be the sharing kind so I gets it all to myself anudder time.
This do all be so furry pawsome.
Thank you Cuzzin Sebby fur the bestest birfday prezzie efur.  You is the bestest cuzzin!  And thank all of YOU in Blogville fur my birfday wishes when I bloggied about my birfday hike with my Cuzzin Sebby.  You is the bestest, too!
And I will tells you all about my BREAKing news soon.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Big 15th Birthday Bash Hike

So furrends, I has been resting up for my big 15th birfday pawty!  One of the perks of being adopted do be that nobuddy knows what day your birfday be so you gets to pick the bestest and nicest day fur the celebrations and we had this day on Sunday.
I is all dressed up in my birfday finery and we picked up cuzzin Sebastian and the boy and the girl.
My birfday pawty guests.
Of course we did a big hike fur my birfday celebrations.
I do still be showing cuzzin Sebastian how to hike but he be catching on fast.
He do needs to learn to stop to sniff the pee-mail.
Those be the Catskill Mountains ofur there.
The fambly pawtrait.
We was hiking up high.
Giant rawks.
I did needs some help being a senior citizen and all.
Then it be time fur the birfday cake!
Drool!  This be a furry special cake coz it be made out of chickun and cheese!
Cuzzin Sebastian gots a whiff of that and wowser, he wanted some NOW!
We did snarfs it all down and it do be most delish.
We be crossing a creek here and cuzzin Sebastian be all "Ewwww, get my paws wet?!?!?!"  He can be such a city dawg at times.  Me, I stand right smack in the cool waters.
Here I be finishing up my birfday hike.  I hiked 8 miles fur my 15th birfday!
We all had the most pawsome time.