Sunday, September 18, 2016 Review On The Road in the Catskills

So the udder day the UPS (Urgent Package fur Shawnee) man bringed me a box from
Wowser, I gots Wellness CORE Turkey Lover's Variety Pack! do be sending me this fur my honest opinion and I gets no payment fur my opinions, just the product fur free to try.

So we decided since we was going hiking in the Catksills in Noo York with my cuzzin Sebastian, we would taste test this togedder seeing as we is fambly and stuffs.  So mom packed it up with the hiking gear.  One negative about this foodable that we notice right away is that it do not has the pop top and we hads to take a can opener along.  That makes us dogs have to wait too long while the can be opened up so if'n I can make a suggestion to Wellness CORE - pop tops, please!
So here we is hiking on the Kaaterskill Rail Trail in the Catskills and I gots me a no-huntin'-me orange flag fur my wheels coz it be huntin' season now.
Here is I as the seenik.
We is heading back.
And I is racing cuzzin Sebastian back to the hikemobile fur the taste testing.
I let cuzzin Sebastian pick and he choosed the Turkey/Chicken Liver/Turkey Liver formula.  Good choice, cuzzin Sebastian.
Finally, mom got the no-poppin'-top off with the can opener and me and cuzzin Sebastian could not contain our excitements.
On your mark, get set ...
Let the nomming begin!

OMD!  And to has a pawsonal assistant is the bestest!
Cuzzin Sebastian, is you deaded?
Oh, he be OK, he just be ofurjoyed from the goodness of the noms.
Then we drived to our next hike.  Yes, TWO hikes coz we has TWO flavors to test.
So this was supposed to be an easy peasy hike to Huckeberry Point.
It was not.  It be too much fur my wheels so I sent cuzzin Sebastian to get me pictures of the seeniks while I napped by the trail.
OMD, check out the seeniks of the Hudson Valley!
Such a goof my cuzzin is.
So when they came back with pictures of the seeniks, we headed back and I needed assistance on the rugged trails.
Back at the barking lot, on with the testing of the udder flavor, Turkey/Pork Liver/Duck.
This one be just as nomilicious as the udder one!

So furry good!
So cuzzin Sebatian and I is in agreement.  Wellness CORE is so furry tasty and it would be pawfect with a pop top lid fur faster opening and nomming.  And not hasing to drag the can opener along on hiking trips or any kind of trip.