Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My New Wheels

OK, furrends, I will keep you in suspension no longer.  Let us do some math...
Last week's Werdless Wednesday picture PLUS...
my Urgent Package fur Shawnee delivery EQUALS...
I can sniff with my wheels.
I can hike with my wheels.

I can swim with my wheels.
Hey!  Wait up fur me!
Shawnee?  Is that you with new WHEELS?
Yes, furrends, the day has commed when I need a little assistance to keep hiking.  I is a furry old geezer at 15 1/2 now and my bum leg is bumming big time.  I falled down on my last hike and the boy and the girl had to assist me back to the hikemobile coz I could not hike on my own.  Mom knew it be a matter of time before this happened so she had already ordered my new wheels and they came in time fur me to hike yesterday.  Now I feel like a yungun again.  Just see me in action.
Speed limit?  They is kidding, right, BOL.

So anyways, we is not seeing this as a sad thing but as a furry good thing coz it will let me hike longer and more comfortably.  I even gets hiking boots like mom's but fur dogs because I is knuckling with my bum leg.  The red one in the video just be temporary until I gets new fur real hiking boots.

Sunday, August 21, 2016 Review - Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Market

So I has to start off by telling yous that on hiking days mom usually hides all hiking stuffs away from me because if'n I catch on that it be a hiking day (and I always do anyways) I will say BLECH to my breakfast, no matter if'n it be my fave foodable or whatnot.  I flip it out of my bowl and make a big mess coz I want to go HIKING not NOMMING.  So this time, mom made no BONES about it and put hiking stuffs around fur the whole werld to see.  So there be no doubt in my mind.  Get out of the way breakfast, I IS GOING HIKING!!!!!!!!
But now wait one minit, what do this be?  Seriously mom, do we has to do the Chewy review NOW?  Chewy sends me a product free of charge to gibs my honest opinion about and I gets no udder compensation but can we do this when we get back from hiking?  Apparently not.  I will show her if'n she tries to feed me this on my HIKING DAY!
So we gots this Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Market Chicken Recipe Meal Blends Freeze-Dried Dog Food.  You starts out with some waters. Nuttin furry exciting yet.
Then you puts in the freeze dried foodables and wait.  And wait.  And wait.
And wait while it be poofing up (OK it only be 10 minutes but my hiking trail awaits me) and I do say, my snooter be detecting an aroma the likes of which I do not think my snooter as efur snooted before.
I think maybe I has a minit to taste it before going hiking.
A few minits later...
You should has seen the looks of shock on mom's face when she seened I had nommed almost all my foodables on HIKING DAY!  Yes, I caved and nommed it down.  I do think this be the bestest foodable I has efur tasted.  Mom must be keeping this in my pantry at all times now.  I insist.
So here you has the low down on this delectable delicacy.  It would be cost prohibitive to feed a big dog like me only this foodable but as a topper to my Instinct kibble, I do say it be PAWFECT!  (And mom be digging it because she be a vegetabullatarian and she don't need to be messing with the chicken stuffs.)
So I leaves you with a teaser.  We be waiting fur this package from UPS (Urgent Package fur Shawnee) and it do be hasing to do with my Werdless Wednesday picture so stay tooned!