Wednesday, October 26, 2016 Review - Merrick Limited Edition

The UPS (Urgent Package fur Shawnee) man bringed me my monthly Chewy product fur reviewing.  Oh happy day!
When I furst selected Merrick Seasonal Friday Night Lights Feast they was fresh out of it so I got to pick anudder one.
So with the howlidays coming up fast and all, I thought it would be a good idea to review a seasonal howliday recipe.
So did be sending me the Merrick Forever Home Holiday Recipe free of charge fur my honest opinion but I not be getting any payment of any udder kind fur my honest opinion.  Like a dog could lie about foodables, BOL!
Of course I hads to try it right away but mom, you knows I do not eat in the kitchen.  Wassup with this?
OK, better, I eats in the bedroom.  I always has and always will.  It just be my thing.
Now leave and close the door.  That be my thing, too.
Ta da, all done!
So when my sidekick Al commed to stay fur an ofurnight with me, I wanted him to taste it too.
Calm down Al, mom has to take pictures.
Let me sneak in a taste furst.
OK, ready, set ....
... NOM!
OMD, did Al efur like the Merrick Forever Home Holiday Recipe!
He did be liking it as much as me.  So goes and gets you some fur the upcoming howlidays before it be all gone!
Pee Ess - I is hiking my little paws off to gets you all some foliage pictures and they be coming soonly so stay tooned.