Friday, December 30, 2016

The Year in Review

I has been the biggest slacker with posting this year. So I has putted togedder my annual video with one picture from efurry hike I did this year.  There do be some pictures without me.  Mom thought she was being all stealth sneaking out to go hiking alone a few times but she was totally busted efurry time.  I is supposing I should be grateful that I has hiked as much as I has seeing as I will be 16 pritty soon.  So grabs you a chew bone or some nip and a bowl of water, get comfy and here goes...

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 Review - Stella and Chewy's Meal Mixer Super Blends

Wowser, the UPS (Urgent Package fur Shawnee) man bringed us a box from!
It do be our monthly review product sented free of charge to us by fur our honest opinion but we gets no payment fur our opinion.  Taste testing be payment enuff fur us!
This must be a good one coz that cuzzin Sebastian stuck hims snooter right in the box.
Al was here fur pawt of the day so it be a good time to get this taste testing started.
We has Stella & Chewy's Meal Mixers Superblends.  This do be looking furry nommy right off the bat.
I did try to bitey the package open, BOL.  Hey, I is not getting any younger.  We needs to get this show on the road NOW!
Ah, the aroma, so pleasing to the snooters.
It do be coming with a measuring scoop and our only complaint be that the scooper needs to be MUCH bigger, BOL.
Mom felt she should soak it in some water furst to make it easier fur me coz I has been furry slow with the chewing here lately.  And she do think a gravy be a nice added touch.
To ask us, we pawfer not to wait so long.  Sigh.
So this actually be take two of the taste test.  Mom pushed the wrong button on the camera the first time and the video did not record.  So we gots to do it all ofur again.  SCORE!
So then fast forward to dinner time.  Al hads to go home so the dinner test be up to me and cuzzin Sebastian.  Yay, more fur us!  We had Sebastian bring some of hims kibble along so we could test what the package do be saying:  KICKSTART YOUR KIBBLE.  Let us see if this be true.
Waiting again fur the soaking in water.  Although this do not be necessary according to the package, you can has it straight up, mom do be thinking we like some juices mixed in with the kibble so she be soaking it in some warm water fur like furefur.
Waiting...  (OK, mom say I needs to be honest, it was a minit or two, not an hour or two like Sebastian and I be thinking).
So if'n you remember from the last review, I only eats in my bedroom my mom's bedroom so fur me to even nom on this in the udder room means I like it LOTS!  I is just a slow nommer in my golden old geezer days.
So when cuzzin Sebastian be done, I gots my bowl moved to my regular nomming spot.  Shut the door pawleeze and go away.  I likes to nom in private.  Thank you.
And see, I licked my bowl clean where here lately I always leave a few kibbles behind.  Kickstart my kibble, it did!