Thursday, June 30, 2016

Catching Up

So sorry yous guys, I knows with me being an old geezer and whatnot, yous gets all worried and stuffs when you dussn't hear from me but I be A-Okay!  Just bizzy, bizzy, bizzy.  So I gibs you the Readers Digestion version of the past week in review....
So yous all remembers my illegitimate cuzzin Sebastian who I has been schooling in the fine art of hiking....
... well, he bees illegitimate no mores.  He now be my fur real wedded cuzzin.
Note how the boy and the girl gotted hitched in a PARK, BOL!  OK, mebbe you has not seened it so good so I gibs you a better sniff of it:
The flowah girl, she be slacking on the job and throwed them all down in one place.  Sigh.  Oh, and PS, the Girl did invited me to the wedding but mom, the Debbie Downer, sayed NO!  Boo.  But Auntie Joann did stop by to let me out to pee cuz you knows us old geezers has to pee all the time.
OK, enuffs about that, on to the BIG NEWS!  My gramma who be a youngun compared to me (she be 81 peeple years, I be 93 peeple years) stayed at MY house fur a whole WEEK and we went HIKING!  TWICE!  She commed all the way here from St. Louie on a big bird in the sky!
First I taked my gramma hiking on trails by the Hudson River in Noo York to some seeniks.
Here I is hiking with my Gramma in Noo York.
This not be the Hudson River yet but it be the Fishkill Marsh.
Here be me and my gramma at the Hudson River.  I had hiked all of those mountains ahind us in my youngun years.
So then after the Boy and the Girl gotted hitched they went here to Greece and I ...
... taked Gramma to Pencilvania to Big Pocono State Park.  I hads to wait fur her on the rawky pawts.
Hiking in pritty ferns.
Here we is at a seenic at Big Pocono State Park.
Look at me and my gramma go!
So that be my most eggsiting week.  And my fur real cuzzin Sebastian be staying at MY B&B pro-bone while the Boy and the Girl be in Greece honey mooning.